A “Thug” By Any Other Name….

 [Note to Readers: The images in this post are NOT “Black Boy Addictionz” models! ]

Sagging Thug
Since I use the term “thug” in the titles of three out of my four DVD’s so far, I thought I’d post a few reflections on what I mean when I use that word to describe one of my models.

I know some guys (usually white) think that if a black guy’s wearing a du-rag and sagging his pants, that automatically makes him a “thug”.

I know other guys who seem to think that a guy has to be built like a body-builder, covered from head to toe with tattoos, and participate in at least one drive-by shooting a day before he can earn his “thug” credentials!

I think my own definition of a “thug” falls somewhere in the middle of those two extremes.

Some of my models have already been to prison at least half a dozen times. That fact, plus their cocky attitude and laid-back “swagger” make them definite “thugs” in my book.

Of course there are a lot of young black guys who like to CALL themselves “thugs,” but for them it’s more about a kind of attitude and lifestyle-choice than it is about any actual violent or criminal activity. For them it’s more about the hip-hop fashions (sagging jeans, “grills” in their mouths, “Timbs” on their feet, chains hanging low around their necks, etc.) and a “hood” mentality that celebrates greed and ego, along with values such as “staying fresh,” “money over bitches,” “no snitching,” etc., etc.

I’d place Shyne (Breakin’ In A Young Thug) closer to this category. He proudly and repeatedly insists that he’s a “thug,” a “G,” but for him I think it’s more about a sensibility, a lifestyle, than anything truly dangerous or criminal. Although he does come from the “hood,” and I know he spent close to a year in prison a couple years ago for charges that were later dropped, so it’s at least a little bit more than just talk.

Here are a few “thug” pics I like, collected from various places on the web:

Lil Romeo In Boxers

Thug Showing Dick
Thug With Huge Dick
People will always disagree on what truly makes a guy a “thug.”

Some readers/customers have already expressed wishes for me to film scenes with models a little more rough-looking and “hard” and threatening than the models I’ve featured so far, and I’ll do my best to satisfy those requests.

What I hate more than anything, however, is when gay porn companies present one of their models as a “thug,” except that when the guy strips out of his sagging jeans and backward baseball-cap, he turns out to be one of those “girly” gay black boys you might see prancing and twirling in tight pants and muscle-shirts at your local gay club on a Friday night 😉 !

I promise that I’ll never do anything fake or insulting like that, EVER! When I describe one of my models as a thug, I’ll always have an honest justification for it. For example, neither Michael (Black Boys Who Crave White Cock) nor Dragon are “thugs,” and I’d never think of describing them as such.

3 comments on “A “Thug” By Any Other Name….
  1. Adam

    You are absolutely right. I am black…which in a way, automatically to most people give you that thug look. But since we don’t fit into the nerd look, the “gay” look, or the preppy look, we are automatically put into the thug group. I admit, I do tend to follow urban fashions, but a thug I am not, despite the fact that I was raised in a the “hood,” which is titled that because of the neglect from the (white) superior leaders of the town. I think you did an extremely good job of describing the term of thug, especially being white (no offense,) but as you said it mostly an attitude or mind-frame. It is really what is at is at heart (or mind) that makes you at thug. I think it is the lack of fear, and not the stereotyped ignorance of thug. Most white people, don’t really expect a “thug” to be more than another uneducated black person. One whose, despite knowing right or wrong, chooses to do wrong…but in a life where the stereotypes automatically label you as thug, and most business owners don’t want to hire a “thug,” because of prior “thugs” actions, then how else can a “thug” make it in life without doing wrong. Life is hard, but especially hard for a black MAN in America, despite the fight for equal rights, which is shown in small quantities in different spots, we are still not given the right to fair judgment. I hope this does not come across as judgmental, because I am one of the most optimistic people you probably will meet. I try to tell other black people, who have really and truly experienced racism, that it was not because of the color of their skin, but rather just another act of spite. I know this comment won’t be read as much as it should, because after all this is a porn site, but this is a great topic, that I’m glad a white man has written. Feel free to email me if anyone wants to elaborate: adamlandsly@yahoo.com

  2. Michael

    Thanks, Adam, for sharing a little bit of your personal story and for adding to my own reflections on what makes a “thug” a “thug.” I didn’t take your reply as being “judgmental” at all. You were simply speaking the truth….prejudice, stereotypes, and racism are still tragic realities in 21st century America and I’m a little worried that if Obama becomes the next President it will give a lot of white people an excuse to deny those realities and pretend our country’s racial problems are solved. But I guess that’s another topic probably suited for a different blog altogether :).

    I’m glad you appreciated my thoughts on the topic, and thanks for taking the time to share your own!


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