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Website Update: Breakin’ In A Young Thug (DIGITALLY REMASTERED)

Unfortunately, the Q&A with Bandit had to be indefinitely postponed due to circumstances beyond our control.

As a last-minute substitute, we’re bringing you another re-edited, DIGITALLY REMASTERED re-release of a BBA classic, thanks to the talents of Shax Carter.

Newer members can enjoy this classic “dirty old cameraman” scene (one of our earliest attempts at this theme) for the very first time, while older members can rediscover a long-lost fan favorite, newly restored with sharp new picture quality and bright, vivid colors.

Shyne is a 20-year-old Blatino thug who needed to make some quick cash and was willing to do whatever it took to earn it. ”Shit, I’ll do anything if you PAYIN’ me, dawg!” he explained after his GIRLFRIEND dropped him off at my apartment (he told her he was helping a guy move furniture).

This is Shyne’s first time in front of my camera, and although he is confident, even a little cocky, he’s also visibly nervous and easily embarrassed throughout much of the video in a way that I found very arousing.

Enjoy an intimate, front-row seat as I test Shyne’s boundaries and ”break him in” as a brand-new porn star. You’ll be amazed at what this cute young thug agreed to do with a horny older white man in his first-ever porn shoot!

I filmed this video about 20 minutes after meeting Shyne for the first time, so we start with a short interview to get better acquainted.

Shyne describes himself as a ”cool-type homeboy” who likes to ”chill with the dudes and kick it with the females.” Shyne is masculine and mature, yet there’s also this boyish, eager-to-please, vulnerable side to him as well.

I ask him if he’s nervous about doing his first gay porn scene.

”I ain’t worried,” he shrugs, with a cockiness that isn’t entirely convincing.

I instruct Shyne to strip off one piece of clothing at a time and then turn around slowly. As he undresses to reveal a smooth, toned body, he seems a little embarrassed at first, especially when his dick springs to life just from showing off for the camera!

”I’m turnin’ ME on, goddammit!” he exclaims with surprise.

Eager to get my hands on this hot young thug, I sit Shyne down on the futon and begin groping his naked brown body. I rub his lips between my fingers, play with his nipples, caress his chest, and stroke his dick. He even lets me kiss on his neck, cheeks, and lips while I fondle his dick and balls.

Then I flip him around to get my first handful of his tight little muscle-butt….

Hungry for a taste of some young black dick, I dive between Shyne’s legs and start giving him head. He’s a little tense at first, but he eventually relaxes and even starts pumping his dick deeper into my mouth. Watch carefully and you’ll catch him making some sexy, hilarious faces at the camera, something I didn’t notice until I sat down to edit the video!

”Can I have a taste of that ass?” I ask eagerly, anxious to get my tongue inside some fresh thug booty.

I bury my face between Shyne’s small muscled buttocks and feast on one of the sweetest assholes I’ve tasted in a long time.



Dragon & Shyne: From Co-Stars to Rivals

Shyne Sucking Dragon

I haven’t heard anybody comparing the second scene between Dragon and Shyne to their first encounter in The Schoolboy and the Thug. Personally, I think the actual fucking in both videos is pretty damn hot, but I suspect that it had to be obvious to anyone paying attention that the chemistry between Dragon and Shyne in their “reunion” scene was very different than it was during the scene filmed just minutes after they met for the first time.

Shyne Fucking Dragon
I’m still curious to hear people’s thoughts about this, but I might as well make it official: Dragon and Shyne no longer like each other very much. You can see hints of it in that second scene, and it never improved after that. They aren’t bitter enemies or anything that dramatic, but they certainly aren’t friends and neither boy wants to perform with the other again.

It actually makes me sort of sad, to tell you the truth, but I tend to be a little melodramatic that way (leave it to a Libra to get all sentimental over porn, LOL). They seemed to get along so well during their first video-shoot together, and as I’ve mentioned before, that whole experience overall was very special and memorable for me, for a variety of reasons.

My sense (and I might be totally wrong about this) is that Dragon developed a crush on Shyne that first day, but for Shyne it was only about tappin’ that ass and makin’ that cash. When Dragon realized his attraction to Shyne wasn’t being reciprocated, his way of dealing with it was to focus on Shyne’s imperfections and exaggerate them in his mind until he felt like a fool for ever being attracted to the guy in the first place. Not to mention the fact that both boys had very different personalities to begin with. In my thirty-plus years of living, it’s been my experience that these types of “opposites attract” scenarios almost always end up in disappointment and sometimes even hostility toward the initially appealing partner.

