Scary Street Thugs, Dirty “Older” White Guys, and Other Reflections

I wanted to take a few moments to respond to a couple things brought up in the “blog comments” lately. One customer/reader recently posted the following:

Your video Every Straight Thug Has A Price is my favorite format for interracial action. Great job! My only “criticism” would be a more or less personal one based on my own preferences–like the fact that you seem to feature thugs who are a little too “wholesome” and non-threatening (as opposed to some of the great-looking street thugs who are more inked up, muscled up, and gangsta-looking)–and I think your videos would benefit from leaning more toward the less wholesome looking black dudes. Again, that’s a personal point of view. I just don’t find twinks very appealing–black, brown, or white. There’s something incredibly hot to me about “taming the wild beast”, so I would love to see you in some vids where you explore, fondle, and service some black thugs who look more convincingly “street.” Cortez is a good starting place. He’s more masculine in appearance than the pretty boiz. Just a thought. Hope you don’t mind the feedback.

I don’t mind the feedback at all! I *ALWAYS* welcome feedback from readers and customers when expressed in a respectful and constructive way (as you did above).

I appreciate the fact that you made it clear that your comments come out of your own personal erotic preferences. I haven’t been doing this for long, but I’ve already realized that I’ll never be able to please everybody all of the time. The best that I can do is make the kind of porn I’ve always enjoyed watching, or wanted to see, with the kind of guys that turn me on.

That said, I have some good news AND bad news for you. The bad news is that unlike you, I *do* like the slim, smooth, youthful “twink” and “pretty-boy-thug” look, as long as the guy is masculine (and even there I’ll make exceptions from time to time). Shyne, for example, has the kind of tight, toned body that drives me absolutely wild with lust, even though he isn’t very muscular or tattooed or “threatening.”

But the good news is that I *also* share your attraction to the “great-looking street thugs who are more inked up, muscled up, and gangsta-looking,” and I promise you that I’ll do my best to feature some of them in future videos.

Keep in mind that it’s more challenging to convince such types to appear in gay porn, and there also comes a point when a thug can look a little TOO “street” and “threatening” for me to feel smart and safe about inviting him into my home to shoot porn. But I promise that I’ll make an effort (I already have a couple prospects), because I’d ultimately like to feature a diverse collection of black and latino guys in my videos.

The same guy continued:

By the way, I bought your first Every Straight Thug Has A Price but I would never personally purchase a black on black action video because I can’t “project myself” into the fantasy. (I like fantasizing that I’m doing what YOU’RE doing when you spend lots of time exploring those beautiful black bodies without getting your own ass kicked!) lol Keep up the great work. I love how you take your time instead of rushing the action. You’re one of the few who understands that sensuality and sexuality are equally important.

Thanks for the compliment….I’m glad that you appreciate the laid-back, leisurely pace of my videos. I’m sorry to hear that you don’t have an interest in my black-on-black videos, but I totally understand where you’re coming from. I suspected that some of the folks who enjoy my interracial scenes wouldn’t be interested in the black-on-black scenes, and vice versa.

I doubt it will change your mind, but I’m still very much present in the black-on-black scenes, as a voice behind the camera who interviews the boys beforehand, coaches them through the experience of their first porn-shoot, poses occasional questions throughout the scene, etc. As a viewer, it’s still possible to identify with me as a horny white guy lucky enough to have two sexy young black guys in his apartment, watching with breathless suspense and excitement as they touch for the first time and let me guide them through their first porn shoot. I know it’s a stretch, but I had to give it a shot 😉 !

Last but not least, I got a kick out of JoeSchmoe and VersatileBoy’s comments about the way I sometimes refer to myself as an “older white guy.”

I guess that’s just my own insecurities coming out. It’s sort of my way of making clear that my videos are not about MY looks, body, dick size, etc.

Plus the whole “older white guy” thing can be a hot visual fantasy, in my opinion. ESPECIALLY with the straight guys, but even with a cute gay boy like Dragon, it’s exciting to think that with a little cash and persuasion, a gay guy who’s *13* years older than him, and not at all his type, can still get his hands on a young stud like him.

But don’t worry….In real life, I don’t really think of myself as “old.” In fact, I usually feel like I’m still 21 or 22, and it sometimes comes as a rude awakening when I realize there’s now a widening generation gap between me and the guys I like to date and hook up with!

Maybe that’s part of the reason I’m enjoying this porn project so much. It allows me to enjoy the young black guys I drool over without feeling like too much of an old creep (it’s “just business,” as opposed to asking a guy out or hitting on him in a club or on the street).

Or maybe it’s just the opposite? Maybe this is my way of preemptively EMBRACING the status of “dirty old man” before somebody ELSE has the chance to label me as such???


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