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Japanese Straight Boys Submitting To Gay Sex Acts For Cash

If I had to choose, I’d say that out of all the porn I’ve seen in my life (and that’s A LOT 😉 ), the BIGGEST influence on the videos I’ve made so far has been some of the gay porn produced in Japan.

I first discovered it a few years ago, and it’s left an indelible mark on my erotic imagination ever since. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it’s the most intensely arousing gay porn I’ve ever seen. And if the idea of straight boys having gay sex for money turns you on as much as it turns me on, I think you’ll agree!

Most “gay for pay” porn in the United States is ridiculously, insultingly fake at worst….and highly suspicious at best. What I love about Japanese porn, especially the stuff produced by the studios Japan Pictures and Field Express, is its AUTHENTICITY.

Every scene follows a simple but highly arousing routine: A toned, usually stunningly gorgeous athlete (we’re often shown scenes of him playing his sport beforehand, many times with an actual high school or college team) sits alone in a bedroom or living room somewhere. A man behind the camera talks to him in Japanese for a long time (making me wish to God I knew Japanese), and my sense is that they’re talking about the guy’s heterosexuality, his feelings about what he’s agreed to do for money, etc. Maybe I’m way off, but regardless, the lengthy interviews reveal the guy to be authentically masculine, down to earth, nervous, aloof, reluctant, etc.


The young athlete strips and starts jacking off. Eventually an older Japanese guy (usually in his 30’s and not bad-looking himself), who is oddly enough almost always wearing goggles, begins slowly massaging and fondling the young man’s naked body.

There is little doubt in my mind that for most of these guys it is their first time being touched by another man: The athlete is always visibly uncomfortable, and there’s something about the way he tightly shuts his eyes, or the way his body tenses up, that feels anything but faked.


The older guy then force-kisses him (again proving the boy’s straightness, as the younger guy usually clenches his lips shut in disgust at first, then eventually surrenders….very reluctantly….to the older man’s insistent tongue).