Now maybe I’ve read this all wrong, but I like to think I have a fairly good intuition about these things. Regardless, Dragon and Shyne are now more like porn rivals than co-stars, and it’s highly doubtful they’ll be performing in any more scenes together. I know this will come as disappointing news for some of you, but at least I was able to capture on film two hot and memorable scenes for all of Dragon’s and Shyne’s fans to beat off to for years to come 😉 !


Why Are My Videos So Damn QUIET?!?

I love watching loud, raunchy, aggressive sex.

The kind of sex where the “top” takes control both physically and verbally. Sometimes it’s an attitude of confidence or even cockiness, with the “top” barking orders like, “Yeah, swallow that dick!” or “You gonna give me some of that ass?!?” or “Take that dick!” Other times, it’s more intense and aggressive, verbal taunting like “Get on your knees and suck this motherfuckin’ dick!” or “Yeah, choke on that dick!” or “Damn, you takin’ that dick like a bitch!” etc. etc.

The kind of sex where the “bottom” gasps and winces and groans….not with girlish squeals of ecstasy, but masculine grunts of resistance and endurance, pain mingled with pleasure, and maybe even a bit of humiliation about the fact that his ASS is being enjoyed by another man. Ass is sure as hell not pussy, and when a man gets fucked in his ass, it’s a very different kind of experience from a woman enjoying vaginal intercourse. For me, it’s the fact that there’s something difficult and “unnatural” about a man’s asshole being penetrated that makes it so hot to watch. That’s probably why I’m so turned on by watching inexperienced “tops” take dick….the pained facial expressions, the muscles tightened defensively, the squirming discomfort with occasional flashes of reluctant pleasure….all of that depicts a kind of conquest, the surrendering of one man’s body to another, that is intensely arousing to watch.

Rough, verbal sex almost always makes for hotter porn, in my opinion. Isn’t porn ultimately about the art of exaggeration, taking our fantasies and fetishes and making them almost ridiculously explicit and larger than life? So it’s no wonder that the best porn usually involves a little bit of aggression and “dirty talk.”

That brings me to my biggest disappointment with my own videos so far: the fact that they’re so damn QUIET!

I’ve been recognizing this as a weakness in my videos for awhile now, and a couple of you have brought it up lately, so I figured it was as good a time as any to discuss it on the blog. In all of my videos, I think there are plenty of arousing visuals and memorable action. Even the natural sounds of dick-sucking, ball-slurping, butt-licking, and ass-fucking can be a real turn-on. But I’ll be the first to admit that my videos lack the kind of aggressive edge and verbal exchanges I’d prefer!

Part of this can’t be helped, I’m afraid. At least not until I find some places other than my apartment where I can film. There are coffee-shops and restaurants right next to where I live, which means I have very little privacy because people are almost always around (if you’ve watched any of my videos, you’ve probably already heard the sounds of people laughing, dogs barking, children playing, etc. in the background). Plus, I have a neighbor living in an apartment right next to me, and the walls in my apartment building are frustratingly thin. So sadly, rough and verbal sex isn’t much of an option for me until I find some other places to shoot.

Still, I know things could be at least a LITTLE more energetic than they’ve been so far. It seems like the guys I’ve worked with so far just aren’t the aggressive or verbal types. As a couple of you have already pointed out, part of this is no doubt due to the fact that all of the guys I’ve worked with have never done anything like this before, so they’re understandably going to be a little nervous and inhibited throughout their first video-shoots. Most of the guys I’ve worked with so far also tend to be quiet, laid-back types, and when they have sex it’s just naturally quiet and laid-back like their personalities.

I’m no exception. I can get a little dominant physically sometimes….grabbing a guy’s head while he’s sucking my dick, smacking my hard dick against his face, fairly standard stuff like that….but I’ve never done a very good job at being verbally dominant. I basically have two expressions that I use on a regular basis: “Ahhh, that feels good!”….and “You like that?!?” Even with those rather corny and mild expressions, I usually feel ridiculous when I hear the words come out of my mouth!

