Short and Quick, or Long and Slow :)?

Now that I’ve got some hot video footage piling up, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want to release all of it.

Most porn companies, and even a lot of amateur producers, seem to stick to the traditional formula of three-to-five scenes per film. Every scene cuts almost immediately to the hardcore action, which is then heavily edited so that it all fits neatly into a predictable, fast-paced, 15-to-20-minute scene.

I know that a lot of guys….probably MOST, in fact….prefer their porn that way. They want it quick and simple, and couldn’t care less about who the performers are, or what went on behind the scenes. Such scenes allow them to enjoy a variety of models in different combinations, and if they don’t like one scene, they can always skip to the next with a simple click of a button.

While I can certainly enjoy those videos, I’ve always found them somewhat frustrating. Back when I first discovered gay porn in my late teens, one of my favorite studios was Bel Ami. While I loved the stunning, youthful beauty of their mostly-straight Eastern European models, I remember getting annoyed time and time again when I’d be jerking off to a hot scene of two gorgeous boys kissing, making out, etc., and then BAM!!! with no warning or transition whatsoever, there’d be a closeup shot of a dick pumping in and out of an asshole. I always HATED that (and still do)! I wanted to SEE the transition from cock-sucking to fucking, even if it was clumsy or awkward or “boring.”

For me, having a sense of a scene’s CONTEXT is at least half the thrill of watching porn! I want to know about the performers’ backgrounds and personalities. Is it a model’s first time appearing in a porno? Is one of the models an actual straight boy, doing his first gay scene because he’s broke and desperately needs the money? Is one of the models a “top” who’s been offered a little extra cash to “bottom” for the first time? Are the models in a scene actually boyfriends in real life, or are they total strangers, meeting one another for the first time just moments before the cameras start rolling?

I also want to feel like I’m really THERE watching an actual porn-shoot, not some glossy, tightly-edited “fantasy.” Again, it’s the REALITY and PSYCHOLOGY of porn that excites me, the voyeuristic thrill in the fact that real people are consciously having sex in front of a camera, taking directions from the producer, pausing for breaks between “takes,” etc., etc.

I always feel a little cheated when a video has too many “cuts.” I *WANT* to see every raw, spontaneous, occasionally awkward, sometimes clumsy, frequently hilarious behind-the-scenes moment of a video-shoot. That’s why I was so addicted to Cocodorm‘s 24/7 cameras, live nightly shows, and “Real World”-style porn, and why I love so much of the amateur stuff sold by AMVC, and why I’m trying my best to make this a blog that will enhance people’s enjoyment of my videos with its exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

That’s also why I think most of my own videos will only feature one or two scenes. I know this format will probably bore a lot of guys to tears, but I honestly don’t think I could do it any other way.

If you’ve seen any of my first three videos, you already know that I like to take my time 😉 . I try to let my viewers get to know my models by interviewing them before the “action” parts of their scenes begin. I feel like getting a sense of a guy’s personality, interests, erotic exploits, sexual likes and dislikes, etc., helps build anticipation and makes it ten times more exciting when we see him strip out of his clothes and perform for his first time ever on camera! I also like to savor every moment, trying my best to capture it from the hottest angles possible. As a result, I usually end up with a good three or more hours of footage for every scene I film.

Take the scene I filmed with Shyne and Dragon last Wednesday, for example. They were at my place filming off-and-on for over three hours, and for most of that time the camera was running. Now I could cut out the part where they meet each other for the very first time (I literally had my camera shoved in Dragon’s face as he walked through my front door!)….or their awkward, nervous interaction while I interviewed them both side by side….or the dozens of hilarious and entertaining comments made by both boys as their way of dealing with the range of emotions throughout their first porn-shoot (and first sexual encounter with each other). I could cut all that out and trim the footage down to a simple, straightforward 20-minute scene, but in my opinion such a scene wouldn’t come anywhere CLOSE to being as hot and memorable as the longer, leisurely, minimally-edited version.

At first glance it might seem unfair to charge $20 for a DVD containing just one or two scenes, but I’m hoping there are enough guys out there who will appreciate the relaxed pacing and intimate, documentary-style feel of my movies. I’m trying as hard as possible to make viewers feel like they’re right there in that little apartment with me and the models, enjoying a front-row seat to a live amateur porn-shoot. When one looks at it like that, I hope the $20 seems worth it.

I’m curious to hear what others think about one-or-two-scene videos. Feel free to post your comments, or email me any time at


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