Cast Your Votes For The Best Of BBA 2019!

You’ve seen my own personal picks for the best scenes from last year. Shax Carter announced his own Top 10 list here. And Montez is currently in the process of revealing his own personal Top 10 list over on the BBA Twitter.

But now it’s YOUR TURN to let us know what you think by choosing YOUR favorite models and scenes from 2019! We’ve even added a few fun new categories this year and you’ll be able to see the voting results in live time to compare your own personal favorites with the rest of BBA’s members and fans.

To keep things as fair and accurate as possible, you’re only allowed to vote once, so please take your time and choose your answers carefully. In several of the categories, we’ve allowed up to three selections since there are so many models and scenes to choose from.

Please feel free to explain or defend any of your choices, or even share your own personal “Top Ten” lists as comments on this blog entry. We’d love to hear what you think!

I hope everyone has fun picking out their favorites and reminiscing with Montez, Shax, and me about another unforgettable year.

14 comments on “Cast Your Votes For The Best Of BBA 2019!
  1. Jayden

    1. Personal Trainer
    2. Coming For His Crown
    3. Chasing The Crown
    4. BBA Christmas Carol: The Ghost of Christmas Past
    5. Double or Nothing
    6. Game Break
    7. Caught You Looking
    8. Revenge Is Sweet
    9. House of Whores
    10. A Tested Development

    In 2015, I made one of the greatest discoveries. I found BBA. 😂 Out of the four years I’ve been following, this year was by far the best. There were great scenes, incredible moments, beautiful models, and amazing porn. I don’t have to tell you how much I loved the scenes—you read the reviews. Some of the best moments of this year include :

    – Scuba sharing EXTRA spit and cum with Manny and Jah.
    – Dominic enjoying Jah’s tight wet ass in Atlantic City.
    – Trapp catching a sweet taste of revenge when he fucked Ross.
    – Justice becoming a sex slave to Apollo after losing a game.
    – A long awaited reunion with Ross and Blake that made everybody in the world cum.
    – Apollo losing a game of pool to Dominic.
    – Bandit laying his dick on Kingston’s shoulder.
    – Dominic, Ross, Shameeks, and Scuba lifting their legs in the air to bottom for the first time.

    2019 was LIT from start to finish! The fact that it was EXTREMELY hard to put this list together speaks volumes to your work this year. Kudos.

    From the planning, the shooting, the editing, encoding/uploading scenes, and the post-release work you all do to bring us these awesome classics, thank you! Not a moment of your time has been wasted as your work will be enjoyed by all who cum, for many years to come. 😈 Pat yourselves on the back, BBA. It’s a job well done.

    To Mike, Montez, Shax, and ALL the BBA models that participated in 2019, thank you! 2019 was BBA’s best year yet!

    Here’s to 2020. Rock on!

    1. Michael

      Thanks for taking the time to create your own list and share it with us! Your excitement and passion for BBA is always such an inspiration.

      That’s an interesting list with a couple big surprises. First of all, it warms my heart to see “House of Whores” make your list. That was definitely my most PAINFUL cut of all! We had so much fun making it, and I loved the creative concept, creepy house, music, costumes, etc. But the sex just didn’t turn out as good as I’d hoped so I couldn’t justify putting it on my list.

      A couple of your choices did surprise me, for example seeing “Caught You Looking” on there instead of “Smashing Shameeks.” Also surprised me to see “A Tested Development” make the cut over all of the Atlantic City Adventures scenes, Scuba’s scenes, etc. Guess that’s what makes it YOUR list and not mine, right 😛 ?

      I definitely agree with your list of memorable moments, though. And it really is a testament to what a diverse and exciting year it was that there can still be so many differences between viewer Top 10 lists this year. While it wasn’t a perfect year by any stretch of the imagination, I’m proud that we were able to deliver so many great scenes on a fairly consistent basis throughout the year.

      Can’t wait to see what hot new scenes and entertaining Jayden “reviews” this new year will bring 😉 ! Thanks again!

      1. Jayden

        Like I said in my last comment, pat yourselves on the back! 2019 was LIT AF. Making this list was so fucking hard!! I had to make A LOT painful cuts. It literally changed all year, right up until the last minute. This was damn hard!

        House of Whores was on my list since its release. Then it got cut, but then added back at the last minute. I thought it deserved a spot because of the sheer creativity behind the scene. It was so much fun to watch! I know the Dominic gangbang/bukkake didn’t turn out too well (I still liked it), but Bandit/Trapp made up for it! That shit was hot! Hopefully, we can see them together in a scene again one day!

        About Caught You Looking vs. Smashing Shameeks

        Smashing Shameeks was an incredibly difficult, painful cut to make! I loved that scene so much! I went with “Caught You Looking” because, in my opinion, Shameeks had better chemistry with Dominic. He even reached a point where he called Dominic “daddy”. What other scene was he THAT submissive? None. The chemistry was reciprocal. In the scene, just after Shameeks finished eating Dominic’s ass, Dominic had an erection. A clear indicator that a straight boy enjoyed Shameeks ass. BBA magic at work. On top of that, the scene happened because you had models flake on you all—it wasn’t supposed to happen, which made it even more special. Also, I knew that “Smashing Shameeks” would receive love from many so I went with this scene for my list.

