Website Updates: Behind the Scenes With Cory and Tay/Murda Initiates Chippy (While Little Bro Watches)

Cory and Tay
I just got back from an exhausting but productive few days of filming, and it’s shaping up to be an exciting end of the year around here!

I’ll try to post some preview pics soon, but in the meantime while I work on getting these recent shoots ready to share, I’ve updated the website with some entertaining bonus footage for those of you who enjoy getting to know your favorite BBA models and don’t want to miss a second of their video-shoots:

Cory and Tay 2
I knew that I was witnessing something special when I paired Cory and Tay together for the first time. The passionate and playful chemistry between these two big-dicked twinks was a pleasure to watch, and it came as no surprise when their first scene together became a BBA classic practically overnight!

Go behind the scenes of this unique and unforgettable encounter with this collection of NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN outtakes and hot bonus footage.

It’s an intimate and entertaining look at some of the conversations, bloopers, personalities, and action that didn’t make it into the edited version of this BBA classic – including more tongue-kissing, nipple-licking, dick-sucking, and fucking!


Since so many of you have been requesting it, I’ve also re-posted the very first (but sadly unfinished) shoot between Murda and Chippy:

See for yourself what happens when established “gay for pay” veteran Murda gets assigned the enviable task of “breaking in” the new kid (and future star) Chippy – while Chippy’s cute “baby brother” watches in the same room!

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3 comments on “Website Updates: Behind the Scenes With Cory and Tay/Murda Initiates Chippy (While Little Bro Watches)
  1. D-Money

    I was just thinking about Cory sexy ass speaking of these two when are those two going be seen in some new hot action……..Cory is always missed in front of the camera and damn Mike I wish it was someway Murda and Chippy could be brought back for a hot freak nasty scene thanks for the classic to rewatch again!!


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