Website Update: Freaky J – The Next Level

Freaky J: The Next Level

In September 2009, Freaky J became an overnight sensation on YouTube with his erotic striptease and sexy dance videos. Like most straight black guys making the same type of videos, he initially limited his target audience to “strictly for the ladies.” But unlike most straight black guys making the same type of videos, he quickly (and smartly) realized and eventually embraced the fact that many if not most of his loyal followers were gay and bisexual men.

With his slim, toned physique and strikingly handsome face (he’s a mix of African-American and Puerto Rican) – not to mention the infamous “monster” swinging between his smooth, skinny legs – Freaky J has seduced and entertained countless females and gay men all over the world with his dance, jack-off, and straight sex videos, as well as private engagements all across the country as a male stripper and exotic dancer.

Freaky J has never appeared in anything but his own homemade videos – until now!

After patiently pursuing him for OVER FOUR YEARS, I was finally able to talk this sexy straight Blatino stripper into making his long-anticipated “gay for pay” debut here at Black Boy Addictionz. It’s Freaky J like you’ve NEVER seen him before, taking things to THE NEXT LEVEL in order to please his freakiest fans!

Freaky J and Dragon
The Official Freaky J Story
provided loyal fans and new viewers alike with an intimate and illuminating look at the real person behind the amateur videos as Freaky J shared his story with the world for the very first time. It also featured a hot private show that included such NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN surprises as our first up-close and intimate look at Freaky J’s tight, virgin ASSHOLE and some wickedly arousing fun with a dildo.

This second installment from Freaky J’s BBA visit brings you the YouTube celebrity and exotic dancer in his very first hardcore sex scene with another guy!

BBA veteran and experienced “porn star” Dragon seemed like the best choice to welcome Freaky J to the world of gay porn due to his beefy body (Freaky J prefers bigger women), his unparalleled deep-throating skills, and his proven ability to take dicks as intimidatingly big as the one between Freaky J’s legs.

Dragon's First Touch

“What [my fans have] been asking for a lot is for me to get down,” Freaky J tells Dragon shortly after meeting him for the very first time. “They want to see THE NEXT LEVEL!”

Watch with envy as Dragon nervously reaches underneath Freaky J’s shorts and gets to be the first guy lucky enough to wrap his lips around that impressive piece of meat between Freaky J’s legs….

Dragon Sucking Freaky J

There’s plenty of hot oral action for you to enjoy as Dragon does his damnedest to make sure this sexy Blatino stripper’s first blowjob from a guy is one he’ll never forget!

It’s amusing to witness Freaky J’s shocked and impressed facial expressions as Dragon somehow manages to swallow the ENTIRE THING down his throat!

“Some of you females may need to take some fuckin’ pointers!” Freaky J concludes with a laugh.

Dragon Sucking Freaky J
After enjoying Dragon’s deep-throating skills, Freaky J is finally ready to let the world watch as he fucks a guy in the ass for the VERY FIRST TIME.

He slides his massive dick up and down the warm crack of Dragon’s thick, juicy ass before eventually plunging it deep inside….

Freaky J: The Next Level
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If you’re already a BBA member, click here to see Freaky J finally going “gay for pay” for the very first time!

Freaky J Fucking Dragon

28 comments on “Website Update: Freaky J – The Next Level
  1. D-Money

    damn mike!!! you read my mind when I thought the perfect pairing for him to try to fuck was dragon!! dragon experienced a freak fucking sexy and just can get str8 nasty when need to (his stint with cocodorm showed a little side of it) great scene and i enjoyed the two interaction within the scene…….cant wait for pt 3 of this summer series another heater mike!!!

  2. Luckey F. Starr

    Normally I can’t stand a lot of talking in scenes but I must say that I really enjoyed Freaky J and Dragon together. They both have very great personality, the chemistry was hot and the scene was great. Freaky J had us wait a while and it was worth the wait. I would love to see more from both of them in the future.

