Website Update: You Bet Your Ass

The wait is finally over 😉 !

Special guest “porn stars” Knockout and Staxx face off on the basketball court in a game of “horse” where the loser has to give the winner some ASS.

These are no small stakes for two of black gay porn’s most attractive and talented “tops,” neither one of whom has ever bottomed on camera before.

Don’t miss the shocking, must-see porn event of the summer and find out for yourself which one of these sexy, hung “tops” lost the bet and had to SURRENDER HIS ASS on camera for the VERY FIRST TIME!

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48 comments on “Website Update: You Bet Your Ass
  1. platinum313

    wow a very hot scene. I hope you will use both of them more. Knockout is very sexy and chocolate. Would love to see staxx and him again in a flip flop

  2. DC

    Mike you did good on this But I was hoping Staxx get fuck knockout look like when he was trying to hit the basket Its all good Thanks for keeping it 100

  3. TheBlueprint

    2 thumbs up Mike. I enjoyed this. Good work man..Knockout makes a better bottom than top to me. However, Staxx fuckin skills leave alot to be desired. Somebody needs to dick Knockout down real good!!

  4. D-Money

    ok first off mike i dont know how you got these two together but must say the most professional just all out fun video uve filmed in awhile — I know u had to enjoy filming it!!! let me just say this im not mad that staxx didnt win only because knockout ass is one ive been eyeing for a long time and ive been wanting it ate and fucked for a minute — great oral by both staxx and knockout — staxx ate that ass right and knockout kept the dik and honestly did great taking the dick despite it being his first time!!! overall great scene and great close out to the summer now mike i know u got fresh fall faces coming in my bday month of september — cant wait to see what presents u deliver for next month………

  5. neeko

    yes Michael! they worked well together. I love me some knockout and I didn’t even make it past the oral scene before i lost it haha. Knockout has such an adorable innocence about himself and I just love to see him; he can do no wrong! Thank you for this scene

  6. AlexB86

    Michael another HOTT 1!!!!!…. Thank you for bringing back Staxx, And FINALLY introducing Knockout to BBA. I’m secretly a little OBSESSED with him (jokingly…but kinda serious). I can’t wait to see what’s next for BBA, I hope some more Ross, Blake Bishop, Caeser & AB ?

  7. Yoseph

    Both Knockout and Staxx are beyond phine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ten plus Body,Face,Ass,Dick. Hope Staxx be the one to get fuck in that Beautiful ass if not Knockout get fuck in that Beautiful ass love them Brother.

  8. KayJay

    Wow! Fantastic from the start to the finish. I even watched the entire game and had predicted that Staxx would be the loser.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the oral. Knockout has the nicest little ass! What I wouldn’t give to be the one licking that hole.

    My favorite was the fucking, mainly because of Knockout. The moans and the groans he made put me over the edge. If I were fucking him those sounds would only make me stroke him harder and harder.

    I’ll confess that I prejudged this update and was not expecting much because it starred two mainstream models. Now I have to include this as one of my BBA favorites.

    Congratulations on a great update this week, Mike.

  9. Brian

    I really enjoyed this scene. I was wishing it was staxx on bottom but I’m now a fan of knockout. Good job Mike! Btw I can’t wait for the website update I want to see Eureka on my phone. No computer. Lol

  10. Kabasnewo

    Mike u r the man!!!!!!!!!????????? That scene was awesome!!!!!!
    It should have been RAW but the chemistry was the best. Knockout was kinda awkward but his moans compensated as he was penetrated for his awkwardness. Knockout was getting that ass ate and he was liking it. He has the prettiest lil hole Lol. GREAT WORK, KUDOS……??????FOUR THUMBS UP ???????. I HOPE U CAN GET A PART 2 WHERE STAXX GETS THAT ASS OF HIS PENETRATED, Please tell me u got that in the works

    1. ShyG

      Me too hey that could be really hot though I’m trying to imagine it Blake Bishop, Ross & Knockout. Michael can you make it happen?

