Website Update: Straight Boys Fuck Better

Cordell and Ross
When we last saw our newest straight recruit Ross, Blake Bishop was showing him just how good a talented mouth on his big dick can feel – even when it belongs to a guy!

But since Blake Bishop is strictly a “top,” there were obviously limitations to just how far that first session could go. So I decided to bring in our handsome new gay model Cordell to pick up where Blake Bishop left off and take Ross to the exciting NEXT LEVEL of actually FUCKING a guy….

See for yourself what happens when this gay Sagittarius and straight Capricorn – two of the freakiest Zodiac signs, or so they tell me – meet up for an unforgettable night of hot “firsts” and surprises.

“I’ll try almost ANYTHING at least once!” Ross confidently shrugs at the start of this scene – careful to clarify that “almost” 😉 .

We’ve already seen Blake Bishop show us that “straight boys taste better.” Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the hot show as Cordell learns firsthand that sometimes straight boys FUCK better too!

Ross Fucks Cordell
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Ross Fucks Cordell 2

39 comments on “Website Update: Straight Boys Fuck Better
  1. uksexyblack

    Ross is something special and Cordell always has great Chemistry with his co-stars! BBA is officially my favourite site!

  2. Stoned Mountain

    I got to admit it. I was pleasantly surprised at Ross’s fine performance with Cordell. Did sexy Cordell make it work? He REALLY hit that ass. Of course I wish Cordell could have returned the favor and sampled Ross’s pretty hole!

  3. D-Money

    once again Mike when you get these two sexy dudes in the camera that always makes my day!! I got to say really liking Ross on the camera right now…….getting more comfortable and definitely showing more of his freaky side — having Cordell was perfect because he always down for the hot shit and urging Ross on definitely made this a great scene great oral love how Cordell sucks dick and once again Ross definitely can fuck great chemistry and once again always nice to get those 2 back on my eyes anytime of the summer!!!!!!

  4. A Wells

    Mike, you did it again. This was awesome. Ross is very sexy and very cute. He has one of the most gorgeous assholes in the business. I would have liked to see his ass get eaten while he’s on his back with his knees to his shoulders but Cordell did a fine job with Ross on his knees. I hope to see a lot more of Ross in the coming weeks. I can’t seem to get enough of this guy. Whatever you do Mike, please ask the models not to spit on Ross’s fine ass….LOL! I give you an 8 outta 10 here.

  5. DC

    For somebody who Straight This guy dick was rock hard Better than any other model you have on Videos But good job Mike I would love to see him get fuck up

  6. Tori

    I like the vid, but I was hoping for more Ross and bishop because they seem to be into each other. Hope I get to see it, because I think bishop can get Ross to maybe bttm. Lol

  7. Deveal

    It was amazing. Ross has a great personality & is just wonderful to watch. Cordell is epic & has great chemistry with his Costars. I really enjoyed this…More Ross please. I would love to see Ross & Apollo hmmmm

  8. Tori Fan

    I wasn’t completely sure when I saw who was going to be in the last scene. Originally I didn’t have an affinity for Ross. He kinda reminded me of Beno and you know how long it took me to get used to him. I think one of the things that’s a turn off for me is a nail biter. BUT he was kinda reconciled when he took off his socks. Feet was decent so I watched. It was HAWT! I would say encourage Ross to give in and tongue kiss. That would have made me yank on my dick.

    Cordell is naturally HAWT! I’m loving the Carribbean feel he brings….and the sexy tight body…made me ALMOST want to get up and exercise.

    But I got a problem. Cordell got to decide who got a sexy ass body and who gave him the hottest sex. He said it was Ross…but a few clips ago it was APOLLO. Jus saying

    Good work. I needed that as I go back to work tomorrow.

  9. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    Okay i’ll say this. It’s time for Ross to finally get fucked, are you sure he has a girlfriend ? Because he loved getting his ass ate and also fingered plus i was shocked to see how his dick stayed rock hard for the entire time (when his ass got ate and when he was fucking). Ross marked his territory on Cordell’s ass now lol. I give this scene a 9/10 I wish you didn’t put Apollo and Cordell together for a second time instead you should’ve made it into a 3 some with Apollo Ross and Cordell

  10. ShyG

    This scene was fucking awesome I’m happy that Ross showed a lil bit of his freaky side & I love the fact he’s a pleaser.Cordell always shines like a star & makes his co-stars comfortable & dude ate Ross ass good & the fingering was hella hot I almost thought he was gone fuck Ross.

    There chemistry was great I love the all the kissing, licking, touching & Ross fucking Cordell was amazing his dick was hard & I can tell that he was lovin the ass just as much as Cordell was lovin the dick lol.

    I definitely would like to see them again I know Ross gone get freakier & kinkier Cordell gone be down for it but until then I can’t wait to see what you got next week or weekend.Thank you Michael

  11. ShyG

    Blake Bishop & Ross need to also have a sequel happen & hell make it a bet like you did with Staxx & Knockout who ever loses has to give up the ass.

