Tales From the Corps: The Boot (An X-Tube Classic)

Click above to check out one of my all-time favorite X-Tube clips. It’s a little bit on the rough side, but I think many of you will enjoy it as much as I have.

Because it’s animated, I honestly didn’t think I’d enjoy it at first….but it turned out to be more arousing and memorable than 99% of the live-action porn I’ve seen! It includes so many of my most intense erotic fantasies and fetishes: interracial sex, rough/aggressive sex, coerced sex, straight males having gay sex, military sex, and facials.

Not only do I love the artist’s delightfully wicked imagination (so similar to my own!), but I’m also so impressed with his inclusion of seemingly minor but erotically powerful details such as precum leaking from dicks, saliva dripping from chins, sweat pouring from foreheads, and tears running down cheeks.

If this kind of thing turns you on as well, you should stop by MCBoy21’s X-Tube profile, check out his other videos, and take a minute or two to tell him how much you appreciate his hard work!

5 comments on “Tales From the Corps: The Boot (An X-Tube Classic)
  1. Ben


    Sorry to hear about what’s happening with your models. I have a hard enough time getting just the average joe to come over and jerk off for me on camera; I don’t even want to think about what it’s like to have someone talking trash.

    I wish I had some words of wisdom for you but I’m afraid I don’t; I haven’t been in this industry long enough. What I CAN tell you is that tribulations will abound no matter what field we’re in.

    Just keep low for a bit because when it come to black queens, they are probably vicious second only to the latin queens. What is it about the black and latin queeny gay guys anyway? I mean, when they’re queeny, they are kuh-WEEN-ie! Know what I mean?

    I know this is no consolation but I think people sometimes get jealous. You know, kinda like the people who will make sure that no one has you if they can’t have you.

    Hang in there, bud. I believe in you.

  2. Evan

    You’re right. This animated feature is hot. A little on the rough side? I like it rough. I like the way the private was humiliated. Ended up with cum all over his face and dripping out of his ass. This is great training for a straight boy in the military — makes him humble.

  3. shayray

    Hay mike its me one of yo fav fans i have been with you for the last year…recently and i rain into this hardcore azz nigga think he cant b touch by a man but willing too do whatever for money huuuuuuumm so what u i want him 2 meet u get back with me asap i have alot u can turn out yell….


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