  3. slimblk

    Freaky J put in a good scene! I really liked how comfortable he was with Dragon, from beginning to end. The sausage challenge was hilarious and sexy at the same time, and the way Freaky J complimented Dragon on being sexy, having head skills and a phat ass — perfect! Great interactions. Dragon, of course, proves yet again that he is truly a porn star, not just a porn model or a porn performer, but a true star, a legend in the making. Thanks for a great scene to all involved! Encore!!!

  4. lob Taylor

    OMG just saw Dragon, I love Dragon!!!! This looks epic am checking it out. Michael no offense I skipped your scene with Freaky J, those not my kind of scene. Can you show him with Tay maybe in a flipflop scene. Thanks in advance.

  5. Stoned Mountain

    CONGRATULATIONS – your intrepid chase after Freaky J was amply rewarded, and now we ALL are winners. What a spectacular, and all the best to the Dragon who made it work.

  6. Harlembrotha

    I love me some Dragon. He’s like your “drill” sargeant, who breaks in all the new BBA recruits. Always ready to take one for the team. And every straight boy who realizes that good fucking is good fucking–ass or pussy, man or woman–helps to break down the walls of intolerance and homophobia. Looks like Freaky J enjoyed himself.

    1. Harlembrotha

      I want to know who Dragon has enjoyed working with the most, since you’ve paired him with so many newcomers.

  7. kenny fan

    I’m going to say this….despite him talking off Dragon’s and ur ears I love freaky j now and I cannot wait to see him getting fucked…..hopefully it can be next weekend
    He talks more than saint and hopefully he nd saint can do a scene together lol

    I give this scene 9/10 because I love it and the reason WHY it’s a 9 is freaky j talks too much and plus he couldn’t stay hard

    1. Ellis

      Probably couldn’t stay hard because he really isn’t into guys! A little Viagra or Cialis will help! LOL

  8. lovemesomesaint

    I am a big freaky j fan, but he does talk too much and it was disappointing he couldn’t stay hard and had a weak cumshot. I would love to see him with saint. Saint makes any scene better because he is so passionate and versatile, and it doesn’t hurt he’s so cute and has a sexy body.

    1. Michael

      Not sure what gave you the impression that the site is updated twice a week, but that has never been the case. Sorry to disappoint you.

      With the exceptions of the week after Christmas and the 4th of July weekend, the website has been updated every weekend for close to a year. I try to post updates as early in the weekend as possible, but sometimes depending on my filming schedule or how long a scene takes to edit, process, and upload, it can be later.

  9. Dexter

    All The Hype Surrounding Him And This Scene Was A Big Let Down… Had My Expectations Up So High Because Of The Obvious.. He Couldn’t Stay Hard And Dragon Is So Boring!! It’s Like Watching Paint Dry!! Oh And He Won’t Shut The Hell Up!! 2 and a half Stars!! The best part was when he was playing with dragons dick and he got ROCK HARD!! Screams Bottom To Me!! 🙂

  10. kingd02

    I enjoyed this, but what happened to the clip of him getting fucked? Who fucked him? I would love to see him in a flip flop scene with day day

    1. eagerbeaver

      That clip of him getting fucked Is gonna be the next video and of course the one topping him is Michael, you KNOW he gotta be the first to break in the new tenderness.Lol

  11. Pascal

    You shouldn’t really let Dragon think he’s a “fat ass“: he is so much better than the skinny twigs that are the norm nowadays. You’re plump and fit in all the right places, Dragon!

    Too bad that once Freaky-J’s unit went inside his ass, all the rapport that you tried to build beforehand went out the window. Dragon deserves a scene partner who is not as much as a raging narcissist as Freaky-J.

    I still wonder what bull**** will come out of F-J’s mouth when Michael is inside him though. But that’s not so much excitement for porn as just plain sick curiosity, like in a sad VH1 reality show.

    I wish Michael would lay off the gimmick hires for a while.

