Website Update: Foot Fetish Bonus & Other Outtakes from “Apollo: The Next Level”

Apollo and Saint - Foot Fetish Bonus
I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

Thanks for the almost unanimously enthusiastic reviews to the last couple scenes. I’ve been so busy working on the new website that I haven’t had time to respond and interact here on the blog as much as I’d like, but I’ve been reading each and every comment and will try to reply to more of them when I get some free time. I’m thrilled to know that most of you have been enjoying the scenes to close out this sizzling-hot summer.

As most of you have probably already seen by now, the website was updated this past Friday with some NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN outtakes from Apollo’s unforgettable encounter with Saint earlier this year.

Those of you who’ve been requesting more freaky foot fetish action won’t want to miss the sloppy-wet FEET-LICKING and TOE-SUCKING here.

There are also several other hot clips that provide an entertaining look at some of the conversations, humor, and action that didn’t make it into the edited version.

I’ll be back with a more action-oriented update next weekend. In the meantime….

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25 comments on “Website Update: Foot Fetish Bonus & Other Outtakes from “Apollo: The Next Level”
  1. DC

    Mike how is this a bonus this was a waste of time foot fetish I don’t give a damn about foot fetish I pay for this site to see fuck and sucking this some shit u had on the shelf You should have put in the garbage this is ridiculous

  2. Tori Fan

    Apollo has beautiful feet. Oh gawd I would suck them for days. Please tell him that I’m placing him in the category with Tori and Dragon…..lustingly.

    Will he do more scenes? Saint didn’t do him justice.

  3. DC Fan


    Thanks for finally sharing the foot fetish outtake scene with us. I thoroughly enjoyed this outtake but feel if it was left in the original scene, this might have been the scene of the year!
    This outtake also confirms my belief that it is almost impossible for Apollo to be involved in any scene that’s less than exciting! I realize this is not everyone ‘s cup of tea, but I loved it!

  4. JoWilfried

    … Apollo performed oral excellent as if it’s not the first time? the last clip that Saint licked the asshole which Apollo love it? is an indication that a “bottoming” in the future is revealing?

  5. D-Money

    Its always good to see good chemistry off cam Mike seein these behind the scenes is good to show that yes they perform on cam but its good to see off camera or behind the scenes these two really get along and do their best to please the public and thats always good to see but once again Saint and Apollo they never try not to impress the fans and thats always a good energy to have in any scene!

  6. Damien

    Love this site! But Foot Fetish= Gross.

    When ever I see foot fetish stuff I have to close my eyes and fast forward. I like a guy with nice feet but I definitely don’t want to do anything with them.

  7. Bttm4ever

    I’m a new member just to let you know and I’m in love with Apollo I hope to see more work from him. Please try to keep him on top( no bottoming).

  8. Jman

    With the right feet and the right mouth, foot fetish is hella hott!!! This scene lacked the right mouth. But honestly seeing any mouth on Apollo’s feet is a score.

    Also, it should have NEVER been made a scene of its own. To me this is just another waste of an update for people who highly anticipate your weekly updates…and for this update to have such a narrow fan base was totally unfair. This should have been included in the full scene.

    I just wonder how long your subscribers will put up with these weak updates and the same lame response you’ll invariably give to justify them. I guess if everyone is mad but still paying, no use in fixing it, right??

    1. Michael

      My reasons for posting these types of updates have already been explained to you on this blog countless times, including quite recently. Check the archives if your memory’s really that bad.

      Thankfully most of BBA’s loyal subscribers aren’t as impatient and shortsighted as you, and they don’t get “mad” over the occasional bonus footage update like this one because they understand and appreciate that the lengthy and more action-packed updates (for example, THREE of last month’s four updates) require time, money, and hard work to prepare.

      If enough people want it, I’ll be happy to scale back to two or three updates a month like before, but I’m pretty sure you’d complain just as much about that and I don’t get the sense that’s what most people want. The reason for switching to this weekly update schedule in the first place was because people said they’d prefer shorter “appetizer” updates like this one over longer waits with nothing in between the “main courses.”

      One of the nice things about the newly redesigned site is that there will be a greater variety of membership options, including the ability to purchase individual scenes rather than paying for a monthly subscription – an alternative for those who feel that the quantity and quality offered to BBA’s monthly subscribers every month isn’t worth the very modest price of admission.

      1. Jman

        Ummmm, did you actually READ my comment? Probably not. Seems likrle you’re just on autopilot to be a jerk whenever you read my comments. The very FIRST comment was slamming you for this update, yet you choose to be an ass to me. I can dig it tho.

        Now, had you read my comment with even a 4th grade comprehension level, you’d see that I’m more than okay with this update. However, my point is that foot fetish has such a narrow fan base, I feel that this bonus update is unfair to your subcribers.

        It is a truism that I do not like ordinarily like your bonus scenes, but for me this particular one is acceptable to ME and a few others who appreciate the appreciation of sexy feet…which Apollo has.

        I’ll await your apology to me.

  9. JoWilfried

    I agree that APOLLO should remain as a “TOP.” But if APOLLO wants the fans happy like me… APOLLO WILL BE DOING “BOTTOMING” SOON. I will purchase a One-year Subscription right away! How about that Michael?
    Peace to all.

  10. Cobra

    It’s amazing how many times you have to repeat your self Mike and your mission statement of BBA. Airfares, hotel rooms on top of the model fees I can see why it’s totally necessary to get the occasional appetizer’s and solo’s. The volume and quality of work is more than acceptable and appreciated I’m sure by the rank and file of BBA subscribers. Your new feature of allowing some fans to pick and choose will hopefully tone down some of this blog abuse lol. I’m not a big fan of the solo’s but I will support every video just to support your efforts. I’m also now a Noah fan as well lol.

    1. Jamal

      I feel like Saint always gets fucked, i like to see him sometimes take control and be a top. I feel i have to say this every post lol but Lets see Isaiah Bottom some more.

  11. Jo Wilfried

    SAINT do everything… oral, foreplay, anal, “cum” eating and what else? I don’t see SAINT the best partner of APOLLO in every scene… APOLLO is best paired with CAESAR, BLAKE BISHOP or CORY.


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