Dragon’s Friday Night “Audition”

Dragon 1

Here are a few photos from my Friday night video-shoot with Dragon, the sexy 19-year-old “college boy”-type that I told you about in my previous post. I think Dragon is cute as hell. He’s got a GREAT body, but like I mentioned before, it’s his face that drives me absolutely crazy. His large, almost sad-looking puppy-dog eyes are incredibly seductive. He’s also got this wide-eyed boyish innocence and energy that made working with him a lot of fun….but don’t be fooled, the kid’s also got a naughty side!

Dragon’s video-shoot was very last-minute….he basically saw me online and asked if I was still interested in filming him (he’d submitted an application a few weeks earlier), we talked briefly on the phone, and a couple hours later he was taking off his clothes for my camera. It wasn’t easy for him to get here…his car is totaled, so he had to ride the “Metro” to my side of town AND walk a bunch of blocks to get to my place. A lot of guys would have said “fuck it,” and never shown up, but Dragon really impressed me with how hard he worked to get here.

And he didn’t disappoint me one bit. Like the rest of my models so far, he was really nervous at first, but by the end of the evening he was joking around and seemed to be feeling much more comfortable and confident in front of the camera. While Dragon might have an adorably cute “baby face,” his DICK is very much that of a young MAN ! And that ASS….DAMN, what an ass! Like I said in my previous post, he’s got one of those plump round asses that literally pops right out of his pants, just BEGGING to be touched and licked and fucked! Just check out these photos if you don’t believe me….




These photos are just a tease, but stay tuned for more to come…..if all goes well, you’ll be seeing much more of Dragon in the weeks and months ahead!

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  1. DA Best

    I’ll dick you down 5 time in the morning 5 times at night, 7 days a week and I’m guarantee I can make you cum without you touchin’ yaself


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