Website Update: Mr. J and the Boy Next Door

Mr. J and the Boy Next Door
This week we’ve decided to try something a little bit different by experimenting with a hot little role-playing fantasy for those of you who enjoy watching cute black boys with much older men.

Mr. J is a hung, light-skinned 40-year-old who looks like Mr. Clean and sounds a little bit like Mike Tyson. He’s relaxing after a long day at work and watching football on TV when he’s interrupted by a knock at the door.

It’s the cute neighbor-boy with the sad puppy-dog eyes, explaining that he locked himself out of his house and asking if he can come inside to watch the big game.

Shocked by just how much the boy next door has grown up, Mr. J can’t help but steal quick, guilty glances at the cute black teenager sitting next to him on the couch – especially noticing that ripe bubble-butt popping up and out of his sagging jeans!

When his young surprise guest falls asleep next to him on the couch, Mr. J can’t resist the temptation to reach over and cop a quick feel of the sleeping boy’s ass….

Mr. J Gives In To Temptation
This is when Mr. J’s forbidden fantasies take over and suddenly the innocent, dark-skinned twink young enough to be his own son is his to do with whatever he pleases!

Anyone who shares my weakness for slim black boys with that “barely legal” look will no doubt envy Mr. J as he fulfills his (and our) taboo fantasy with the cute black boy next door – getting his big dick slobbed on while watching the game, tasting the teen’s sweet dick and ass, and even fucking that tight, young ass RAW….

Mr. J Gets Head from the Boy Next Door
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Mr. J Fucking the Boy Next Door

19 comments on “Website Update: Mr. J and the Boy Next Door
  1. Lob Taylor

    THANKS A MIL Michael!!! I was getting kinda tired with all the twinks truth be told. Glad someone black older goodlooking and not flabby doing the duties. Glad you mixing it up too. Am so gonna enjoy this!!

  2. chucke1

    I appreciate what you were trying to do, but for me it failed. BBA is an amateur reality porn site and that is why I enjoy it. The actors were not good and the story did not come across believable, therefore the scene was ruined for me.

  3. Stoned Mountain


    King is such a black beauty the fantasy is totally believable!

    He is so kissable, so fuckable, and those gorgeous big eyes. And damn how he takes dick! And handsome Mr J BRINGS IT.

    This is your best this year.

  4. King Fan

    What makes your idea click, aside from the attractive models, is we have all indulged the guilty pleasure of lusting after forbidden fruit. Including the boy next door and, heaven help me, even a handsome athletic nephew.

    Of course I would never act, but thanks to you I can indulge sorta. LOL

    King probably lacks popularity because he is not a “prettyboy,” just a lusty handsome dude with big sexy features, a nice build, and that satin black complexion.

  5. Jamitis28

    Yea good concept but that was boring as hell. No more Mr. J please. After what Beno and Lil Tyga did to King, this was dry and tired. Poor King… going from two 10s to a 3. Lol

  6. D-Money

    Mike first off gotta give u so much credit for trying this — having a nice handsome older guy but a mature and King (Ive missed him since his scene with Tyga) having that perfect innocent boy looks and charm about him was perfect to try this type of scene with and i like it i like it a whole lot!!! King definitely brought great chemistry and actually love King’s innocence in this scene — once again great scene one side note I know you been busy with your updates but are you definitely going to continue with uploading the smaller size scenes to make it easier to watch on android and iphone devices??? Thanks as always!!!

    1. Michael

      I stopped posting the smaller video size a few weeks ago because we’re in the final stages of transitioning to the new website and it seemed like a waste of time. But don’t worry, the new website will offer every scene in three viewing formats, and every scene will be able to be played on any mobile device. In fact, there will even be a separate mobile-optimized version of the site!

      We’re getting very close to launching the new site, so stay tuned for an announcement with more details soon!

      1. D-Money

        Thats great news big props to you and everyone behind the scenes doing their part to get this revamp site off the ground!! Cant wait!!!

  7. Tori

    Man this was right on the money…Daaamm king has gotten sexy as a muther with that deep voice and solid body and those eyes, he looks much better than in foster home..where did mr j come from? hope to see more of him and fantasy videos!

  8. DJ

    Hey Mike,

    This scene didn’t really do it for me but it was cool to see something different. I still enjoy watching straight guys push their limits. But you have a good formula here mixing it up with something new. Wish it developed more, story wise. I like Mr. J’s body and would like to see him again, with some more charisma or personality lol. Wish we could have seen his ass more. Well anyway, while this scene wasn’t for me I liked you stepping outside of your normal box. More J is OK with me… Now, when is the next scene with Ross, Caesar or Rico! lol

  9. Tori Fan

    Just watched Mr. J and King. I’d give it a 8 outta 10. Needed more tongue. I think King was trying to spice it up and kiss J but he wasn’t catching on. Thanks for the toe shots.

  10. DC Fan


    I found this update to be a refreshing change of pace. There is nothing better than an element of surprise and your fans have been treated to many surprises this year. I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us.

  11. Brian

    More more more fantasy type stuff please! Or ‘coming on to’ attempts. This was totally HOT. And, King? He is beautiful. His lovemaking is hypnotizing, from wrapping his tongue around a dick head to pressing his ass on to a shaft and up against his partner. He MUST return. And great timing on that climax. Congrats, job well done!

  12. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    I’ll say this. I enjoyed this scene even tho I found the storyline corny but i liked the scene i give this scene a 7/10

    Pair Mr.J with another model

  13. LP

    I just checked your latest update and jerked off…twice! Not only is the video amazing…but the old/younger pairing is perfect…the barebacking is fucking hot and I am sure you almost passed out when he pulled out just in time to shoot his load right after the “kid” came and you were at the perfect angle to capture it…TOO FUCKING HOT!


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