Website Update: The Return of Rico

The Return of Rico
Not a week goes by that I don’t hear from viewers asking if Rico will ever return. And until a few days ago, the answer has always been an almost definite “no.” Not long after he participated in the BBA Christmas Party back in 2012, Rico got married and moved to a different city, and even though we’ve stayed in touch off and on for the past three years, the chances of him ever coming back seemed extremely unlikely.

Unlike a lot of the models who do a few scenes and then never return for whatever reason, Rico has maintained a surprisingly strong and vocal fan following over the years, especially with viewers who prefer their black men with a little more meat on their bones.

So when Rico recently contacted me completely out of the blue, telling me that he was in some financial trouble and asking if I had any work, I knew I had to seize this potentially brief window of opportunity to work with him again!

Rico and Saint
For Rico’s long-awaited “comeback” scene, I decided to reunite him with Saint for the very first time since they met at the BBA Christmas Party almost THREE YEARS AGO. Since their interactions were somewhat limited that night, I couldn’t wait to see these two pick up where they left off and finish what they started back then.

There’s close to a FULL HOUR of shocking, stroke-worthy action that includes tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, and ass-eating, plus Rico bravely trying to TAKE DICK again for only the second time in his life – and this time without a condom!

As Saint sums it up at the end of this scene, BBA models who go on hiatus have to pay a “re-initiation fee” if they want to come back. And much like he did with Noah just a few weeks ago, Saint brings out the very best in our returning straight stud and shows us Rico like we’ve NEVER seen him before, sprawled on his back with his beefy legs in the air, grunting and cursing and clutching the sheets for dear life as Saint’s thick, RAW dick plunges in and out of his tight, near-virgin ass….

Saint Fucks Rico
If you’re looking for passionate and mutual “love-making” between eager gay models, then this ISN’T the scene for you!

But if you’re like me and find yourself turned on by the idea of watching two masculine and sexy straight guys – both with wives and kids waiting for them at home – explore their sexuality and expand their boundaries with each other for money, then this is a scene that you don’t want to miss!

Judging by his heavy breathing and facial expressions throughout much of this scene, I think it’s fair to say that Rico has missed BBA as much as BBA has missed him!

To watch the full-length, uncensored action, click here to join BBA today!

If you’re already a BBA member, click here to enjoy Rico’s shocking return any time you’d like!

46 comments on “Website Update: The Return of Rico
  1. D-Money

    very great to see rico returned — still sexy thick and i enjoy the no mercy effect saint had on rico’s ass……..saint always makes his scenes hott as hell and havin that sexy ass rico back in the camera was definitely a surprise……great scene…….

  2. Stoned Mountain

    BRAVO! Congrats on the Saint Rico Show! Nice breakthrough. And confirms Bro Saint can do anything. Apollo ass next.

  3. DC

    Mike come on Mike you brought this guy on Because He used to be with you 2-3 years ago this is not the same rico this guy is out of shape and he’s fat I mean come on you’ve been putting up some bad stuff for the past two weeks I mean I do not care if his dick is rock hard He’s out of shape he has a belly He looks A mess Probably was locked up anyways And you know me I keep it 100 All the People you got on here making comments Always give you a 10 Because They see somebody sucking dicks Or eat ass I’m not that type of person on here anyway I Keep it 100

    1. A.J.

      Rico was never in the type of shape you are trying to make it sound like. He always had a little weight on him. I swear if the performer isn’t of the stereotypical variety some of yall lose yall minds. Then to make matters worse he has to be coming back from a prison sentence in theory. When in reality if you read you’d know he got married and moved. No wonder Mike be goin all boomshakalaka on here. Some of yall just rude about your preferences.

      Anyway im glad he is back even if temporarily and im considering signing up again because of him.

    2. Eagerbeaver

      Your comment is way off bro apparently you haven’t taken any looks at Rico from the past because he was always thick and not in the same shape as the rest of the guys..i think he is the thickest of them all… But the scene was great he went further than i thought he was gonna go….

  4. robert

    Sexy Rico is back! So glad I didn’t stop asking about him. Paired with Saint is a great choice. I expected this pairing right after the Xmas scene but he took off. Haven’t seen it yet but I hope to get a throwback vibe since they left so much unfinished and they are both outstanding veteran performers @ BBA.

