“Not Even For A Billion Dollars!”

Isaiah's Ass Tease

That was Isaiah‘s response when I finally brought up the idea of him trying anal penetration, even if only with his own fingers!

Even though he has one of the most perfect asses in BBA history, and I know many of you have been salivating to see him get fucked, I’ve tried my best to be patient and not rush things with this reluctant straight athlete.

But when I got the following text from Isaiah a few weeks ago, I couldn’t resist the temptation to see just how far he’d be willing to go in order to earn the significant sum of money he needed:

I wanted to ask u if there was a way i could make a little more money. Because i need [$$$$]  for school. i have loans to pay and that would help me out.

Needless to say, my heart sank when I received the following reply to my casual suggestion that he could easily earn that much and MORE if he was open to giving anal penetration a try:

No i wont try that. Im not trying anal. Thats just something i will NEVER do. But if u cant give me the [$$$$] thats cool i just wont come. I cant waste time i rather take out a loan.

After several texts from me in response, including what I thought would be a generous proposition that he couldn’t turn down:

Im not trying any anal penetration. I told u thats something i will never do. I dont care if u was offering a billion dollars.

Isaiah's Ass Tease 2

So it looks like I still have my work cut out for me. Any billionaires out there reading this who want to help me put Isaiah’s stubborn claim to the test 😉 ?

On the plus side, it looks like those of you who have been asking me to take my time and give Isaiah more practice at fucking other guys will get their wish….starting with the surprising pairing below!

Isaiah and Lil Tyga
BBA’s hot summer season will continue with the release of this action-packed new scene in just a few days.

We’ll be taking a brief break from Freaky J’s BBA visit, but don’t worry, the shocking next chapter in the YouTube star’s official gay porn debut will be coming out soon!

13 comments on ““Not Even For A Billion Dollars!”
  1. kenny fan

    watch this…..I give Isaiah till the end of the year before he can come to his senses to get fucked….watch! when school opens back next month….He WILL need more $$$ and he will do anything for cash ! I was right about Stephon and AB and look…they got fucked too ! lol

  2. Cobra

    I get the feeling the next update is primarily to get money quick in pocket of Isaiah. Its good that you try to help out the guys when you can but this upcoming matchup is just a continuation of Isaiah’s scene with Dragon. Dragon looked as disinterested as Isaiah in their last paring . Sorry but not much entertainment value other than BBA’s attempt to break Isaiah in slowly. At least Saint got more interaction out of Isaiah. I think we’re all gonna grow old before Isaiah goes any further with guys.

  3. DJ

    Kind of over Isaiah. He’s boring lol. I used to mess with a dude who identifies as straight. He and I hooked up after drinking and smoking and as straight as he is, still enjoyed what was happening to him. Isaiah REFUSES to just lighten up and enjoy. I don’t know if Saint, Suspense, Beno, Freaky J, etc. enjoys it, but they certainly come across as if they are enjoying it (even if they aren’t), he comes off as if he’s being tortured – he’s still gettin head and still bustin a nut; it feels good lol. He’s just boring. Give him a take it or leave it offer. I have faith that you can find a replacement. Shit, I posted an ad here (in DC) just to see who would hit me up, 7 dudes willing to do whatever for the right stack.

    But, Mike! I am happy to see Tyga sitting there, but a little afraid of the scene… But I am looking forward to it!

  4. Dexter

    I’m kinda glad he won’t do it!! Seems like after they get fucked they turn into pawns for “The Man” It’s sad black men will sell their soul to the devil for a quick buck…

  5. Pascal

    Yeah to more Isaiah!

    I feel like there’s only half a post there if you really wanted to sell us on the scene: your texts back to Isaiah explaining to him that he has to be more in the moment with his scene partners and that he won’t come off as dispassionate.

    And then his assurances that he’s been practicing and he will definitely do a better job.

    Unless you’re setting us up for a big Shyamalan twist… Which I would probably hate on immediately. 😉

  6. Skentae

    Tell Isaiah to either give up the ass or replace him. I’m tired of seeing him. He just seems so uptight.

  7. Tim

    He asked, “what more can he do”, and when given the chance and opportunity, he turns it down?! He does know this is gay porn and in “gay for pay porn” you’re expected to do some things you normally wouldn’t do outside your comfort zone. Did he think that Mike was supposed to just give him the money for being good looking when he doesn’t really put forth the effort to get into the scenes he’s already done?! At this point, it does come down to an ultimatum. Either he complies and get the money he’s requesting or he just keep doing the same ole’ things and deliver the same mundane performances he’s been doing. This is “gay for pay porn” not salary negotiations for Apple One, Inc.

  8. eagerbeaver

    mike no u didnt! I am pissed.. you have given us freaky j for two weeks in a row and NOW u want to take a break to squeeze in this lifeless rag doll that has No bounce to his ounce when being a top.. u could have at least paired tyga up with tay, or Beno and then I would have been anxious for that but Ugh… $15 wasted smh!! …. if this scene is another let down then people will be very pissed at u..

  9. Whobei

    Isaiah’s still in school right? So why would he need money to pay off his loans if he hasn’t finished school yet. He clearly just needs a lame excuse to hide the fact that he’s enjoying his little sexual escapades with DUDES!

  10. Lawrence

    I think Mike you should have Isaiah get that cute but like some more ! Like a button eating contest with two other BBQ models let him get use to it you someone being around that area more


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