Website Update: His First Straight Boy

Isaiah Meets Knockout

This scene features the unique and unlikely pairing of one of black gay porn’s most talented “tops” with one of BBA’s most popular “gay for pay” stars, exploring and expanding each others’ boundaries in ways never seen before by their fans!

With the exclusive exception of his recent BBA scenes, Knockout has always worked with professional gay “power bottoms” and never been given the chance to experience a real-life amateur straight boy like Isaiah. For his second bottoming scene, I thought it might be interesting and fun to let the popular gay “porn star” live out his fantasy of having a sexy straight basketball player all to himself for the night, to do with pretty much whatever he wants!

Of course as eager as I was to see Knockout GET FUCKED again for only the second time on camera – and his VERY FIRST TIME taking dick RAW! – I also couldn’t wait to see Isaiah back in action again, and the thought of watching him take on the challenge of his BIGGEST DICK yet made me instantly hard.

See for yourself what happens when one of black gay porn’s most popular tops gives up his usually “off-limits” ass to one of BBA’s hottest “gay for pay” models, and also gets to RAW-FUCK that fresh straight-boy ass in return!

Isaiah and Knockout

Whether it’s the thrilling sight of Isaiah’s inexperienced lips stretched wide around Knockout’s tree trunk of a dick, or his stoic face buried in another man’s ass for only the second time in his life; the shocking sound of Isaiah grunting “FUCK THAT ASS!” over and over while his juicy bubble-butt takes its most intense POUNDING so far….

Knockout Fucking Isaiah

Or Knockout moaning and cursing and even crying out “TAKE THAT ASS!” as Isaiah’s huge, curved dick plunges in and out of his tight, “top-only” ass….

This is both guys like you’ve NEVER seen them before, in a FULL HOUR of unforgettable flip-flop action that you don’t want to miss!

Isaiah Fucking KnockoutTo watch the full-length, uncensored action, click here to join BBA and/or buy credits today!

If you’re already a BBA member, click here to enjoy this action-packed flip-flop exclusive any time you’d like!

28 comments on “Website Update: His First Straight Boy
    1. LobTaylor

      Me too. I have not enjoyed a scene so much since the debut of Dragon And The African (that scene brought me to BBA).

  1. Stoned Mountain

    I enjoyed the Isaiah and Knockout show to the fullest, maybe the best performance of the year. With KO showing the lead, he and Isaiah gave a warm, sexy display of intimacy and hardcore fucking that has moved me to nut busting every day!!! I loved the way they flipped, and I especially admired the way Isaiah moved to new heights, cuddling, kissing, fucking and most of all, taking that KO world class dick. And how about Isaiah, asking for more tongue!!! I wonder if Knockout can cajole Blake to flip and take some dick. Whatever, I love to see the Knockout dick in action, or see if Apollo or Blake could fuck him to climax. Again great show, best of the year.

  2. Lonleyman

    Mike if u can get knockout and blake bishop in a scene like this I’m joint for a year. Please do it I know u can.

  3. Tori Fan

    You made me LATE FOR CHURCH!


    ISAIAH and KNOCKOUT…..omg…….my dick is sore now

    I’m still noticing Isaiah dick getting hard…..have you CONVERTED HIM?

    1. Man1234

      Yes Mr. Tori Fan,
      I noticed that too, when he was getting ready to get the dick in him his dick was still hard, and it was hard from the beginning of the scene if I remember. He is beginning to enjoy it, even getting dicked down!

    2. Damien

      no such thing as converting……Many men are bi, BUT many will never admit they have some attraction to men. They don’t want the label of Bi so they say “open minded”…”curious”. Many people have a fluid sexuality ( not me) and it takes some coaxing to bring it out. Isaiah is def. turned on.

  4. D-Money

    gotta admit like I mentioned in my comments Mike by far I’m really enjoying Knockout expanding his brand as the next verse king—- truly a great flip flop with Isaiah and slowly but surely Isaiah is definitely getting better and more comfortable as a gay for pay model loosening up trying to do a little more oral and kissin (even with eyes close) but once again Mike I love both models but I just know u got some never before seen sexy new models ready to break out on the scenes and Mike I KNOW u gotta have a hot holiday orgy to end the year you know you got to be cooking up something now just thinking of that intriguing scene……..once again great job!!! and great job by both models!!!

  5. LobTaylor

    Michael, words fail. Best gaddamn scene. I have zero complaint. Not enjoyed a scene so much in ages. Damn the boys are phyne and slinging big dicks. Still can’t believe Isaiah was able to take Knockout’s big dick. He did damn good for a starter. That is a damn big dick. Was I the only one who noticed Isaiah was leaking precum like mad? I think the dude has gone fully for the dick….no matter what he might tell himself. It wasn’t just for the money this time he enjoyed it!