    Mike, a personal thank you for doing whatever you did to get Rico back. I hope he knows how much his fans missed him and don’t you dare let this be a one time visit!! Now my only complaint is I can’t renew until this coming weekend. It will be well worth the wait. Luv you Rico! Hope Saint fucked you like crazy.

    1. robert

      Mike, this was everything I wanted from Rico. He was much more comfortable and accepting than ever before. My dick was so hard it was hurting! Loved the gagging on Saints dick and thank you to all the posters including the Rico haters for not spoiling the cum shot. I expected one of Mike’s classic facials but blew my load after seeing what Saint did to Rico after nuttin. Hope he is sticking around to sample the new crop of Str8s. I agree on an Isaiah pairing (flip) but anything Rico gets my renewal. My favorite of the summer.

  5. chucke1

    Hated it! Shocked that this guy has a strong and vocal fan following ! But then, there is no accounting for some people’s taste! History making, one of the top 10 worst scenes in porn history!!!!!

  6. mark

    Hi Mike

    I had not subscribed to this site yet for 2015 as I was not too impressed of the updates since you took Isaiah down. This was the best update hands down for this year and I have resubscribed. This is what BBA used to be about having them masculine str8 guys taken down for the cash. It was even hotter that it was raw! the only thing that you missed was no doggy style shots with Rico bent over getting pounded from behind. Please please please more Rico like this!

  7. Pascal

    Thank you Michael for listening to the fans!

    Thank you Rico for coming back and being so sexy!

    Thank you Saint for going ‘all in’ on Rico!

  8. DanE

    For starters let me congratulate Rico on his marriage, best of luck. Secondly, Mike dont take it to heart what the haters post. I myself dont like all your models or videos you post. I dont get upset and attack you because I know someone on here may enjoy what I may not, its called taste. Now I for one have been a fan of Rico from the first time I seen him, not just because of his thickness, but his smile and personality. Thanks for bringing him back and hope I wont have to wait 3 years to see him again. Saint was his usually perfection as a top. I’ve always thought a virgin ass needed a small dick for their first time, but I’ve changed my mind. You and Beno didn’t have enough dick to break that ass in properly, Saint busted that ass open the right way, only he should have taken his time with him more. Rico seemed to be enjoying it more when Saint was slow stroking him on his back, dick all hard and J/O, anyway I could go on, but Mike that was the Hottest I have seen in a while. The kissing and foreplay was sexy as hell too. Thanks again Mike for making it happen Mike.

  9. LKC

    I cried tears of joy when I saw Rico back. The whole marriage thing was just weird especially given he was about to do a scene.

    I’m so glad that he is back. Keep him around.

  10. Tre AnDrews

    Nice update. Dudes’ bodies more resemble Rico and Saint in real life than guys with nutritionally supplemented bodies like Apollo. If we were all waiting on a guy like Apollo to knock on our doors, then many of us would be virgins. And plus, Saint was the king of this website for awhile. He’s the cute, everyday guy next door, that comes over, smokes one with you, and maybe, he’ll let you give him some head….now that, my friends, would be hot. My three favorite models on this site that could get the business: Lil Ross (cute face, tight little ass body with goofy charm), Lil Tyga (them damned eyes…sexy as f*ck to me- just a real n*gga), and Staxx (bigger frame cutie with all kinds of sex appeal)…honorable mention- young spazz from DL chill spot (see Ross description, just a little rougher around the edges). Favorite scene hands down- Don’t knock it til you try it part 2.

  11. H-Town

    SO VERY GLAD Rico was in this update!!! I’ve been waiting on him. I see he has lots of fans (based on the comments), but we should expect he’d have some haters as well. Many can’t grasp that thickness can also be sexy. This scene was hot and the kissing was passionate. Honestly Mike, I was about to cancel my membership after the foot fetish update. Not that I don’t like feet, but that performance was not a good update. THIS, however, made me take my clicker off the “cancel” button lol. I like Saint, but I think he is overused. Nevertheless, SO VERY GLAD Rico was in this update.

    Will we ever see Beno again??

    1. A.J.

      I miss Beno too but he’s now a workin man with two jobs Mike said. I asked about him a while ago and he still hasn’t emerged. It will probably be a long while.

