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While it’s true that Dominic is one of our most popular straight models these days, I swear his biggest fans are actually the other BBA models 😉 !

Can’t exactly say that I blame them. With his breathtaking good looks and almost impossibly perfect physique, Dominic is easily one of the hottest guys to join our model roster since Apollo.

And much like that legendary fan favorite before him, Dominic seems to have cast a spell on the other BBA boys that has them fighting their way to the front of the line for a chance to get their hands on the light-skinned Adonis.

Following an afternoon at the beach, Dominic and Shameeks head back to the house where Shameeks can’t resist the temptation to sneak into Dominic’s room and spy on him taking a shower….

When Dominic discovers that he’s no longer alone, he decides to take advantage of this special opportunity to sample the younger gay boy’s talented mouth and tight teen ass for himself….

Things quickly evolve into an unexpected encounter that includes lots of passionate tongue-kissing, sloppy-wet dick-sucking, messy ass-eating, and of course Dominic picking right up where Justice left off by thoroughly “breaking in” Shameeks’ spectacular, near-virgin ass.

If you can make it past Shameeks’ thick, sexy lips sliding up and down Dominic’s rock-hard dick without busting at least one or two “nutts,” then you’re a far stronger person than I was while reviewing the footage 😉 !

It’s also fun watching Shameeks slowly SURRENDER to the surprisingly aggressive yet also sweetly tender Dominic, who seems to bring out a new shockingly submissive side in the much younger Shameeks. Before you know it, Shameeks is even calling Dominic “Daddy” and begging him to “beat his shit up”!

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24 comments on “Website Update: Caught You Looking
  1. MrBrown1994

    This entire scene is everything I imagined it to be, and then some! Shout out to BBA, for bringing great content, consistently! 🙌🏿🔥🔥

  2. princexxchar

    yoo, this scene right here! iight lemme break it down, THIS is what happens when a model request another model on the site! Meeks wanted Dominic sexy ass. So it no longer became just a check, it was personal. You could see through the chemistry. Hes his type, and im sure he probably got a thing for light skin dudes. So he was ready to give himself up! This make the perfect and best scenes. And….This…. is one of the best scenes i seen on the SITE! Bravooo

  3. WeatherMan

    Another stellar scene from the men at BBA. This is why BBA remains supreme over all the other sites, BBA always takes their time and produces good quality content for the fans. I knew this scene was going to be something good just from seeing Dom and Shameeks at the beach and boy it did not disappoint. I am glad Dom is getting more and more comfortable on camera and letting his aggressive side come out and Shameeks is quickly moving into the A-list of site, he is just so sexy. A+ scene

  4. D

    It’s time to see Shameeks tied up and used as a black boy toy …that would be hot !!! Or just tied up in some type fetish role😁

  5. Jayden

    Bandit better hold on to his crown very tightly—Dominic is coming! Dominic is a model that viewers, including myself, crave to view. Like Apollo, you can never get enough of him. He’s become a dynamic performer during his tenure at BBA as well. Dominic continues to improve orally. This blow job was a little bit sloppier and wetter than his previous work—good shit. His ass-eating and kissing were also much better in this scene too.

    After that insertion, Dominic begins to shine as a top. He mercilessly pounds Shameeks, in various positions, after giving him slow, small, and careful strokes to ensure that he’s comfortable. He clearly enjoyed that ass because that cum shot was EVERYTHING! I’m not gonna lie. I enjoyed it too. Dominic consistently proves to viewers that’s he more than good looks. He rocks every scene he’s in, top or bottom. This scene reminded us why we love him as a top. I do hope he reminds us why we love him on the bottom again soon though. Good shit, Dominic! Great performance, bro!

    The models on the first page better not get comfortable—Shameeks is on his way! Shameeks was AWESOME!! Before I talk about his stunning bottoming performance, his oral skills alone are praiseworthy. Any model fortunate to be on the receiving end of the “Shameeks Oral Experience” is truly in for a treat. Everything from the movement of his head, wizardry use of his tongue, and the sloppiness of the spit spells out top-notch head game, and Dominic enjoyed every bit of it. It may make you wonder who to be more jealous of in the scene—Shameeks or Dominic? I can’t pick in this instance. What was so beautiful in this scene was that Dominic felt the sensation, but we, the viewers, were able to enjoy the experience.

    This was only his second bottoming performance, and he blew it out of the park! His performance was more than enough to keep viewers craving more. His versatility proves that he is a force to be reckoned with, and that his journey with BBA is far from over. I’ll definitely be tagging along for the ride to see what’s to come.

    Beautiful scene. Beautiful models. Beautiful location. Beautiful experience. Cheers to you, BBA! You’ve created another beautiful masterpiece! Thank you!