Shyne likes to tease me about this, and tells me that I need to come up with some “new material.” Not that he has any room to talk, considering the fact that he’s almost comically quiet during his scenes, even when he’s obviously enjoying himself.

And that brings up another issue. My basic porn philosophy as an amateur producer has been to let the guys be themselves and just film whatever happens with little to no coaching or interference from me. The sex might be mediocre, it might be awful, and maybe, just maybe, it will be sizzling-hot….but whatever happens, it will be REAL.

But lately I’ve begun to realize that a little more “directing” from me might be necessary, especially when working with shy, nervous, and/or sexually inexperienced models. Still, I worry that too much coaching from me might cross the line between authentic amateur porn and phony, exaggerated “acting.”

Like many of you, I’d like to see things get a little more intense and dirty and verbal in future videos. I will strive to direct the action a little more, without spoiling its spontaneity and authenticity. As I evolve as a producer/director, I will also continue to evolve as a performer, hopefully growing more confident and creative and daring in future videos. Plus, I will continue finding new models, and I’m sure some of them will be more naturally wild and outgoing and aggressive in the bedroom than the guys I’ve featured so far.

Trust me, I’m my own worst critic, and things will only get hotter from here….


Porn Pimp or Porn Pushover? (And Other Weekend Ramblings)

I’m learning the hard way that this is a business of highs and lows, ups and downs, and nothing can ever be taken for granted. ESPECIALLY when I’m working with young guys whose moods and ambitions and life circumstances change from day to day. It’s a tough balancing act for a guy as sentimental and emotional as I tend to be.

On the one hand, I don’t want to turn into some sleazy porn-producer stereotype who treats his models like disposable pieces of meat. The kind of guy who’s totally emotionless when things turn sour with a particular model….because he thinks that one cute black boy’s just as good as the next, and there are a dozen new faces to replace any one guy, right?

At the same time, I feel like I’m WAY too emotionally invested in my models right now, to the point that it’s potentially bad for business and most definitely bad for my mental health. I really need to figure out how to strike a balance between the cold-hearted Porn Pimp and the overly-sensitive guy who gets too attached to his models.

Thank goodness Dragon hasn’t let me down yet! He still calls me about once a week to ask about my latest video-shoots and hear what people have been saying on the blog lately. He was ECSTATIC when I told him that The Schoolboy and the Thug was the #1 movie on AMVC for a second month in a row!

Speaking of Dragon….

Last night I went out to dinner with one of my closest friends. She’s a black lesbian who is very open-minded about sex, and the first friend that I told about my secret “hobby.” She’s been incredibly supportive from the time I first told her (“How could I NOT support you when you’re making your dream come true???” she explained). Whenever we hang out, she asks how the business is going, what videos I’m working on, etc., and it’s always nice to be able to talk about things with a close friend in person, as opposed to posting things on the blog, or talking with my models, or corresponding with cyber-friends through email.

Anyway, after dinner last night she came back to my place and asked me to show her one of my videos. I was really reluctant and embarrassed at first, but eventually I decided “what the hell.” I’ve never really watched porn with my platonic friends before, let alone watched gay male porn with a LESBIAN when the porn in question was filmed by me! Needless to say, it was a pretty bizarre and comical experience.

I showed her The Schoolboy and the Thug, and she loved it! She was really amused by Shyne’s attitude throughout much of the scene, the way he’d switch from apparent indifference to arousal in a matter of seconds. She was also impressed with Dragon’s performance (“Damn, he’s really WORKIN’ it!” she exclaimed when Dragon was riding Shyne’s dick), and she told me to tell Dragon that he should take FULL credit for the video’s success! I’m sure Dragon will be THRILLED to hear that, since a definite rivalry has developed between he and Shyne since they filmed that first scene.

Tomorrow afternoon I have plans to meet with this cute, 19-year-old white boy that I’m hoping to feature in some interracial scenes if all goes well. I still plan on appearing in some of my interracial videos, but it’s always so stressful juggling sex AND filming at the same time, especially when trying to fuck the guys on camera. I’ve had a lot of difficulty getting the right angles and staying hard throughout numerous interruptions. But I don’t have the kind of budget that can afford to hire a videographer (plus, I’m a bit of a control-freak when it comes to the actual filming). So I’m hoping if things work out with this new kid, I can film some hot interracial FUCKING in the near future, without the limitations that come with tripod-style homemade porn. We’ll see how things go tomorrow….

