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Website Update: Licking A Top’s Virgin Ass & Other Highlights from BBA’s 2013 Christmas Party

Let me start by saying this is NOT the update I was hoping to share with you this weekend. Unfortunately, I’ve been suffering from a nasty chest cold (possibly bronchitis) for the past several days that has left me feeling miserable and lacking the strength or energy to prepare a full update. This comes on top of already having had the flu for the first half of January, so needless to say it’s been a rough start to the year!

To maintain the weekly schedule and at least provide some entertainment while I get some rest and hopefully recover soon, I put this bonus footage together for you to enjoy. Rest assured that more hot scenes are on the way soon!

BBA's 2013 Christmas Party
For every scene that becomes a BBA classic, where the chemistry is perfect and everything goes even better than planned, there are at least two or three scenes like this one that for a variety of reasons just don’t turn out like I’d hoped.

My original goal for this scene was an epic Christmas orgy unlike anything I’d ever filmed before. When I couldn’t find enough guys to participate, the plans changed to it being a slightly smaller group scene with FIVE guys. Then two of the guys backed out at the last minute, leaving HollyWood, Dre, and Saint to make the best of things with a threesome.