    1. Michael

      That’s uncharacteristically harsh feedback coming from you. I have a feeling that if Freaky J was about 50 pounds heavier, you wouldn’t be nearly so critical of BBA’s latest special guest.

      I have to speak up in Freaky J’s defense and say that your assessment of him is way off. He is anything but a “raging narcissist,” at least no more than anyone else willing to show off their naked bodies and/or have sex on camera for the entertainment of others. Sure, he has a bit of a cocky streak, but overall he’s actually a very humble, laid-back, and likeable guy who is refreshingly accepting of his LGBT fans (who, by the way, don’t always reciprocate that love and acceptance based on some of the nasty, hateful comments I’ve read elsewhere on the web). I can think of a few other BBA models who deserve the label “raging narcissist” a lot more than him!

      I’m sorry to hear that you view my attempt to do something different and exciting as nothing more than a “gimmick.” Again, I think the fact that one of BBA’s special guests was a small-framed twink (Day Day), and the other is tall and slim (Freaky J) has understandably limited your appreciation of these efforts. But you’ve been following my work long enough to know that I love skinny black twinks and slim, athletic bodies, and both are going to continue to be featured regularly on the site.

      Even if they haven’t liked his scenes so far, anyone who’s been following Freaky J from the very beginning (which I’m assuming you haven’t) can at least appreciate what a big deal it was for him to take this next step. Dismiss it as a gimmick if you’d like, but I’m proud to have been the one to finally make it happen.

      1. Pascal

        Touché, Michael! I felt I had done a pretty good job of not mentioning Freaky-J’s physique in my take-down. 😉 You caught me there.

        I apologize for writing harshly about F-J’s porn persona and hurting your or his feelings. I think my words were too strong because I felt bad about poor Dragon feeling not up to snuff in the abs department. 🙁

        As I wrote before, I felt the beginning/oral part of the scene was going great, they were fun together and then penetration happened and the chemistry was stopped dead in its tracks. Maybe the pause between the two parts of the shoot was too long (I liked F-J’s putting on the condom, that was hot). Or the heat cooled down way too fast and there was nothing you could do to rekindle it.

        Maybe Dragon was partly to blame because he’s so much more expressive when he enjoys himself and there he was kind of “deadfishing” it. You could perhaps have encouraged him to fake it better?

        Maybe Freaky-J’s personality is so big that he kind of sets himself up to fail if he doesn’t deliver up to his motormouth standards in the sex department. Maybe the initial interview, however condensed it was, should have been edited down even further to dial down the braggadocio? You could still have released an extended cut as a bonus at a later stage.

        Maybe you are sometimes so happy with what you’re achieving in pushing Newbies that your directorial instincts take a backseat during the actual shoots.

        Anyhow it was frustrating for me that a scene starting so strong kind of petered out. But you have every right to disagree. And dress me down!

  12. Cobra

    I think it’s the fact that Freaky J had a few “grammatical glitches” that really pop out that piss some off and put Freaky in a unfavorable light. As a videographer I tape many people who “miss-speak” on camera and I quickly cut and have them restart. The epidemic quote had me floored. It would have been very easy to cut and have him use the word epic. I’m sure it wound not have cut into production time. In the end the scene was actually good but those speaking errors should have been corrected and re-shot. Obviously Freaky J is a very intelligent Black man that got excited in front of the camera speacking for the first time. By not correcting his errors you turned a good scene into a blooper reel.

  13. Man1234

    So who are you going to let blow out that ass for Freaky J. I know you will fuck him but are you going to let Lil Tiger or Beno really pop that cherry?

    1. Jamitis28

      I really hope it’s Beno. Beno could be the one to break in a few of the “straight” boys. His dick is not that huge and he’s sooo good in the fucking department. Seeing the lil short dude top tall azz Freaky J would be hot. Big man down lol

  14. kent

    Freaky J is your best yet. I been a fan for him for years. He always do a great job. You got too get him again!!!! Best ever.


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