I’m starving, and that left-over pizza in the fridge is sounding pretty damn good, so that’s enough rambling for now….


What Customers Are Saying About My Videos….

Here’s what customers are saying about my videos:

Every Straight Thug Has A Price


Some of your other bloggers have described perfectly [Jay’s] uniqueness on the “Every Thug…” video: his sense of humor, his facial expressions, his on-camera personna. It would be a great loss if he did not perform again and we see him ‘moving up the ladder’. In his latest video, his reluctance (genuine) seemed tempered with curiosity and a desire-to-please, elements universally recognizable, natural and appealing…. You’ve talked about your approach to filming by revealing and exploring your models’ personalities. Some guys don’t have much to give, but Jay has a whole story, only beginning to unfold, and you’ve captured it beautifully. But the story is only half-told. Don’t give up!!


You are truly the master in getting these young sexy thugs to submit to you and i know that turns you on. I have an suggestion on this why not have it where you take off their clothes slowly and piece by piece that would be breath taking. I cannot say anything else now too wait for the rest i am out of words literally and that is not easy for me.

You have the only videos I watch on pay per view. What was that guy Jay like? he looked like his black ass tasted and smelled good?

Breakin’ In A Young Thug

Shyne is a real sexy dude. I am really feelin his swagger. He got sexy eyes and i love his hair and his voice.

Your video has arrived….it’s a hot flick….gave me a woodie and that doesn’t happen much anymore without some serious meds.
The Shyne DVD FINALLY came today and all I can say is WOW….make that a DOUBLE WOW!! ….The way Shyne kept bobbing his head, whlle he was giving you head was amazing!!  And of course the money shot (trust me I came WAY before that) was a jem all in itself.

my heart was beating fast….I almost couldnt breathe literally….He has got to be one of the hottest lil thugs I have ever seen.Would be nice to see another older white man get a feel and taste of this one please.

now you know you were wrong to cum on his face like that

i really like your work and truefully kinda jealous that u have such hot guys in your vids and r willing 2 do anything u ask (so hot).

I love your videos I love doing it with black guys and since moving to atlanta have had the opportunity to get with some hot ones. Keep up the great work love when you work on their asses that is so hot!!

I must tell you that I really enjoy your videos. They are so real and everything happens so natural. Do you have any more you can post on here and Shyne, he is going to be a hell of a porn star and as long as you keep [making videos] i will support you.


The Schoolboy and the Thug

It’s essentially just a story you’re telling, albeit about sex between two young men. The video just needs to allow us to see what’s happening in an interesting and visually hot way. You did that. I think amateur allows for a lot more leeway. We aren’t expecting it to be polished. We don’t even want that. We like the awkwardness of two strangers, guys we might hope to see on the street one day, carrying on for the camera. It will probably be interesting to see how, if at all, they behave differently in future videos as they get more comfortable with one another.

dragon and shyne had me blowing my load all over the place….I think shyne is a really down dude….He really seemed to know what he was doing. I definitely want to see more of him.

Yes sir!!!  The Schoolboy/Thug video is the best to date!!  Like I said before give me an amateur vid over that Hollywood crap anytime!!  Could you at least let Dragon in the door LOL!!  And Dragon was right, Shyne was nervous at first, but having your dick sucked usually calms the nerves!!

I think your most recent models are very beautiful. I’m not into the thug types. I’m more of the preppy, ordinary boy looks. The “Schoolboy” is kinda more my type.

Man I just love the [work] you’ve done. I don’t know where you find these guys but they are beautiful and the whole presentation is so sexy. I watch and watch. Keep up the great work. I’d love to see more. Clearly, I too am a blackboyaddict.

I want to say THANK YOU to my customers, fans, and blog readers for all of your encouragement and support! Feedback, suggestions, and/or fan mail for the models is ALWAYS welcome at BlackBoyAddictionz@gmail.com!

I reply personally to every email I get, which is something I’m pretty sure you won’t get with most of the big professional studios! And I know Dragon and Shyne try to reply to their fan mail as well!

Website Update: Breakin’ In A Young Thug


Breakin’ In A Young Thug is now available to enjoy – along with the rest of my movie collection – as part of your membership to BlackBoyAddictionz.com!

