Website Update: Break My Boy In (Young Directors Series)

Young Montanna and Saint
Lil Tyga has been eager to get behind the camera again ever since his impressive directorial debut several months ago. For this second installment in our new series of scenes filmed and directed by some of the BBA models, Lil Tyga recruited his own potential new star, a casual acquaintance and BBA fan who goes by the nickname Young Montanna.

Standing at 6’1″ and weighing a slim 145 pounds, Young Montanna is a cute black boy with a deep, sexy voice and an irresistible smile who likes to smoke weed and “get money.”

Less than a week away from his 21st birthday, he has a slim, youthful body covered with at least 32 tattoos and like most skinny black boys from the Midwest, he’s hiding a VERY nice surprise between his smooth, slender legs! Not to mention the kind of cute, round ass popping up and out of his sagging shorts that you definitely wouldn’t expect from a boy with his build.

Like last time, I turned Lil Tyga loose to film and direct this scene on his own (although I will continue providing feedback and training to help him improve). To help him “break his boy in,” Lil Tyga selected Saint, a fellow fan favorite he has always heard a lot about but never met in person or worked with before now.

Young Montanna and Saint
Enjoy an intimate front-row seat for Young Montanna’s amateur action debut as Lil Tyga directs his fellow BBA veteran through the process of showing our newest recruit the ropes. At one point, Lil Tyga even gets so turned while filming the hot show that he strips out of his clothes, hands the camera to Saint, and jumps into the action to get his own horny hands on the sexy new boy!

Lil Tyga Jumps Into the Action
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11 comments on “Website Update: Break My Boy In (Young Directors Series)
  1. D-Money

    really enjoyed this scene — a huge fan of new faces and young montanna is definitely nice to look at — tyga getting better behind the camera and mike glad u open this up to potential BBA models who enjoy this line — gives u a break and gives them a chance to get into something they may eventually want to do enjoy the scene and the HOT HOT HOT oral ass eating by tyga and saint nice audition by young montanna and hope for more nice scene!!

  2. Allen Wells

    Sorry Mike but this did nothing for me. I like the New Kid but I’m so sick of Lil Tyga & Saint I almost didn’t watch it. The scene was too spitty (of course Saint) and flat. I am completely done with movies involving these two. So far this has been the year of Saint and Lil Tyga every 3-4 weeks and I’m bored as hell with them. I would liked to have seen the New Kid with Apollo, Blake Bishop, or Ross. This movie was a 1 out of 10 for me. I still like BBA but continuous improvement is very necessary.

    1. Michael

      I’m sorry that you dislike Saint and Lil Tyga so much, but to be fair, this is only the FOURTH scene that Lil Tyga has appeared in all year, and only Saint’s FIFTH.

      Please keep in mind that many of the BBA models live in other cities and have to be flown here for their shoots. Saint and Lil Tyga, on the other hand, are local guys and loyal veteran models that I can usually count on to help me out with last-minute shoots involving the unexpected return of past models (Noah, Rico, etc.), or cute new local boys like Young Montanna.

      Even though I personally don’t feel like this was their best work, they are both fan favorites for good reason and will continue to be featured regularly on the site.

      1. Allen Wells

        Mike, I just read my email and was surprised to see a response from you. I am actually thrilled to see that you do care about monthly subscribers who really enjoy your work. I’m not gonna bash BBA because I know you can’t please everyone. The content is just fine when it’s what I wanna see. If I don’t like it, Someone else will and they gotta be happy too. Therefore, I will not be selfish. I will be back Mike trust me. Just don’t wanna be caught in the middle of you being too busy. That normally brings out the movies that piss me off. I am looking forward to Freaky j and Blake Bishop as well as whatever’s after that. It’s the 2nd movie after FJ & BB that I’m worried about.

  3. DanE

    It was Alright! Mike when is Ross coming back, maybe a scene with him and Lil Tyga. Love to see him suck dick or Lil Tyga break him in as a bottom. Make it happen.

  4. chucke1

    I knew it! When Michael is silent, a HOT update is next! Obviously he has been busy! Very happy, Saint is in another update!

  5. Chris

    I love saint but lets leave him out the picture for a minute. I wanna see Ross or Caesar or AB back. I don’t want neither of them bottoming either

  6. DC

    Mike I agree with a .wells trying to do a better job did you know Cityboy passed away? I know he did a scene with BBA rest in peace my brother

  7. Kendall

    Hey I just wanted to ask whatever happened to the bonus footage from kid in a candy store? Featuring Cory and Cameron…. It doesn’t seem to be on the updated site


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