Whose Ass Was Tastier?!?

Eating Jay's Ass

I just got the following message from a fan of my videos. It made me laugh, and I thought I’d share it with my blog readers:

i am not one pressed for dick, but really wouldnt turn down a chance to suck off cortez. so have you heard from him recently and how is jay, you know they have to do a video together next right lol and whose dick and ass was tastier cortez or jay?

Of course that is an impossible question to answer, LOL! That’s like asking a little kid to choose between candy and ice-cream 😉 !

Both Jay and Cortez had two of the sweetest asses and most delicious dicks I’ve ever had the privilege of tasting! If I absolutely had to choose, I’d probably pick Jay’s dick over Cortez’s, and Cortez’s ass over Jay’s.

I liked the way Jay’s smaller-sized dick slid smoothly in and out of my mouth; the smooth texture of its caramel skin; as well as its salty-sweet taste.

Jay’s ass, on the other hand, had a clean, almost soapy, taste to it, probably because his video-shoot started in the morning, only an hour or so after he’d showered.

In contrast, I filmed my scene with Cortez well after midnight, and his ass had that sweaty, musky taste and smell that only a young thug’s ass can have. Plus, his asshole was so tiny and unbelievably tight, and it was a huge turn-on to be granted (reluctant) access to that most private, protected part of his body that even his countless “bitches” had never dared to explore!

I agree that a scene with Jay and Cortez together would be a porn dream come true, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up. I think we’ll see 50 Cent elected President before that happens, LOL! Even if by some miracle they both agreed to do it, I doubt I’d have enough cash on hand to make it happen. Still, it’s a hot fantasy….

9 comments on “Whose Ass Was Tastier?!?
  1. Ben


    I nearly shot my wad when I saw the first pic of you eating that beautiful brown ass. YUM! Big fucking woof.

    Sorry to hear you were depressed and disappointed about the situation with Jay and his family. It seems that this is par for the course. And I have to say I understand your disappointment. I get “hooked” or at the very least, excited to meet a particular model when I get their pics and then when they don’t call or don’t show up, well, I can’t help taking it personally when they don’t even reply back!

    Keep posting! I look forward to reading your blog. Although I’ve been having to gang up on them as we’re starting to edit our very first DVD, “Stray Dawgz.”

    Chat with you soon. We’ll be gone for a few days at Orlando, Disney. I’ll catch your blogs when I get back.


  2. Fan in Queens

    It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Jay. It’s not the first thing one usually notices in pornos, but that boy’s skin is beautiful.

  3. Michael

    Thank you for your harsh but honest feedback. I’m really sorry to hear that “Corrupting Cortez” was such a severe disappointment for you, and I appreciate you taking the time to share such a candid and detailed explanation of the reasons it left you feeling so “disillusioned.”

    You’re absolutely right about the horrendous lighting in the first twenty minutes or so of the video. That was an unfortunate mistake that can be blamed on my lack of training and experience in filmmaking.

    There are so many factors that go into making what you see in the final version of an amateur video…different circumstances, personalities, emotions, time limitations, etc. for each video. Professional producers work with the kind of budget and controlled studio setting that can pretty much guarantee a satisfying outcome. But with amateur porn, it’s really a big gamble every time you turn on the camera.

    I definitely wasn’t at the top of my creative and erotic game during the video-shoot with Cortez. It was well after midnight, I was filming in a totally new location, I was self-conscious about the infection on my nose, I was frustrated with Cortez’s bad attitude, and probably a dozen other things I can’t even remember any more. All of that probably contributed to me being less creative and energetic than I could have been, and unfortunately that in turn affected your own erotic experience as a viewer.

    Not to make things overly simplistic, but after reading your comments a few more times, I think another reason for your profound disappointment was the fact that you approached the video from the perspective of a “bottom,” while I approached my experience with Cortez more from the perspective of a “top.” You saw a cocky straight thug like Cortez and instinctively wanted to see his big black cock worshipped by a white man on his knees. That was your fantasy, and I certainly can’t fault you for that. As a side-note, however, I hardly see how that’s “thinking outside the box,” considering that’s a very familiar stereotype in gay interracial porn.

    I, on the other hand, was much more interested in doing something one rarely sees in “straight bait” porn with black males: the young thug taking fingers up his virgin ass and then dropping to HIS knees to suck the older white guy’s dick. If that isn’t “thinking outside the box,” I’m not sure what is, LOL!

    I’ll be honest with you, sucking dick is fairly low on the list of sexual activities I enjoy. I was much more interested in getting a taste of Cortez’s ass and feeling his lips wrapped around my dick than I was in stuffing my face with HIS huge dick. I sucked him off because I knew a lot of viewers like you would want to see it….but clearly I didn’t do a very good job of concealing my lack of enthusiasm :)!

  4. Michael

    It sounds like a big part of your disappointment comes down to a huge difference betweeen our sexual interests and priorities. Overall, I think my videos are going to have a more intense and consistent appeal for “tops” than for “bottoms,” mainly because I’d rather be sexually dominant than sexually submissive most of the time. You will probably want to keep that in mind when shaping your expectations for future videos.

    Don’t get me wrong…I can definitely enjoy sucking a hot black guy’s dick. I’ve done it in most of my interracial scenes, and I plan to continue doing it in future scenes.

