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Whose Ass Was Tastier?!?

Eating Jay's Ass

I just got the following message from a fan of my videos. It made¬†me laugh, and I thought I’d share it with my blog readers:

i am not one pressed for dick, but really wouldnt turn down a chance to suck off cortez. so have you heard from him recently and how is jay, you know they have to do a video together next right lol and whose dick and ass was tastier cortez or jay?

Of course that is an impossible question to answer, LOL! That’s like asking a little kid to choose between candy and ice-cream ūüėČ !

Both Jay and Cortez had two of the sweetest asses and most delicious dicks I’ve ever had the privilege of tasting! If I absolutely had to choose, I’d probably pick Jay’s dick over Cortez’s, and Cortez’s ass over Jay’s.

I liked the way Jay’s smaller-sized dick slid smoothly in and out of my mouth; the smooth texture of its caramel skin; as well as¬†its salty-sweet taste.

Jay’s ass, on the other hand, had a clean, almost soapy, taste to it, probably because his video-shoot started in the morning, only an hour or so after he’d showered.

In contrast, I filmed my scene with Cortez well after midnight, and¬†his ass had that sweaty, musky taste and smell that only a young thug’s ass¬†can have. Plus, his asshole was so tiny and unbelievably tight, and it was a huge turn-on to be granted (reluctant) access to that most private, protected part of his body that even his countless “bitches” had never dared to explore!

I agree that a scene with Jay and Cortez together would be a porn dream come true, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up. I think we’ll see 50 Cent¬†elected President before that happens, LOL! Even if by some miracle they both agreed to do it, I doubt I’d have enough cash on hand to make it happen. Still, it’s a hot fantasy….


What Customers Are Saying About My Videos….

Here’s what customers are saying about my videos:

Every Straight Thug Has A Price


Some of your other bloggers have described perfectly [Jay’s] uniqueness on the “Every Thug…” video: his sense of humor, his facial expressions, his on-camera personna. It would be a great loss if he did not perform again and we see him ‘moving up the ladder’. In his latest video, his reluctance (genuine) seemed tempered with curiosity and a desire-to-please, elements universally recognizable, natural and appealing…. You’ve talked about your approach to filming by revealing and exploring your models’ personalities. Some guys don’t have much to give, but Jay has a whole story, only beginning to unfold, and you’ve captured it beautifully. But the story is only half-told. Don’t give up!!


You are truly the master in getting these young sexy thugs to submit to you and i know that turns you on. I have an suggestion on this why not have it where you take off their clothes slowly and piece by piece that would be breath taking. I cannot say anything else now too wait for the rest i am out of words literally and that is not easy for me.

You have the only videos I watch on pay per view. What was that guy Jay like? he looked like his black ass tasted and smelled good?

Breakin’ In A Young Thug

Shyne is a real sexy dude. I am really feelin his swagger. He got sexy eyes and i love his hair and his voice.

Your video has arrived….it’s a hot flick….gave me a woodie and that doesn’t happen much anymore without some serious meds.
The Shyne DVD FINALLY came today and all I can say is WOW….make that a DOUBLE WOW!! ….The way Shyne kept bobbing his head, whlle he was giving you head was amazing!!¬† And of course the money shot (trust me I came WAY before that) was a jem all in itself.

my heart was beating fast….I almost couldnt breathe literally….He has got to be one of the hottest lil thugs I have ever seen.Would be nice to see another older white man get a feel and taste of this one please.

now you know you were wrong to cum on his face like that

i really like your work and truefully kinda jealous that u have such hot guys in your vids and r willing 2 do anything u ask (so hot).

I love your videos I love doing it with black guys and since moving to atlanta have had the opportunity to get with some hot ones. Keep up the great work love when you work on their asses that is so hot!!

I must tell you that I really enjoy your videos. They are so real and everything happens so natural. Do you have any more you can post on here and Shyne, he is going to be a hell of a porn star and as long as you keep [making videos] i will support you.


The Schoolboy and the Thug

It’s essentially just a story you’re telling, albeit about sex between two young men. The video just needs to allow us to see what’s happening in an interesting and visually hot way. You did that. I think amateur allows for a lot more leeway. We aren’t expecting it to be polished. We don’t even want that. We like the awkwardness of two strangers, guys we might hope to see on the street one day, carrying on for the camera. It will probably be interesting to see how, if at all, they behave differently in future videos as they get more comfortable with one another.

dragon and shyne had me blowing my load all over the place….I think shyne is a really down dude….He really seemed to know what he was doing. I definitely want to see more of him.

Yes sir!!!  The Schoolboy/Thug video is the best to date!!  Like I said before give me an amateur vid over that Hollywood crap anytime!!  Could you at least let Dragon in the door LOL!!  And Dragon was right, Shyne was nervous at first, but having your dick sucked usually calms the nerves!!

I think your most recent models are very beautiful. I’m not into the thug types. I’m more of the preppy, ordinary boy looks. The “Schoolboy” is kinda¬†more my type.

Man I just love the¬†[work] you’ve done. I don’t know where you find these guys but they are beautiful and the whole presentation is so sexy. I watch and watch. Keep up the great work. I’d love to see more. Clearly, I too am a blackboyaddict.

I want to say THANK YOU to my customers, fans, and blog readers for all of your encouragement and support! Feedback, suggestions, and/or fan mail for the models is ALWAYS welcome at BlackBoyAddictionz@gmail.com!

I reply personally to every email I get, which is something I’m pretty sure¬†you won’t get with most of the big professional studios! And I¬†know Dragon and Shyne try to reply to their fan mail as well!