  11. A Wells

    I agree with all of the above Mike. I enjoyed a great deal of it. The minimal spitting did not ruin the whole ass licking scenes or the whole movie. I am not a big fan of Staxx but I always wanted to see Knockouts asshole. I would like to see Knockout in a solo if he’ll display more asshole and you can get a longer and closer view of the hole. I give you 2 thumbs up for this one and my continuous commitment to your website. Great job!

  12. Jamal

    Still waiting to see apollo bottom and bring back stephon and Isaiah …. Please I am in love with apollo, stephon , Isaiah and Rico

  13. DC Fan


    This week was one of the longest weeks of my life!

    Despite being tortured by the Staxx vs. Knockout teaser, I have to admit, it was well worth the wait. Kudos to everyone involved with this project because it was a GREAT and I mean GREAT scene!!!

  14. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    Well after two successful nuts off that one particular scene (first scene I’ve done that to since Isaiah and Freaky J’s first scene together) I give this scene a 10/10. Knockout finally got taken down and the way he moaned and tried to run was everything for me even tho he showed hints of him loving it.

    Now it’s time for staxx to get fucked and I know you have it there somewhere hiding.

  15. ShyG

    I knew Staxx was gone win the bet he’s a great ball player. I was hopeful that Knockout could win but he came a lil close to getting sum ass. This was definitely worth the wait Knockout moans & trying to run was a turn on but he show’d at some moments he was lovin the dick lol.

    This scene was hot I hope to see them again this time flip flop Knockout needs his turn at getting Staxx ass. Michael thank you man I don’t know how you do it but I am a happy customer.???✌?️❤️

  16. Nate

    This was definitely a hot scene and Staxx definitely took control of that ass, and knockout loved it. It definitely shows that knockout has suck dick and taken dick off camera. Again I say this was hotttttt. Good job Mike.

  17. DC Fan


    This scene exceeded ALL of my expectations and I loved it!

    I’ve been a big fan of Staxx and Knockout for a minute now but I really thought Staxx was going down because I felt he would have been better prepared to do so after watching his solo penetration scene on your site earlier this year.

    Over the past couple of years, you have set the bar so high, I know it must be increasingly difficult to top some of your previous projects, but you always seem to find a way to do it!!!

    ???? Two thumbs up!

  18. biglarry

    Good cum back! Now waiting to see Knockout have his day to shine on dat azz of Staxx’s! Summer is not over….keep it cumming!!!

  19. Tori Fan

    The last video is HAWT! I watched it from beginning to end (something I don’t do) because there was an attraction….a familiarity…then I realized…IT WAS ME.

    I could relate to the dude getting fucked. The last time I REALLY had sex that was me moaning and groaning and running away from it. But I never left the room. I was getting an erotic massage and the masseur knows me. He know which button to push…and he pushed slowly that by the END…I was the dude bouncing on dat dick and it surprised him. I pushed HIM down on the couch and went IN once my hole was opened. It was a mixture of pleasure and pain…but it kept me rock hard. When I busted….I was outta breath and he was turned on but my paid time was over.

    Thanks for the pretty toe shots. Each time you get in close “I think” you are are thinking about me.

  20. DanE

    Mike, been a member for some 3 or 4 months, not much of a fan of Staxx, knew nothing of Knockout, however you did some of your best work, loved it. Now looking forward to my boy Ross’ next level. Also became a big fan of Rico, would love to see him back. And last but not least, how long is Apollo going to hold out on giving up the ASS.sssss.. Thumbs up Mike.

  21. a.davis

    It was a Good scene although I was a bit surprised that Knockout seemed to be more into it than what I thought he would be. One person who I would love to see him paired with is Blake Bishop because not only can he Fuck but he just seems to really get into a scene.

    1. ShyG

      I agree Blake Bishop knows how to fuck & you can tell when he’s lovin the ass he’s in cause of that look he gives off like he’s in heaven or on ecstasy or something lol.

  22. mj

    Hey Mike great job……The star here was Knockout….I loved the way he submitted to staxx. I would love to see him with Isaiah or black Bishop. I know you typically dont keep pornstars on your roster but these two need to stay. The hottest part was when knockout started riding Staxx dick lol . I was waiting on staxx to get that ass fucked. Yo Ross and Blake Bishop have got to do another scene together. I know that would be epic.