If you haven’t yet seen Shyne’s sizzling-hot initiation into the world of amateur gay porn, now’s your chance to witness it for yourself.

I’m not sure if it was Shyne’s laid-back attitude, or the generous amount of cash I was paying him, but I sure as hell didn’t hold back while testing this sexy Blatino kid’s boundaries! I’m STILL amazed at how much Shyne was willing to do in his first-ever porn shoot, and I think you’ll be amazed too!

I knew that I’d found something special in Shyne from the first moment that his girlfriend dropped him off at my apartment. There was something so endearing and seductive about his sexy macho swagger mixed with this boyish, eager-to-please vulnerability. Not to mention his striking good looks, which certainly have the potential to make him a VERY popular “porn star”! It actually makes me a little sad (or maybe just JEALOUS) to think about it, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Shyne show up in some “big studio” productions within the next couple years!

I watched a little bit of the video last night to check for any problems with the online version. It was the first time I’d seen the film since editing it well over a month ago. After watching my “trailer” with its musical soundtrack so many times, I’d almost forgotten how incredibly hot the footage is when it’s just the raw, natural sounds of ass-licking, dick-sucking, ball-slurping, and dildo-fucking !

Some of the scenes I film end up as big disappointments. Others turn out to be hot in the moment, but fairly forgettable in the long-run. On the day I filmed this first scene with Shyne, however, the stars must have been aligned just right, because our chemistry together was surprisingly intense and just about EVERYTHING we filmed ended up looking hot as hell (ESPECIALLY the messy, unforgettable “facial” at the end).


“Why Didn’t Dragon Fuck Shyne?!?” And Other Questions

Dragon and Shyne In Shower

Since I was away from the blog last weekend, I got a little behind on some of the comments and questions posted by blog readers. I decided it might be easier to post my responses all in one place, rather than buried in earlier posts.

An anonymous reader wrote:

lol shynes facial expression is the same in every frame i can tell he was really uncomfortable. btw how much do u pay these guys to do gay scenes? just wonderin if u dont mind me asking.

Shyne was definitely a little tense and nervous at first. This was only his second video, so he’s still getting used to being on camera. Keep in mind that he also just met Dragon for the first time a few minutes earlier, and suddenly he’s naked and showering with a total stranger! I find that totally hot, but it’s also understandable why he might look a little reluctant and uncomfortable at first. Luckily for us horny spectators, he relaxed enough to make his first sex scene with Dragon VERY hot and memorable.

I also think the screenshots can be misleading sometimes. Those of you who’ve already seen Shyne in Breakin’ In A Young Thug will know what I’m talking about when I say that he is a lot more easy-going and friendly and funny in the actual video than his photos sometimes suggest.

As far as pay is concerned, I’m still in the process of figuring out a pay rate that is fair to the models but also affordable enough that I can earn enough of a profit to continue making videos. I’d rather not reveal anything specific, other than to say that the pay varies. The “gay for pay” videos like Every Straight Thug Has A Price and my upcoming video with Cortez were outrageously (and recklessly) expensive, the solo scenes MUCH cheaper, and the oral/dildo scenes like those in Black Boys Who Crave White Cock and Breakin’ In A Young Thug were somewhere in the middle.

Another anonymous reader wrote:

You know even though you consider yourself an amateur, from these stills at least, it looks like you’ve got some kind of skills. How about sharing a little of what you know, especially about where you find these guys and how you convince them to come back to your place, disrobe and do porn.
Thanks for the compliment! One of the ideas behind keeping this blog is to do exactly what you ask and offer my customers, potential customers, and those who are just plain curious, an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes of my amateur videos. If anyone has specific questions they’d like to have answered on the blog, please post them as comments or email me directly at BlackBoyAddictionz@gmail.com.

In response to the screenshot previews for The Schoolboy and the Thug, another anonymous reader stated:

sorry not my thing….but good luck with it anyways i like the ones where you service a hot black dude one on one oh well laterz.

Don’t worry, I still plan on offering plenty of videos featuring interracial scenes between me (or other white guys) and young black males. But some of my videos will also feature black guys with other black guys, albeit with a less-edited amateur vibe that isn’t always present in other all-black gay porn.

