January 2020 Schedule

HAPPY NEW YEAR to some of the most passionate and loyal fans we could ever hope or wish for!

I hope everyone enjoyed a safe and unforgettable holiday season with family and/or friends.

Here’s our TENTATIVE January 2020 schedule:

Update #1: January 10th or 11th (“A BBA Christmas Carol: The Ghost of Christmas Future”)
Update #2: January 24th or 25th
Update #3: January 30th or 31st

I’ll be taking a look back at the past year and posting my personal Top 10 list and viewer polls soon. Montez will be sharing his own Top 10 list as well. Can’t wait to see what this new year and decade has in store for BBA and its fans!

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2 comments on “January 2020 Schedule
  1. Rod

    I support and Stan for this site but I can’t help but feel like my money is being taken and I’m barely getting content. I hope moving forward you will stick to the schedules or update on a consistent basis or I’ll have to unsubscribe

    1. Michael

      Ummm, we posted THREE hot and lengthy new scenes in December – the shortest was 41 minutes long and the longest was nearly a FULL HOUR! So not sure where your “barely getting content” complaint is coming from smh. That’s far more in terms of both quantity AND quality than you’ll find on most other sites.

      In case you’re new around here, we promise our monthly subscribers THREE hot and lengthy new updates each month, and most of our scenes are at least 40 minutes in length. Depending on our travel and production schedule (among other factors), these will sometimes be posted back to back weekly, and other times more staggered with longer waits in between.

      The schedule announcements here on the blog are posted as a COURTESY for our monthly subscribers who want to have an overall idea of the schedule around the start of each month. But we make very clear that these schedules are TENTATIVE and always subject to change.

      Hope this helps you better understand how our update schedule works, and the average amount of content you can expect as a monthly subscriber.


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