Website Update: A BBA Christmas Carol – The Ghost of Christmas Past

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We’re celebrating the holiday season this year with our own unique and sexy take on a timeless Christmas classic.

Blake Bishop plays the BBA “Scrooge,” bored and alone on Christmas Eve, and pissed that he hasn’t been in a Christmas scene for almost THREE YEARS.

“FUCK Christmas!” he snarls before shouting at festive carolers interrupting his sleep.

But all of that begins to change when he’s suddenly haunted in the dead of night by the Ghost of Christmas Past (a special cameo by Montez), who is determined to teach the miserable and misanthropic model an important lesson about the joys of the Christmas season.

The visiting Spirit takes Blake on a journey back in time to one of his very first BBA shoots, the unforgettable encounter with Ross that became a BBA classic practically overnight. It’s a scene that still haunts Blake Bishop all these years later due to all the things the skeptical and stubborn straight boy wasn’t yet ready or willing to try in his very first scene with a guy.

But with a little bit of Christmas Magic, the Ghost of Christmas Past is able to show Blake Bishop an epic and inspiring vision of what MIGHT have happened on that fateful night over four years ago, had all his horny wishes come true 😉 ….

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19 comments on “Website Update: A BBA Christmas Carol – The Ghost of Christmas Past
  1. D'Sean

    By far one of your best scenes of 2019. Ross is at the top of the list of my BBA stars. Blake Bishop with his stay hard dick should be in more scenes. This scene was magical. Good chemistry (check at how they look at each other and the playful laughter).

    I hope they both get to tackle Dominic and Jah soon. Mostly Jah.

    Whomever put these 2 back together deserves a raise.

  2. chucke1

    Unacceptable to desecrate one of the most holiest days of the year! Unbelievable that no other porn site does such and you do! Very disrespectful of my religious beliefs and so disappointed. Extremely unnecessary!


      This must be an attempt at humor. Why would anyone visit a gay porn site if he/she is seriously religious? The blog is for serious, thoughtful, critique of the performances and production, not ridiculous, humorless, and unnecessary commentary.

  3. bas

    Just a quick question. Are we having some Apollo soon? It has been a long time without that beautiful man coming and I was hoping to see him this Christmas as it has been a tradition for the past few years! Thanks for the good work!

  4. WeatherMan

    Wow. This is how you DO a Christmas scene. This scene was a good holiday treat. I didn’t know where the scene would go at first but the acting was cute and Montez needs to get naked eventually and show us some goods. It was very nice to see the return of Blake with his new hair style and his new tattoo, he looks better than ever and seeing his big dick bounce as Ross was fucking him had me on brick. I cannot get enough of Ross, ever since he came back, he has been a KNOCK OUT in every scene and this one is no different. He is a true performer and one of BBA’s best models.

  5. Jayden

    What I learned from this scene is that the chemistry between Ross and Blake is still there after four years. I always knew that the reunion between Ross and Blake would be awesome, but I had no idea it would be this epic! I definitely made a mess watching this one! This is one for the books! Let’s discuss this shit!

    The word you all used to describe this scene was “corny” right? 😂 Honestly, maybe a little bit in the beginning, but you guys are awesome, so I’ll stan for this one. 😉 Blake is the sexiest Scrooge I’ve ever seen. Montez’s outfit was ridiculous, but I loved it! 😂 He was awesome in the scene! The flashback to “Straight Boys Taste Better” was LIFE! I actually remember when that scene was released. Good times! It’s one of my BBA favorites, and it’s where the Ross-Blake connection began! Loved it.

    The oral play was on point! My favorite part was Blake eating Ross out. Ross’ eye rolls from pleasure were priceless. The 69 was LIT! All while watching this, I kept thinking, “I remember when Ross wouldn’t hardly do a thing, and Blake wouldn’t bottom or eat ass. Now these two are doing EVERYTHING! It’s that BBA magic!” 😂 😂 We’ve seen this over and over again. It’s amazing how these two have grown as performers.

    Blake bottomed like a champ! At first, it seemed Blake was in pain, probably because Ross was stretching him out. Then, Ross changed his stroke, and, at that point, acting ended and authentic pleasure began for Blake. This was denoted by the change in his moans and facial expressions. Blake’s toes curled up, and you knew that he was almost there. The moment was so intense Ross even had to pull out because HE was about to cum. I’m not going to lie. I came like a geyser! That moment was 🔥! Prostate stimulation done right. Ross found Blake’s spot!

    Later on, in the scene, we get the pleasure of seeing Ross bottom for Blake. The same thing happened again! Blake found Ross’ spot and caused Ross to produce a never-ending cum stream. It was awesome watching Ross lean back and rest in the aftermath of the intense burst of pleasure he just experienced. I came along with Ross. 😈 I have no doubt that many viewers shared that same intense pleasure from watching this as well. Blake’s cum shot was nice too! Kudos to you, BBA.

    One of the funniest parts of the scene was watching Ross trying to figure out how to ride Blake. 😂 Honestly, he did a hell of a job though! I was a little jealous of Blake. That shit had to feel good. It looked hella nice on camera! He did good; he just needs to loosen up some. Maybe next time we can get Ross to move his hips a little bit more? 😜 LOL! Only time will tell.

    To Mike, Montez, Blake, and Ross, thank you! This scene was LIT. This was the best Christmas present. Ever. This is one of the best BBA scenes. Ever.

    To you and yours, Merry Christmas!

  6. malachi6

    What a way to end the Year. This is one of the Hottest pairings in awhile and the chemistry between the two was off the chain. I have always been a Fan of Blake Bishop and so glad to see him back. Job well done BBA.

  7. Wayne

    I take back every negative comment I made last month. You have made me eat my words. This scene was the best all year. Wow! Keep up the good work!

  8. Stubz89

    Ok so, there was no real chemistry the first time around. You would think this time they’d be more comfortable and familiar with each other but it was still kind of awkward. With that being said. They both showed up and still did a great job as individuals. Ross did a lot better than I expected him to do. ( random he looks like lakeith) Blake ALWAYS does his best. Good scene minus the chemistry.

  9. Yoseph Tassain

    Michael, this was a great performance Blake Bishop and Ross. Michael please bring back Jahan Ace pair him up with Black Bishop. We need Jahan Ace !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    I honestly wasn’t expecting this scene to come out and even forgot about them even paired up back in 2015, Blake….welcome back! It’s good seeing him getting fucked and also good seeing Ross once again getting fucked which i lowkey believe he enjoys it or guy on guy sex on the whole. The part that got me in this scene was seeing Ross riding Blake’s dick, great scene I give it a 10/10

  11. cocopop

    These last three scenes of Ross giving up his ass, I thought I’d never get to see. What I knew for sure was that he had a freaky side waiting to be unleashed for his fans, so far he hasn’t disappointed me. Somewhat disappointed he refuses to kiss, but even his sucking skills are improving. The fact he nuts while being fucked is hot as hell, wish more models had those skills, Bandit does, if only he’d use the skill he has. Like Ross, Bandit’s dick stays hard throughout his scenes. Only gay model would be Blake, if Ross’ ass isn’t open after taking Blake dick, lol. Blake opened him up like no other, great scene.

  12. Santana

    I love Ross the way he take dick 👅 Blake is hotter than ever one of my favorite models wish I could sit in on a film session. Thank you Michael and Montez


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