        Cutting AC Adventures/Scuba

        I LOVE the whole Atlantic City series. I also FUCKING love Scuba! I was looking for any little thing that would separate the scenes from each other. Justice and Dominic were hot in A Tested Development—it was a scene that I played over and over again. It was awesome to me because that was the first scene where we see Justice enjoy his role in bottoming, which is a level in the journey. Most of the models that stay with BBA reach the final frontier of bottoming; however, until recently, most of them would stop there. We rarely see them gain the pleasure from the bottoming experience, which is what I would call the last. This scene captured that with Justice. BBA Christmas Carol captured that with Ross and Blake. That was AMAZING! I know that. Hopefully, you all will be able to capture that with Shameeks one day; I think that can happen.

        Some painful cuts:
        -Scuba Surrenders
        -AC Adventures Ep: 1,2, and 4
        -Manny’s Movie Night
        -Kingston: The Next Level
        -Smashing Shameeks
        -Manny Meets His Match
        -BBA Christmas Carol: Present

        I don’t think that many other websites can have many of their users stumped on compiling a list of the best scenes of the year!

        Hopefully, this gives you more insight on my list. 2019 was AWESOME!! I thank all of you for the nuts I got to bust during my dry spells and the incredible nights your scenes inspired.

        1. Michael

          Well, you’ve certainly made some compelling arguments in defense of your choices, especially the choice of “Caught You Looking” over “Smashing Shameeks.” Not sure what it says about me that I prefer the rough prison-sex type scenes over the scenes with the more passionate chemistry lol.

  2. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    15. A Tested Development
    14. Smashing Shameeks
    13. The Return of Ross p.2
    12. BBA-CC; Present
    11. House Of Whores
    10. ACA P.4
    9. In the Pocket
    8. Game Break
    7. Caught You Looking
    6. ACA P.1
    5. BBA-CC; Past
    4. Personal Trainer
    3. Coming For His crown
    2. Chasing the Crown
    1. Revenge Is Sweet

    2019 was a very lit year for BBA I can’t wait to see what’s next for 2020

  3. TexasBugg

    mike u r not alone with u loving the prison raw sex mike that is the best raw sex there is like u remember how scotty/shaun use to kiss believe me right now they would try to pull each others lips off each others mouths and coming out of prison they would have sex with each other cause they understand their love for each other i wish they would hurry out scotty is going to be ready to give up that big plus ass.

  4. Al

    It is a crime to have Shameeks and Ross in the same category. They really had my jaw wide open🤣

    Tarzan was a let down…

    Other thing, I was surprised not to see Apollo/Dom on Montez faves

    Lastly, can u steal that Brod boy off BCH. Com? What a hottie…

    1. Le3chex

      Yess!!!! I just saw that video and immediately thought of BBA. Also “Romeo” and “Marcus is the boss” those men know how to top 4 real 4 real!!!

      Side Note: Triumphant Edge, sir, what r u doing? Please join this site and stop playing around on TysonPlus. Trapp, Isaiah, Dominic, Ross… they all need to sample that pipe of yours LOLOL

    2. Montez

      Personal Trainer was one of the toughest cuts from my Top Ten. Along with Caught You Looking, Double Or Nothing and the Halloween scene.

      As for Tarzan, he was incredibly sexy and we are just as disappointed that he did not end up sticking around.

  5. Le3chex

    This year was VERY hard to vote for. This WHOLE year was incredible. The content simply could not be topped by any other site. Every model came SO far in their sexual growth this year. I thought Justice was my number one model hands down for that crazy jalapeño chocolate body of his and that sexy sexy charisma, but so many models stepped up their game right along side him I couldn’t just vote for him in every category the way I wanted to LOL.

    Trapp: Everything you do in bed is just sexy, and everything you say makes me love you inside AND out… you made me laugh so much this year. Keep just being you!
    Bandit: You have really grown comfortable trying new things sexually this year. Top OR bottom, some of your scenes just take my breath away. Also, I have watched your “Coming for his crown” video with Apollo more than 20 times.
    Apollo: You took Bandits pipe like it was a life line. I don’t think anyone else could have done it so well. I am so aroused and impressed by you!! Thank you for everything you do to make me love this site!!
    Ross: GOTTDAMMMM!!!! That is all…
    Scuba: Let me know when you decide to put that sexy voice on I will buy the audiobook day one. Doesn’t matter what the book is about, it will sound hella sexy, and I will buy it.
    Dominic: Your presence on this site has taken every sex scene you are in to another level. That Halloween episode felt like a star-studded season finale and your positivity keeps making everything you do feel so special. Also every time you bottom… I win the porn lottery!!!
    AND FINALLY, JUSTICE: STILL my favorite BBA jalapeño chocolate sex sensei. What can I say that I haven’t already said? That photo of you smashing Shameeks makes me cum – JUST FROM THE PHOTO. Whatever it is you keep doing that gets me so hot… please keep doing it… it’s WORKING!!!

    I have only one more thing to add… yes… it’s a selfish request…

    When Caesar coming back?!? LOL!!!??

    Thank you Mike. You and the entire BBA team. In front and behind the camera. Ya’ll have a real passion for sex and sexual discovery that has made this site my favorite place to be two years in a row. Thank you all!!!

    1. Michael

      Wow, that last part is wonderful to hear. Thanks for taking the time to share such a detailed, thorough, insightful, and hilarious review of your favorite models and scenes from the past year. Glad we made these votes difficult for you, and will strive to do the same in 2020 for sure 😉 !


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