I realize that some of the fans of my interracial scenes won’t be interested in the black-on-black scenes, and a lot of the guys who enjoy the all-black content won’t like the interracial videos. In the short time I’ve been doing this, I’ve already learned that I’ll never be able to please everyone ALL of the time. All I can do is make the kinds of videos that turn ME on, and gamble that enough of you will be turned on by the same things.

Another anonymous reader asked:

It definately looks like Shyne relaxed and got into it. LOL. Did he tell his girl he was moving more furniture?

The ongoing joke with Shyne is that he could be talking on the phone with his GRANDMA and his dick would be pointing up in the air! I hear all these horror stories about models who can’t get hard for the camera (I’ve even experienced this myself on a couple recent occasions), and it makes me feel incredibly lucky to have discovered such a natural and cooperative performer like Shyne.

Dragon and Shyne
Joe Schmoe posted the following:

Think Shyne may be Bi-Curious? looks hot..I love how dragon is all boned up before the action starts…True arousal…cant be faked…and its obvious that he’s turned on…Dont get that in a “studio” flick.. The contrast between “eager” Dragon…and somewhat reluctant… at first.. Shyne..Is hot as fuck……

I couldn’t agree more! That’s exactly what makes it so hot for me as well. I had no idea how Shyne and Dragon would respond to each other, but it was fun to watch as it became obvious within the first five minutes that Dragon couldn’t wait to “get better acquainted” with Shyne (can you blame him?!?).

About Shyne’s sexuality….my sense is that he’s a lot closer to “bisexual” than “straight.” If Jay is on the “straight” end of the Kinsey scale  and Michael is on the other, I’d put Shyne somewhere in between (but closer to Jay than Michael).
These two readers made the same request/suggestion:

In #2, I think Dragon should run up in Shyne nice ass.


How come dragon didnt fuck shyne?..That would have been a best seller? Anytime in the future?

Trust me, I’ve been dying to see Shyne take some dick since I got my first look at his smooth, tight little muscle-butt in Breakin’ In A Young Thug!

Shyne's Ass
I guess there were a couple reasons I didn’t ask Shyne to get fucked in The Schoolboy and the Thug:

First, I felt like I’d already pushed his “submissive” boundaries to their limits in Breakin’ In A Young Thug (taking three dildos, sucking my dick, letting me cum on his face, etc.), and I thought he deserved a change of pace by fucking the hell out of Dragon’s awesome ass 😉 .

Second, a selfish part of me wanted to save Shyne’s first time getting fucked on video for an INTERRACIAL scene….preferably with ME gettin’ up in that cute little butt first, LOL!

Not to worry, though….there’s only so much I can do with my little white dick, LOL!!! I’d still love to see him take a real ass-pounding from a thick black dick like Dragon’s!

And last but not least, another anonymous reader posted:

Keep doing what you’re doing because it is working!!! This video looks so damn hot and I hope it will be added to the list of your streaming films on AEBN. When that day comes, I’m probably gonna have to take a sick day off work.

Thanks for the encouraging feedback! Comments like this always bring a smile to my face 🙂 . I’m glad to know that so many guys are looking forward to this video.

Of course my preference is that everyone buy the DVD when it comes out tomorrow (I get a larger cut from the sales than I do from AEBN), but I understand that a lot of guys (myself included) prefer the convenience of AEBN. As a general rule, videos show up in my Online Theater about a month or so after the DVD version goes on sale.

[Update: You can now enjoy The Schoolboy and the Thug along with my entire collection of movies by joining BlackBoyAddictionz.com!]

But please, don’t blame me if you get fired for taking too many “sick days” 😉 !

Thanks for the questions and comments, guys!



Scary Street Thugs, Dirty “Older” White Guys, and Other Reflections

I wanted to take a few moments to respond to a couple things brought up in the “blog comments” lately. One customer/reader recently posted the following:

Your video Every Straight Thug Has A Price is my favorite format for interracial action. Great job! My only “criticism” would be a more or less personal one based on my own preferences–like the fact that you seem to feature thugs who are a little too “wholesome” and non-threatening (as opposed to some of the great-looking street thugs who are more inked up, muscled up, and gangsta-looking)–and I think your videos would benefit from leaning more toward the less wholesome looking black dudes. Again, that’s a personal point of view. I just don’t find twinks very appealing–black, brown, or white. There’s something incredibly hot to me about “taming the wild beast”, so I would love to see you in some vids where you explore, fondle, and service some black thugs who look more convincingly “street.” Cortez is a good starting place. He’s more masculine in appearance than the pretty boiz. Just a thought. Hope you don’t mind the feedback.

