Dragon’s Special Request


Popular BBA veteran Dragon wanted to reach out to his loyal fans through this blog and ask for your help and support with a special new career opportunity. Please click here to read a more detailed message from Dragon and donate to help in any way that you can.

If you’re a fan of Dragon’s past work and have enjoyed watching him grow up and evolve over the years from the cute and innocent “schoolboy” into a mature and sexy young man, please show your appreciation and support by taking a couple minutes out of your busy day to consider his special request and chip in to help him pursue this exciting next chapter of his life and career. Thank you!

12 comments on “Dragon’s Special Request
  1. Jman

    Or, is there something terribly wrong with his asshole and he’s unable to earn his money like Americans do? This whole go fund me shit pissses me off! People beg for money for the pettiest shit in the world!

    Why the fuck would you post this shit to your paying customers??? It looks like his goal on GFM is just shy of $3k. How long would it take him to earn such a small amount? America is really becoming the home of the pussies now.

    It’s bad enough he’s out begging for money, but for you to post this shit here is just low class. We already supported Dragon when we paid to watch his scenes. There’s no handouts here. He’s just as bad as those bum pan handlers on the side of the road…where is his sign that says “Homeless Veteran…anything helps…God bless.” The fuck outta here! I ain’t givin him SHIT!

    1. Dash H.

      right I agree with u we don’t even know who he is as a person stop begging and use your Hole to get the money

  2. bigbroth

    I am wishing Dragon well, but Mike is there any way you can lend him the money for this project? We do not know Dragon or even his real name. How do we know that if we give to this it will go for his schooling? I feel that Dragon was instrumental in your success, therefore, if you deem his effort worthwhile, at least lend him the money with a payback schedule, and take this go fund me request down. This post makes one skeptical of the relationships you suppossedly have with your models, especially the ones who helped you start this site with their likeness causing viewers to pay monthly fees to give you are start. I am referring to Dragon and Suspense.

  3. stldiscreet1

    I am always willing to help… but this in my opinion doesn’t paint a very good picture. I have kinda refrained from purchasing a membership because it almost seems no one is really benefiting except Michael. I mean like WOW most of these models dont have much to show for some of the hot scenes they’ve made accept “A Good Nut”…smh that’s crazy

  4. Michael

    Let me clear a couple things up before this gets out of hand:

    1). Dragon isn’t “begging” for anything. He’s simply asking for donations from his loyal fans to help him pursue a career dream that is above and beyond his regular budget. If you don’t trust him or want to help him out, then DON’T. There’s no point in being a cynical asshole about it.

    2). I have worked with well over ONE HUNDRED models over the past seven years. This idea that I’m somehow supposed to be a “sugar daddy” for every single one of them is ridiculous and totally unrealistic.

    BBA’s compensation and treatment of its models is unrivaled in the black gay porn industry – our starting pay alone is at least two to three times what most of the big “porn stars” make – and I think the quality and loyalty of our models is a reflection of the generosity, appreciation, and respect they are consistently shown.

    But that hardly means that every guy who’s ever done a scene for BBA is never going to experience financial worry or hardship ever again, or that just because they’ve contributed to BBA’s success in the past, I’m somehow responsible for paying their every bill and funding their every personal pursuit for the rest of their lives. That’s an unfair and unattainable standard for any porn producer to meet.

  5. bigbroth


    I understand your comments, and they are well taken. You have to put yourself in a subscriber’s place. We pay the fees to see your content, and some of it very good, I might add, but when you see a model who was one of the founders of your company, one of the first and you allow him to ask the members for money, its like Berry Gordy letting Diana Ross go on welfare, that absolutely would tarnish his brand and name. Dragon and Suspense, are not like other models, they are the foundation of your company, and you as a successful porn producer, should recognize that fact. I would not allow any model to ask a paying customer for money on my site, it sends out the wrong message. Think about my prior post, loan Dragon the money and take this post down. If there is some reason why you cannot, that he may well understand, then I get it, but this post makes you look bad and not the savvy businessman producer that you must be in order to keep this website going nd successful.

    1. Michael

      Thanks for your input, but we’re just going to have to agree to disagree about this. If Dragon was on here truly “begging” for food or a place to stay, that would be one thing and I’d see your point. But this is nothing of the sort, and I think you and a couple others are blowing it way out of proportion.

      Thousands of people from all walks of life post these types of fund-raising campaigns every day, and it doesn’t mean they’re destitute or “ghetto.” You are also assuming that I posted this instead of, rather than in addition to, helping Dragon out privately.

      I posted this as a favor to Dragon and I’m sorry if this has given you a bad impression of him and/or me. A blog like this one that shares an intimate glimpse behind the scenes of an amateur porn site like BBA will always run the risk of readers misunderstanding and/or potentially judging my actions.


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