Lil Tyga Remembers City Bwoy

City Bwoy and Lil Tyga

Hey everybody this Lil Tyga. At this point I’m actually lost for words. You guys probably just knew him as Citi Bwoy, but to me he was my big bro, my mentor, and the reason there is a Lil Tyga.

I will miss my friend so much and continue to perform to my best because God knows if I had a bad shoot, that man would tell me. I love you big bro Citi rest easy and hold a spot for me!!!!!!

8 comments on “Lil Tyga Remembers City Bwoy
  1. Aaron

    Hey Lil’ Tyga, I’m very sorry whatever happened to your good friend, I feel for you and wish I could talk to you sometime, maybe become friends out of it. Can you e-mail me ?

  2. LP

    Lil Tyga, I know the feeling. I lost a lot of friends when I was your age. It is unreal. Remember them everyday. It gets easier.

  3. Lamar

    Thank you Lil Tyga for sharing, a lot of times people see you all in abstract and not as real people. Thank you for adding the personal touch and I hope that you have found comfort in your memories. Rest Easy Citi!


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