  23. Jamitis28

    Well, I was wrong. I just knew Staxx was gonna lose intentionally so he would have to bottom. But great scene none the less. Knockout was so submissive and took it like a champ. Great job from both of them.

  24. Do


    Loved the scene. I gotta admit I was annoyed by the wait time and this feature actual porn stars, big fan of the amateur videos. But it was refreshing to see a couple of professionals having sex and actually enjoying it (who knew). It was a hot scene with hot guys. Thanks, Mike.

  25. Jonas

    Michael you out did yourself this is the video of the year I love the way Knockout suck Staxx big dick and the way he took it up the ass. Both Staxx and Knockout are super Masculine, Gorgeous and have great Chemistry together they are the best looking Brother on your blog BBA. Michael make it possible that Knockout can fuck Staxx in the ass big time.

  26. Jamal

    Mike you should try to get porn star Erick Lewis aka Erick the Russian ….if you can get him to do any type of scene it would be great!,,,,

  27. Lob Taylor

    Not sure how you did it but I’ve always loved Knockout and watching him get fucked….wow.
    At a point despite the pain you could see his dick was brick. I hope to see more of him please. Perhaps with Migo
    Seems he’s not afraid of the big dicks. Lol
    PS: I actually had to renew my subscription just to see this. Not a fan of Staxx but he did a good job.

  28. Ike

    This video was great! Was it worth the wait? Probably not. I’d love to see Knockout and Staxx paired with Dragon. Can u make it happen, Mike?

  29. Tewolde

    Michael this viedo amazing love the way Staxx fuck Knockout asshole he fuck him down deep. Knockout and Staxx sure no how to suck good dick they have the most beautiful Afro-Centre lips. Now it time for Staxx to get fuck big time by Knockout. I watch this viedo six time in one day and cum six time.

  30. Jamal

    Mike I have a question…… Not sure if you will answer it or not but …. Was the basketball scene staged? Like was knockout scheduled to lose the game on purpose so he would have to bottom or did he just happen to lose …. Because I was wondering what would have happened if staxx would have lost

    1. mb

      Funny, I wondered the same because with Staxx being the obvious aggressor of the two personality wise, would he have been a power bottom or a submissive bottom?
      I would like to see Staxx paired with Isaiah in a game of HORSE since they both have the basketball background. Plus, Isaiah seems to do his best work when paired with attractive black men. If Staxx loses, we get to see him get fucked. If Isaiah loses, we get to see him get fucked by someone who would show no mercy, unlike his previous pairings. Win Win!!!!

    2. Michael

      Good question and I’m surprised that more people haven’t asked it.

      Believe it or not, the basketball competition between Knockout and Staxx was 100% real and unscripted. Staxx was confident enough in his skills that he actually INSISTED on keeping things real. He wanted to win that ass fair and square or not do it at all.

      Other than a couple sequences of bad shots from both of them that I edited out, what you see in the scene is exactly how everything played out in real time. I was actually surprised that Knockout made it as close as he did!

  31. WAyNO

    STAXX has just announced his retirement according to another website after Labor Day. So this may be his last scene

  32. kirubel

    Staxx and Knockout Incredibly, Handsome, Chocolate Masculinity they make good lovers. I rate this video a 10 plus excellent. We need to see more of Staxx and Knockout on the BBA Blog.

  33. Bahia

    All I can say Wow! Wow! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perfection! Perfection! Perfection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous Masculine! Gorgeous Masculine! Gorgeous Masculine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Staxx and Knockout 10 plus viedo Michael you out did yourself flawless work.

  34. Ali

    Michael these two hot chocolate afro-centre brother Staxx and Knockout viedo is off the hook 10 plus I just love the way Staxx ate the fuck out of Knockout pretty ass. Knockout suck the best dick of any model on this blog. And I love the way they kiss each with those beautiful lips. Knockout show no how to take dick up his beautiful chocolate ass.


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