Website Update: A BBA Christmas Carol – The Ghost of Christmas Future

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We’re celebrating the holiday season and welcoming in the new year with our own unique and sexy take on a timeless Christmas classic.

Blake Bishop plays the BBA “Scrooge,” bored and alone on Christmas Eve, and pissed that he hasn’t been in a Christmas scene for almost THREE YEARS.

In this third and final installment, Blake is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Future (another special cameo by Montez, in his most hilariously ridiculous outfit yet), with one last lesson for the miserable and misanthropic model about the joys of the Christmas season.

This time, the visiting Spirit takes Blake on a magical journey into his FUTURE and shows him (and our viewers) a special glimpse of what’s possible when he returns to BBA and gets to sample one of our newest generation of stars for himself.

Reunited with fan favorite Bandit for the very first time in over a year, the two popular veterans team up to officially break in Shameeks‘ tight teenage ass and thoroughly tame the former “top” into submission….

WARNING: This scene is NOT for the faint of heart! If you’re looking for sweet and passionate love-making, then this ISN’T the scene for you. In fact, it’s probably one of the most merciless and brutal tag-teams we’ve ever captured on film, and might be disturbing to our more sensitive viewers.

But those of you who share my more sadistic streak will no doubt savor the shocking sight – almost unthinkable just a few short months ago – of the barely-legal, dark-chocolate beauty Shameeks pinned down and howling and begging for mercy as he’s aggressively SPIT-ROASTED by two of the BIGGEST DICKS in BBA history!

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22 comments on “Website Update: A BBA Christmas Carol – The Ghost of Christmas Future
  1. decaturbaby

    Damn, Mike and Montez.. This is how you begin a New Year. Please keep it up. Outstanding so far. I’m about to watch this one now. I thoroughly enjoyed Blake and Ross and I know I’m going to enjoy this one too. I bitched a lot last year, but that is all in the past.
    I will admit that there were some great updates in the mix last season too. “Kingston” sucking dick like a pro. “Isaiah’s” return. The return of “ROSS” (omg). Every scene with “Trapp”. Every scene with “Bandit” too. Newcomer “Shameeks”. The return of “Apollo”. “Dominic” and “Justice” too. I know I bitched, but it wasn’t all bad.
    I hope to see “Scotty and Shaun” again this year too.
    Keep it up.

    1. Montez

      LOL I have heard a similar sentiment from several people. That they didn’t make it very far into this scene without busting.

      Blake holding Shameeks down and telling him to “just take it” is my favorite part of the scene. We knew in the moment that it was going to be the standout part of the scene lol.

  2. oneloveme2u

    Shameeks’ sexy chocolate ass is definitely a fast learner. He took those monsters like a champ and looked sexy as hell doing it. Blake was a bit rough but Shameeks handled it. I DEFINITELY would like to see Shameeks and Bandit together for a flip scene in the future. I think they could create a good chemistry on camera as two masculine slightly reserved men who let their freaky side come out on the screen. I really hope that happens in the future. GREAT HOLIDAY SCENES BBA!

  3. D'Sean

    Bandit, Bandit, Bandit! He became my favorite from his first scene. He is by far the best top on BBA. I wish this scene was with him and Shameeks and was at least an hour long. LOL. No holds barred just let the actors go for it.

    Anyhow, this was great entertainment. All 3 actors did great. If this had been a totally vers scene….I don’t think the fans would have made it to the end. LOL Now it is time for Shameeks to fuck Blake Bishop, Justice, and Dominic. Then a scene with him flip flopping with Manny.

    Oh, Michael you need to give Bandit a scene of his choice for maintaining his position at number 1 for so long.

    1. Jamal

      I agree Bandit and Isaiah should get a scene pick it their choice where they pick who they do the scene with and what position they will play.

  4. llob taylor

    I havent been to the site in a while. Then I got this in my mail! Wow. My favs and the sexy Shameeks. These 3 may not be the prettiest of the lads on BBA but they sure are the sexiest! Am getting this one!

    1. Bkboi

      AYo this Scene is like how I like my Dunkin’ Donuts, Black Coffee with Carmel..10,10,10 Across the Board ya heard lol. Ayo Mike thanks for fulfilling my anticipation with lil bro Shameeks. I wanted to see Blake get Stuck too but he suck some of BDB so am GOOD GOOD with that. Superb👌🏾 Can’t wait to see what’s Next.

  5. malachi6

    This was Top 10 in terms of scenes this Year and Top 10 in terms of overall BBA scenes. You paired 3 exceptional performers together and they delivered. Shameeks as a Bottom and taking all that dick that Blake and Bandit was serving up was everything. I was critical about last week’s pairing but this more than made up for it. Kudos, Kudos and more Kudos.

  6. Bkboi

    I would like to See TRAPP take BDB I know it was briefly in the Halloween scene but them two going toe for toe would be Phenomenal.Come on Mike make that Happen pleaseee!! lol

        1. Jamal

          Yes Dominic needs to take Isaiah and Bandit and Trapp. And bring Knockout back!! I wanna see more straight porn stars here!

  7. dnaltiusman

    BRUH… Shameeks showed TF out in this scene!!! He is like the best “lil bro” ever, the other two dudes are lucky.


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