Website Update: A BBA Christmas Carol – The Ghost of Christmas Present

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We’re celebrating the holiday season and welcoming in the new year with our own unique and sexy take on a timeless Christmas classic.

Blake Bishop plays the BBA “Scrooge,” bored and alone on Christmas Eve, and pissed that he hasn’t been in a Christmas scene for almost THREE YEARS.

In this second installment, Blake is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Present (another special cameo by Montez), with a brand-new lesson for the miserable and misanthropic model about the joys of the Christmas season.

This time, the visiting Spirit gives Blake (and our viewers) a special glimpse into a sensual and steamy encounter taking place in BBA’s “present” between Stylez and Dominic.

The sparks start flying and the clothes don’t stay on for long in this action-packed encounter that includes lots of tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, and ass-eating….

Even better, both of these preferred “tops” treat their fans to a special surprise to kick off the new year by surrendering their tight, usually off-limits asses to each others’ RAW dicks in an epic FLIP-FLOP encounter you do not want to miss!

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18 comments on “Website Update: A BBA Christmas Carol – The Ghost of Christmas Present
  1. Queengohma15

    Damn! I didn’t think Dominic could look any hotter but the end of this scene is off the charts! He looks so good getting railed, and maybe it started feeling good towards the end??! Pleasantly surprised by the chemistry in this one, fantastic end to the year.

    1. cocopop

      Personally I think he was enjoying it the entire scene, and yes at the end, he really showed how much he loved it. Dominic, and Bandit, I love seeing get topped for some reason. I’ve loved both xmas scenes, but I’m missing Apollo, Mike where is Apollo? Will we be seeing him this year? Last three scenes have been great Mike, Happy New Years to you and all the BBA viewers.

      1. Michael

        We’re still in touch with Apollo. He’s just been dealing with some personal issues that have prevented him from working with us. But we still hope and plan to work with him again soon, hopefully no later than this summer.

  2. Dexter

    #Overkill with these two…. The other models aren’t around anymore? I mean aren’t y’all tired of seeing Dominic and Stylez? I mean…… It was cute at first now I’m like OKAYYYYYYYYY What’s Next!!

    1. Bkboi

      I Strongly Agree with you Bro Stylez is over Worked And now that he’s finally taking it Comfortably years later its like Meh… I also learned it doesn’t matter how Hot the Guys in a scene it’s the Right Pairing that makes things Goood.

  3. Jayden

    The second part of this scene gives us a special glimpse into the hotness that BBA has been bringing us fans all year as we journey into the “Present” portion of this epic Christmas Carol we have been fortunate to enjoy. Let’s get into this one shall we?

    I. Intro.

    We get to see sexy ass Scrooge in his birthday suit! Blake looks so damn good in that “Janet Jackson All For You” pose he does when turns over away from the camera with the comfort between his legs. Montez emerges wearing a “what-the-fuck”. 😂 Yes! That’s exactly what I said when I saw it! 😂 What. The. Fuck. 😂 I still stan for it though! 😂 Shortly, after a playful flashback of Blake and Stylez, we get a view of BBA present day LIT-NESS with Dominic and Stylez!

    II. Oral Game

    I loved the footage of the models coming up the stairs and Dominic being stripped naked by Stylez. Once they moved to the bedroom, the steamy make out session leads to a passionate 69 all the way to the moment that Stylez asks Dominic, “You ready to fuck this ass??” Great stuff!

    Ill. Dominic INSIDE Stylez

    It’s always awesome when you see a model that dominates as the top take on the role of bottom. Stylez is no exception. This was Stylez best bottoming performance. I also think it was probably the first time he really bottomed successfully. The make out session was LIT. My favorite part was watching Stylez’ erect dick dance. The close up of Dominic’s cakes was 🔥! Thanks Shax! With every stroke, Stylez held out and gave his all.

    IV. Stylez INSIDE Dominic

    Let’s be clear. Anytime Dominic lifts his legs in the air, it’s LIT! Dominic bottoming is a complete turn-on! With every stroke, Dominic groaned and cussed from the pain; however, he stuck it out and gave a great performance. The dialogue that Dominic was giving during his performance was funny as well. “Oh this shit yours! You want this ass? Fuck this ass!” I’m surprised at how much he’s grown as a performer, and I’m loving it!

    All in all, bottoming is not for everybody. It’s one of those things that can often be polarizing—you either love it or you hate it! Both of these gentlemen were great in this scene. They both stepped it up for their bottoming performances! At times, it seems that both models were able act and mask the painful sensation they may have felt from bottoming from the audience. They put themselves out there and took turns bottoming to please the fans (and their pockets! LOL!), and the result was a Christmas present we could all enjoy…over and over again. Good shit fellas!

    To Mike, Montez, Shax, Stylez, and Dominic thanks for a damn good time! Quick question. Can we have an encore? I want more! 😈

    1. Montez

      Hey, Jayden!

      You already know I love reading your in-depth reviews. This is no exception. As for the outfit I was wearing, I did warn you that it got more ridiculous as The Ghost Of Christmas Present. And yes, it gets even MORE ridiculous as The Ghost Of Christmas Future. Stay tuned. 😉 LOL

  4. jakeith555

    Yes! a nice Christmas gift….I enjoyed this video STYLEZ you finally relaxed to take that dick…. great work both of you….thank you for this gift….and more to come for the New Year.

    1. Montez

      I agree. Being present for this scene, I can absolutely tell you that this was Stylez best performance as a bottom. It took some work but he was finally able to relax and let Dominic do his thing. I think the harsh criticism of Stylez is a tad unfair at times. I especially feel so here. Glad some are able to see the growth in this scene.

  5. wolfkno

    Great scene. I’m starting to like Dominic more and more. But Stylez. Wow. What a great scene bro. U dont look like ur getting raped or something but actually enjoying the dick. Always been a fan of Stylez and his sexy soft butt. Been waiting on a scene like this for a long time. Good work.

  6. Stubz

    They both did really good bottoming. Honestly I only paid attention to both individually bottoming. They finally starting to look like they enjoy it. I feel like the finale is gonna be an orgy with all four guys but I’m hoping it’s just Blake and Dominic.

  7. Cobra

    It’s getting a little tough to keep calling Dominic “straight” but who can resist watching any update including this amazing model. It would be very interesting to revive the long faded “natural habitat” or basically a scene where the guys fuck a female and then each other. A new twist may be letting a full gay model who is a virgin to females, tag with a gay for pay or straight model with a willing female. Just thought something different would spice up the predictable passing around of models.

    1. Michael

      I know you prefer the more reluctant, humiliated, disgusted-looking straight boys, as do I much of the time lol. But Dominic is eerily similar to his “gay for pay” porn alter ego Apollo in that he’s a natural and skilled PERFORMER. In other words, he’s very persuasive at PLAYING gay, to the point that it’s sometimes hard to tell where the pretending ends and true desire begins.

      We hope to revive the “Natural Habitat” series in the near future.

  8. cocopop

    Dominic, the crown holder Bandit, showed you how to ride a dick. As you improve in bottoming, hopefully you’ll show your fans, you too can ride a dick better than Bandit. Its good to see just how far you’ve grown in your performance in gay4pay, looking much better in your ability to bottom. Keep up the good work man.

  9. cocopop

    Stylez fucking that ass so good, got Dominic’s toes curled, that dick must be good to make his toes do that. Never seen that happen before, while he bottom.


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