    I suspected Michael was planning to shut us all up with the complaining this week with a monster of an episode. He sure did. I must have watched this seven times already. Kudos.

  6. Will

    One of the hottest scenes I’ve seen on bba!! Knockout is a knockout!! More of him and happy to see Isaiah back! Both appeared so into each other.

    The cherry on the top would have been some foot play. Both have beautiful feet and would love to see their toes sucked and soles licked!


  7. ShyG93

    This scene was hot sexy and epic I have seen improvements in Isaiah he was really into the scene more than he was with the others except for the one with him and Lil Tyga.

    He sucked Knockout’s tree trunk dick good and ate that ass good I can tell from KO facial expressions and moans it turned me on. Knockout enjoys eating ass and the way he suck Isaiah’s was hot.

    When Knockout finally got to fuck Isaiah’s bubble butt he was pounding that ass right to the point Isaiah says “FUCK THAT ASS & “FUCK ME” multiple times I think he was loving that dick.

    Isaiah got his turn he didn’t disappoint he was hitting that ass right having Knockout moaning and groaning telling him to “FUCK THAT ASS” and also heard him call Isaiah Daddy. I really loved when KO rode Isaiah dick I was expecting that but it was hot nonetheless. Michael G thank you and I wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel or a threesome with Blake Bishop or Apollo. ????????♥️

  8. 4shetl

    … While getting fucked, Isaiah’s dick was [also] hard at the time where Knockout was pointing out to you that Isaiah’s nipples were hard too… THAT was such a fucking turn on… It goes to show you that no matter the sexual preference of a man, once you stimulate the prostate gland, IT’S ON!! From the early years MG, I have loved your approach to “how far will a ‘straight’ guy go for money,” and I have grown to appreciate your concept more and more… this scene has (as well as some others) me mesmerized… It took me 4 times to get to the end… I sometimes think I am a “know-it-all,” and I am convinced that this scene was taped the same weekend you shot the scenes with Knockout and Staxx… and I am wondering/hoping/praying that there is a 3sum coming up with Staxx, Knockout, and Isaiah… Call it a fantasy or wish, but if you DID… This is my new favorite scene MG, thank you!!

  9. Platinum 313

    Isaiah likes dudes. He was precumming ALOT. He liked Knockout and Knockout liked him, probably selected Isaiah. Best scene ever.

  10. biglarry

    GREAT JOB….mos def an award winning scene and performace by cast Bravo….! This will only make your fan base/brand grow!
    All the best continued success!!

  11. Jamal

    Damm good job no complaint here… Let’s get apollo to bottom for Isaiah and knockout and we have ourselves a win win ….

  12. Man1234

    I want to see Blake Bishop and Ross on the bottom of things and my favorite question. When is AB coming back to let one of these guys smash him for real! You did it Mike but (no offense) I want to see one of these big dick dudes take that booty! This is just my fantasy!

  13. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    EVERYTHING about this scene was PERFECT from the pairing to the versatile sex to the ass eating to sloppy dick sucking. I love watching Isaiah in every aspect in this scene and this is by far Knockout’s BEST scene on ANY given site and this is Isaiah’s BEST scene overall. TO be honest I loved this scene 100x more than knockout’s scene with Staxx, I give this scene 10/10

  14. decaturbaby

    Mike, I am disappointed that you came to my city without looking me up…:( .. I at least hope you killed two birds with one stone and called our “mutual friend”.. I hope you made the most of your stay while here… but for sure, you did a fantastic job with this scene… It was amazing.. so amazing (that I still haven’t made it to the end.. and you know that means that I’m really really enjoying it) .. I never would have thought to put those two together, but it was perfect. one of the best scenes that I’ve seen on here.. It makes up for all of the production delays in the past.. I hope you shot more than that scene while you were here, with maybe some of Atlanta’s local folk.. I can’t wait.. 10 out of 10.

  15. Nate

    Wow Mike I was surprised Isaiah took that dick like a pro and did not once stop like he did in other movies to take a breather. He took that big dick like he liked it , I have never seen Isaiah give it up like that before and dick stayed hard and leaking. I think you found the right person that turns Isaiah on good job Mike.

  16. Monarch Dark

    Mike I luv how much Isaiah has grown between him and Saint you have done wonders with them I was a little worried that he wasn’t going to be a fan favorite see my thing is in order for me to like you in the Industry you can’t just be there you have to perform and that’s why a lot of these models don’t make it ( NO SUBSTANCE ) but I luv him and I hope he continues to do more with you


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