    1. Michael

      So glad you liked this one. I thoroughly enjoyed it as well. Shameeks is amazing and just keeps getting better and better with every new scene. Was fun seeing Dominic inspire and unleash Shameeks’ submissive side. And Dominic continues growing more comfortable and surprising us with every new scene as well.

      Don’t be surprised if this one finds its way onto my Top 10 list this year 😉 .

  6. ComeLayWitMe

    I loved this scene. Shameeks is my new bottom. He should definitely be the Christmas or New Years Eve Bottom! He is ready 4sho! Gang bang starring Shameeks!!!


    I must say….I feel the same way about Dominic as I do about Stylez. He is a much better performer when he bottoms and is in the submissive role. I really long for the earlier days of BBA when it was cutting edge and the epitome of amateur. I actually miss when the production values were low and the focus was on raw, passionate sex on a bed or a futon. That’s when the performances were the best!

    1. Bkboi

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Shax Carter uses high quality HD cameras and cool destinations spots.bad angles and poor editing skills which takes away from the perfect 10..Shameeks grew in my top five real quick.Dominic Dope.BBA needs to stop spending such a huge budget on props and leave better focus on the models instead.then maybe we will get more updates,with higher rated scenes.

          1. chucke1

            Always have thought your site was the best! The edge seems to be missing recently! You did a better job actually even when it was just you, the updates were even more regular! The fact is your more hands off now and long time members are noticing. I still enjoy the scenes but nothing like your one on one with Saint and the other models!!!!!!! I miss your filming and if that is a complaint then so be it and insult me all you want LOL! Sorry I miss your work so much! We are actually complimenting and missing you, must have went right by you.

            1. Bkboi

              I agree 100% when it was Michael the futton,camera and hot boys it was more authentic now and days it seems like a whole production studio 👏🏾👏🏾with several hands involved lol.High Key thought Shax Carter casted shameeks 🤔 but what ever please don’t take anything personal bba staff I love you guys work it’s just the editing from SC appears to be off not the HD Christmas scene is hear looks like a well produce Michael update lemme check it out.

      1. Michael

        We generally don’t spend bigger budgets on the scenes directed by Shax. His style is simply different from mine, more stylized and cinematic. Some viewers love it, some hate it, and others don’t care either way.

        I do, however, find it funny that you praise Shameeks as being one of your favorite BBA models, since Shax is the one who has filmed and edited ALL of his scenes so far. So he must be doing something right lol.

        To Craig’s point about missing the early BBA days, I’d just kindly point him and anyone else feeling that way to scenes from 2019 such as “Kingston: The Next Level,” “Personal Trainer,” “The Return of Ross,” all of the Atlantic City Adventures episodes, “Revenge Is Sweet,” and most recently, “Chasing the Crown” for all the proof you need that BBA still excels at unscripted amateur porn where “the production values are low and the focus is on raw, passionate sex on a bed” lol.

  8. Rottie

    I know this is out of nowhere but Scotty just came to my mind, so I will ask it here have you heard from him and if so could u put a Scotty and Dominic scene together maybe? Just asking the thought crossed my mind.

  9. D

    Still want to see Mike do some one on one stuff with these new guys like he did years ago or do some more scenes where he’s got them tied up or handcuffed 😁


    Mr. Galletta…. why have a blog if you are just going to make light of our comments and constructive critique? My comments are never meant to anger or upset anyone. I have been a loyal customer for many years now, so obviously I remain a fan. But I thought the purpose of this portion of the site was for the consumer to provide performer fantasies, correspond with other viewers, give purposeful critique, etc. Obviously, I am not a fan of the grainy, stilted picture that VHS provided. I just meant that less money could be spent on venues and fancy lighting and more money could be spent on recruiting a regular crop of big dicked tops and tight booty, insatiable, passionate bottoms. At the end of the day it is really about the performances, not the stunts (such as oral provided underwater). I REALLY miss YOUR performances to be honest! Your worship of black men is what attracted me to the site in the first place. I cannot tell you HOW many moments of pleasure your pairing with Bandit and Beno have given me over the years!

  11. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    I requested this scene thinking it’ll line up right in time for the Christmas scene but wasn’t expecting it to come so fast lol. Shameeks somewhat reminds me of King Ant by claiming he’s this total top yet a lot of us know he loves dick on the low seeing him give Dominic that sloppy top head was eye opening and I kept wondering wtf was running through Dominic’s head when that was happening I’d love to be a recipient of head from Shameeks. I gotta admit watching a SUBMISSIVE Shameeks is always good to look at….put them lips and ass to use. Dominic…good job as usual….next up Shameeks and Bandit! I give this scene a 10/10


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