I don’t mind the feedback at all! I *ALWAYS* welcome feedback from readers and customers when expressed in a respectful and constructive way (as you did above).

I appreciate the fact that you made it clear that your comments come out of your own personal erotic preferences. I haven’t been doing this for long, but I’ve already realized that I’ll never be able to please everybody all of the time. The best that I can do is make the kind of porn I’ve always enjoyed watching, or wanted to see, with the kind of guys that turn me on.

That said, I have some good news AND bad news for you. The bad news is that unlike you, I *do* like the slim, smooth, youthful “twink” and “pretty-boy-thug” look, as long as the guy is masculine (and even there I’ll make exceptions from time to time). Shyne, for example, has the kind of tight, toned body that drives me absolutely wild with lust, even though he isn’t very muscular or tattooed or “threatening.”

But the good news is that I *also* share your attraction to the “great-looking street thugs who are more inked up, muscled up, and gangsta-looking,” and I promise you that I’ll do my best to feature some of them in future videos.

Keep in mind that it’s more challenging to convince such types to appear in gay porn, and there also comes a point when a thug can look a little TOO “street” and “threatening” for me to feel smart and safe about inviting him into my home to shoot porn. But I promise that I’ll make an effort (I already have a couple prospects), because I’d ultimately like to feature a diverse collection of black and latino guys in my videos.

The same guy continued:

By the way, I bought your first Every Straight Thug Has A Price but I would never personally purchase a black on black action video because I can’t “project myself” into the fantasy. (I like fantasizing that I’m doing what YOU’RE doing when you spend lots of time exploring those beautiful black bodies without getting your own ass kicked!) lol Keep up the great work. I love how you take your time instead of rushing the action. You’re one of the few who understands that sensuality and sexuality are equally important.

Thanks for the compliment….I’m glad that you appreciate the laid-back, leisurely pace of my videos. I’m sorry to hear that you don’t have an interest in my black-on-black videos, but I totally understand where you’re coming from. I suspected that some of the folks who enjoy my interracial scenes wouldn’t be interested in the black-on-black scenes, and vice versa.

I doubt it will change your mind, but I’m still very much present in the black-on-black scenes, as a voice behind the camera who interviews the boys beforehand, coaches them through the experience of their first porn-shoot, poses occasional questions throughout the scene, etc. As a viewer, it’s still possible to identify with me as a horny white guy lucky enough to have two sexy young black guys in his apartment, watching with breathless suspense and excitement as they touch for the first time and let me guide them through their first porn shoot. I know it’s a stretch, but I had to give it a shot 😉 !

Last but not least, I got a kick out of JoeSchmoe and VersatileBoy’s comments about the way I sometimes refer to myself as an “older white guy.”

I guess that’s just my own insecurities coming out. It’s sort of my way of making clear that my videos are not about MY looks, body, dick size, etc.

Plus the whole “older white guy” thing can be a hot visual fantasy, in my opinion. ESPECIALLY with the straight guys, but even with a cute gay boy like Dragon, it’s exciting to think that with a little cash and persuasion, a gay guy who’s *13* years older than him, and not at all his type, can still get his hands on a young stud like him.

But don’t worry….In real life, I don’t really think of myself as “old.” In fact, I usually feel like I’m still 21 or 22, and it sometimes comes as a rude awakening when I realize there’s now a widening generation gap between me and the guys I like to date and hook up with!

Maybe that’s part of the reason I’m enjoying this porn project so much. It allows me to enjoy the young black guys I drool over without feeling like too much of an old creep (it’s “just business,” as opposed to asking a guy out or hitting on him in a club or on the street).

Or maybe it’s just the opposite? Maybe this is my way of preemptively EMBRACING the status of “dirty old man” before somebody ELSE has the chance to label me as such???


Short and Quick, or Long and Slow :)?

Now that I’ve got some hot video footage piling up, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want to release all of it.