  12. DanE

    Loved it all Mike, Rico, after the pain come the pleasure…..He did seem to be enjoying it with the dick hard jacking while on his back, with Saint slow stroking him. I notice one poster stated that the viewers were only concerned about Rico’s dick, I for one am turn on to Rico’s sexyness, his thickness, the personality and that, oh that smile. Now I must admit to having a foot fetish, and Mike you did a great job showing off Rico’s pretty feet, what I could do with those toes. Thumbs up Mike.

  13. AlexB86

    Hey Michael, Let me just Start by sayin I’m a die heart BBA fan!

    And I’m 1 of the fans, who been asking for Rico to return. And you didn’t disappoint, that shoot was super hot. I wish you’ll bring back more of the OG’s, like Eureka, Shyne, Javion & AB.

    P.S. When will we see more Caesar, Isaiah, Freaky J?

  14. Chris

    It shouldve been a flip flop at least. I like seeing saint top but since rico only topped once & it didn’t even go right I think he deserves another shot. No more rico as a bottom

  15. Dexter

    i was very pleased to see rico!! i enjoy his “thickness” every man in america isn’t built like a brickhouse!! i enjoyed the rematch! #thanks

    1. A.J.

      I’m not tired of seeing him top because he does a good job. However him bottiming again is way pass due. Last time was almost two years ago.

  16. JoWilfried

    We should appreciate all models who performed in every videos it’s because they entertained fans with all their efforts. It’s hard to act on camera. This video is a good one. Rico and Saint did their best.

  17. A.J.

    Easily my favorite scene of the year. I wish Saint fucked like this all the time. He is just a very well rounded performer. If he worked on his bottoming he would be five star. I can’t believe Rico took it like he did. When Beno topped him he was resisting left and right. I think Saint was able to make a better connection with Rico. That blow job and rimming had Rico goin cray it was insanely sexy. I like the new re initiation rule too. Hopefully Beno can get re initiated one day. Seeing Saint pound him like Rico would be my dream scene. I’m excited to see what’s next. Hopefully it’s not Cordell again.

  18. DanE

    Saint really fucked that ass, poor Rico finally got that ass busted open. He seen to be more relaxed, more into Saint than with Beno. The chemistry between these two was priceless. More Rico Mike.

  19. wander

    Thanks for bringing Rico back. I was never his fan before and have never seen his videos, but after this latest appearance, i searched and watched his previous videos and got to love him. Again, thanks and wish Rico the best.

  20. Slim

    Well, welcome back, Rico! Masculinity has its place, and Rico, like Saint, is all man, even when he’s getting fucked. All these haters, though! Why? Rico is a thick dude — not fat, not nasty, but thick. He reminds me of the dudes who played football in high school. Nothing wrong with his build at all. I was impressed at his ability to take the dick, especially after such a long hiatus from bottoming. I was even more impressed that he took the dick and maintained his own erection for quite a bit of it; a lot of skilled bottoms can’t even do that. It’s clear that he’s a pro, that he likes sex, and that he is stimulated fairly easily. I hope this was not a one-hit return because I’d like to see him show his skills off with some other models, namely Blake Bishop and/or Apollo. The contrasts between Rico and these guys would be great, and both Blake and Apollo enjoy sex just as much as Rico. Pros deserve to be paired!

  21. DanE

    Mike, best sex scene I’ve seen on here in the 3-4 month membership. Rico’s a keeper for sure….love to see more of him, maybe paired with Ross.

  22. DJ

    Another good scene, Mike. I was excited to see Rico back. Being a guy that hates to bottom I got to admit his reaction had always been an overreaction, which I still find hilarious. Once its in there and you get comfortable it doesn’t hurt as much as reaction dictates lol. Good scene, Mike!

  23. robert

    I would love it if Rico was given some of these comments to read at the beginning of his next clip. For some reason I don’t think he fully understands the love most of us have for him. When Isaiah did this, I think it opened his eyes a little more. Just my personal suggestion.

  24. DanE

    I know Rico wish he would’ve not fought Beno and Mike so much taking their dick, might have been better broke in by time Saint got to him with that bigger, much thicker dick. I felt both his pain and pleasure, hot as hell.


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