    I will definitely take your critique to heart about bringing more variety and intensity to my oral scenes. I especially like your suggestion about getting a little more raunchy and aggressive with both the sucking and ass-eating action.

    Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with me!

  5. whatupdawg

    After anxiously waiting for Cortez to arrive at AEBN, I rented the video but didn’t stick with it for very long. I wanted to check it out before buying the DVD. But I was pretty disappointed by what I saw overall and decided to pass on it. Besides the terrible choice of back-lighting in the beginning that obscured the dark details of Cortez’s body (which I think you’ve already acknowledged was a mistake in judgment), I was surprised to see that you only sucked his cock with him lying flat on his back on the bed. IMHO, that is beyond amateurish as far as erotic visual thinking goes–it’s just plain old tired and yawn-making. I think of you as being so erotically charged and tuned in to what the real person out here longs to see in a situation like the one with you and Cortez, so I was just surprised that you wouldn’t think more outside the box sexually. I wanted to see you on your knees servicing him, I wanted to see him straddling your face and feeding you his semi-hard dick slowly and sensually, and then squatting on your face and mouth with his ass, etc. Things that make a once in a lifetime erotic exploration with a straight black hunk like Cortez memorable enough to masturbate to a thousand times, not once or twice. But your oral service was confined to him lying on his back on the bed??? That’s pretty lame and predictable even by amateur standards, and I know you can go beyond that creatively. Sorry to be so critical, but I was just very disillusioned, especially after waiting so long for this video to come out and knowing how erotically you can think. I hope that before you do another one-on-one shoot, you remind yourself what you used to wish you could see in videos made by other people–and then give that to your fans in your own videos. Overall, I think you’re great, but I hope you’ll at least take what I’ve said under advisement.

  6. whatupdawg

    Thanks for the frank reply to my comments. I suppose you’re right about the differences in our top and bottom “perspectives”–I personally find nothing sexually fulfilling or intriguing about “turning a straight man” or bringing a strong straight man to his knees in submission. I know that’s a turn-on for some gay men, but not for me. I simply find that it’s more erotic to “break “a strong straight man by seducing and manipulating him into allowing me to have total freedom with his body in a way that he would never ordinarily have permitted another male to enjoy under any circumstances. So in essence, I guess it more a question of degrees–just exactly how FAR do we want to see a straight thug broken and dominated? Obviously, you like it to go much further than I do, which is fine. It just means your videos are probably not for me–no harm done. I did purchase the video you did with Jay, however, and continue to enjoy it. So I guess I’ll just keep looking for the amateur video producer who sees seduction and conquest in the way that I do–fortunately, there are many new producers entering the field all the time and I’m finally starting to discover sexual scenarios that I find closely aligned with my own perspective and preferences. Sorry if my Cortez critique was too harsh, by the way. I didn’t mean to overstate my opinion–I think I was just disappointed to realize that you don’t personally care to go in the specific direction with guys like Cortez that I was hoping you would go. Ultimately, it was my assumptions that were at fault, not your creative choices. I’ll just have to keep looking for my pornographic promised land. 🙂

  7. Michael

    No need to apologize! When I welcome viewer feedback, I realize that I have to be willing to receive harsh criticism as well as enthusiastic praise. Even though our personal preferences differ in significant ways, it sounds like you’re as passionate about porn as I am, and I appreciate your honest, constructive feedback.

    I can totally relate to your quest for a “pornographic promised land,” LOL. I could never quite find mine, and that’s one of the reasons I started making my own videos.

    I think you’re right, my videos probably aren’t going to be for you, at least not thoroughly or consistently. I hope you’ll still drop by the blog to say “hello” from time to time. I’ve always enjoyed reading your comments, and who knows, from time to time you just might see something you like.

    For example, since I can’t afford to splurge on any more videos like the ones I filmed with Jay and Cortez, some of my future “straight seduction” videos will almost certainly have to focus solely on sucking the straight boy’s dick and maybe licking his ass if I’m lucky, because even though I might WANT to do more than that I just won’t be able to afford it ;). And that can certainly still be hot!

    Good luck on your continued quest to find the kind of porn that best suits your straight-thug fantasies, and please don’t be a stranger!

  8. whatupdawg

    For what it’s worth, I decided to go back to AEBN and watch the full Cortez with a more open mind instead of just scanning it. Ironically, I found myself getting totally into it in a way that I hadn’t connected with it before. Don’t know what happened, but I was 100% aroused–even by the bedroom bj that I had previously criticized as predictable and slightly ho-hum. Watching you work on Cortez while he laid back with his eyes closed became highly erotic and I peaked with it. Anyway, I can admit when I’m wrong. In fact, I’m ordering the DVD today. Funny, huh? 🙂

  9. Michael

    I just wanted to let you know that your latest comment totally made my weekend :)! I certainly didn’t see THAT one coming! I’m glad you decided to give “Corrupting Cortez” another chance, and that you found it more erotically satisfying the second time around. You do realize that now when you critique one of my future videos, I’ll be able to say, “Remember that time when….” ;)???

    Seriously, I’m glad you were able to get some enjoyment out of it, and it means a lot that you took the time to come back and let me know.


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