  12. DanE

    Awsome, just awsome Mike, the chemistry between these two was almost as good as with Bishop and Ross paired. Being that Ross love playing with the dick so much, encourage him to show us his sucking skills. I loved how he was pretending not to be enjoying the finger up the ass, certainly enjoyed Bishop fingering him. He has become my new fan favorite. The dick grinding was extremely hot. Let us see him taking all the way Mike, more kissing Ross. Certainly a 10 in my book. PS I’ve said the samething Cordell was thinking, Ross reminds me too of Apollo.

  13. MisterTy

    Mike another really good video. Perfect pairing with Ross and Cordell their chemistry was amazing. I think Ross was feeling Cordell wish they would’ve kissed on the lips I thought it was going to happen a couple of times the way Ross was looking. The sex was on point love the way Cordell moans and I love the facial expressions that Ross makes while Cordell was finger fucking him and sucking his dick. 10/10 Thanks again for another GREAT video

    1. Michael

      Cordell might not be the most macho guy on the site, but he’s hardly what I’d consider “fem.” He’s just a normal, confident, even semi-masculine openly gay man. Maybe a better way to put it is that he’s not as masculine as you’d prefer, which I totally get.

      HollyWood, Mookiie, TJ, Royal….those are a few of the BBA models I think of as “fem.”

  14. Chris

    Finally I’ve been waiting on this. Not my favorite pair but I’m happy Ross fucked somebody. I am not here to see him bottom at all. Him getting fingered was enough. Maybe next time Ross can do a little kissing

  15. Slim

    Ross and that megawatt smile … is enough to get anybody in the mood. Although his scene with Blake was cute, the chemistry was not where it should have been. Ross more than rebounded with this scene. His dick went up like a tent within minutes of meeting Cordell’s mouth and it didn’t really go down until he blew his load, fresh out of Cordell’s ass! He was very into fucking Cordell … in fact, he made it clear that pleasing Cordell until HE came was his whole objective in fucking him in the first place. Ross is such a sexy boy … aggressive, verbal, goofy but even his goofiness is attractive.

    He’s number three on my list now, behind Blake Bishop and Apollo. He’s not close to unseating Blake Bishop … but if he were more passionate, he’d probably place himself in a dead heat with Apollo. Number three, though, given all the great amateur performers to grace this site, is not bad at all!

  16. Neeko

    Michael, i loved this. I especially like how personable the interviews make the models seem! The fantasy is created and I’m lusting over Ross in more ways than one… his personality, his humor, warmth, and sex appeal is amazing. Lol he does come across a bit cocky but hell, I’m diggin it. On another note Mike, it doesn’t seem like you will have too much trouble convincing him to bottom; i see this in the near future. I would say pair him with Isaiah but they may both be still too fresh to the game… that would be the most awkward and straight to the point scene ever lmao. We’ll see what happens though. Lastly, tell my boo Mello hey! hahaha

  17. Eagerbeaver

    Haaaaaaaaahaaaaa i know Apollo is ?….. Done let Ross swoop right on in and take Cordell away from aye Apollo?…#YouMadOrNah

    1. Eagerbeaver


  18. Dash H.

    Cordell is funny looking to me he needs to cut that hair but the other dude us nice looking I can’t get into any scene with Cordell in it because of that hair

  19. justin

    great vid Mike!!! definitely a hott pairing!!! let’s follow…Blake Bishop & Cordell…HOTT…Blake Bishop & Ross…ELECTRIC…Cordell & Ross…HOTT & ELECTRIC… i’m thinking the next threesome just gotta be Blake Bishop & Cordell & Ross!!! just know that will be FIRE!!!

    each 1 mentioned they wouldn’t mind getting together again for their fans, so why not put the 3 together and see what happens….gotta know its gonna be sexxy af….

    just a thought…lol

    1. Damien

      I want to see Ross with masculine dudes. …like Apollo or Saint. Not Cordell….even though he seems like a nice guy. Too fem.

  20. Platinum 313

    I think Ross could be a good fully versatile model. Him and Isiah would be good. Him and Apollo or Blake would be good too

  21. DanE

    Ross’s expressions are priceless, he, unlike other straight guys on BBA that pretend not to enjoy getting their ass eaten, or playing with the dick. Move over Apollo as my favorite model……more Ross.

  22. yardie

    Wow Ross all I got to say is more more more. He is fine as hell and brought the action to high level nut for me. He got my attention from the smile to the bubble butt and that pretty hole. I hope to see a lot more of Ross he really got me to join the site. Would love to see him and big dick Blake Bishop in a good real fuck down. I really hope that combination can happen not like the first shoot with only a blow job. More Ross More Ross

  23. Damien

    MORE ROSS!!! Love that dude. He has to try sucking dick, eating ass, and kissing would be cool too.

    Would also like to see a lot more of Apollo, Caesar, Noah, and Saint. Would love to see a threesome with some of these guys. Different combinations. Caesar needs to come back and go to the next level.

  24. Mj

    Yo Cordell is so phine….I just saw him. ……I won’t say where for his privacy. It’s my second time seeing him. I get starstruck lol. I saw him looking at me through dem shades I’m not bad myself lol whew! !!! Best of luck to him!

  25. DanE

    Is it just me or can others see it? Ross seem to have had something other than Bishops finger in that ass. Now I heard him say his wife play around with that hole. He surely was enjoying Bishop finger fucking him….. Thats my boy though I love me some Ross, love to see him with more than a finger in that fine ass.


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