Most porn companies, and even a lot of amateur producers, seem to stick to the traditional formula of three-to-five scenes per film. Every scene cuts almost immediately to the hardcore action, which is then heavily edited so that it all fits neatly into a predictable, fast-paced, 15-to-20-minute scene.

I know that a lot of guys….probably MOST, in fact….prefer their porn that way. They want it quick and simple, and couldn’t care less about who the performers are, or what went on behind the scenes. Such scenes allow them to enjoy a variety of models in different combinations, and if they don’t like one scene, they can always skip to the next with a simple click of a button.

While I can certainly enjoy those videos, I’ve always found them somewhat frustrating. Back when I first discovered gay porn in my late teens, one of my favorite studios was Bel Ami. While I loved the stunning, youthful beauty of their mostly-straight Eastern European models, I remember getting annoyed time and time again when I’d be jerking off to a hot scene of two gorgeous boys kissing, making out, etc., and then BAM!!! with no warning or transition whatsoever, there’d be a closeup shot of a dick pumping in and out of an asshole. I always HATED that (and still do)! I wanted to SEE the transition from cock-sucking to fucking, even if it was clumsy or awkward or “boring.”

For me, having a sense of a scene’s CONTEXT is at least half the thrill of watching porn! I want to know about the performers’ backgrounds and personalities. Is it a model’s first time appearing in a porno? Is one of the models an actual straight boy, doing his first gay scene because he’s broke and desperately needs the money? Is one of the models a “top” who’s been offered a little extra cash to “bottom” for the first time? Are the models in a scene actually boyfriends in real life, or are they total strangers, meeting one another for the first time just moments before the cameras start rolling?

I also want to feel like I’m really THERE watching an actual porn-shoot, not some glossy, tightly-edited “fantasy.” Again, it’s the REALITY and PSYCHOLOGY of porn that excites me, the voyeuristic thrill in the fact that real people are consciously having sex in front of a camera, taking directions from the producer, pausing for breaks between “takes,” etc., etc.

I always feel a little cheated when a video has too many “cuts.” I *WANT* to see every raw, spontaneous, occasionally awkward, sometimes clumsy, frequently hilarious behind-the-scenes moment of a video-shoot. That’s why I was so addicted to Cocodorm‘s 24/7 cameras, live nightly shows, and “Real World”-style porn, and why I love so much of the amateur stuff sold by AMVC, and why I’m trying my best to make this a blog that will enhance people’s enjoyment of my videos with its exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

That’s also why I think most of my own videos will only feature one or two scenes. I know this format will probably bore a lot of guys to tears, but I honestly don’t think I could do it any other way.

If you’ve seen any of my first three videos, you already know that I like to take my time 😉 . I try to let my viewers get to know my models by interviewing them before the “action” parts of their scenes begin. I feel like getting a sense of a guy’s personality, interests, erotic exploits, sexual likes and dislikes, etc., helps build anticipation and makes it ten times more exciting when we see him strip out of his clothes and perform for his first time ever on camera! I also like to savor every moment, trying my best to capture it from the hottest angles possible. As a result, I usually end up with a good three or more hours of footage for every scene I film.

Take the scene I filmed with Shyne and Dragon last Wednesday, for example. They were at my place filming off-and-on for over three hours, and for most of that time the camera was running. Now I could cut out the part where they meet each other for the very first time (I literally had my camera shoved in Dragon’s face as he walked through my front door!)….or their awkward, nervous interaction while I interviewed them both side by side….or the dozens of hilarious and entertaining comments made by both boys as their way of dealing with the range of emotions throughout their first porn-shoot (and first sexual encounter with each other). I could cut all that out and trim the footage down to a simple, straightforward 20-minute scene, but in my opinion such a scene wouldn’t come anywhere CLOSE to being as hot and memorable as the longer, leisurely, minimally-edited version.

At first glance it might seem unfair to charge $20 for a DVD containing just one or two scenes, but I’m hoping there are enough guys out there who will appreciate the relaxed pacing and intimate, documentary-style feel of my movies. I’m trying as hard as possible to make viewers feel like they’re right there in that little apartment with me and the models, enjoying a front-row seat to a live amateur porn-shoot. When one looks at it like that, I hope the $20 seems worth it.

I’m curious to hear what others think about one-or-two-scene videos. Feel free to post your comments, or email me any time at BlackBoyAddictionz@gmail.com.