BBA’s “Consistency” Catch-22

Almost ten years into this crazy adventure called BBA, I think it’s safe to say that keeping to a consistent update schedule isn’t exactly one of my strengths, LOL. And quite honestly, unless BBA sells out and turns into some corporate mega porn site one of these days, I think this will probably always be the case.

That’s not to say I won’t continue striving to grow and improve in this area. I know it’s a source of great frustration for many of you. But I think it’s also worth pointing out the “Catch 22” at play here: the very same “inconsistency” many of you complain about also tends to go hand in hand with the kind of unique, lengthy content you clearly crave and are impatient to see.

It’s clear from some of the recent complaints that many of you still seem to have a VERY naive and unrealistic misconception that BBA’s scenes are somehow cheap, fast, and easy to make, and/or that I’m just sadistically sitting on a pile of completed scenes for the hell of it, when nothing could be further from the truth!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: BBA’s scenes aren’t the kind of product that can be churned out by some factory assembly line week after week. At least not the kind of content I’m interested in making!

If you want forgettable 15-minute scenes featuring the same over-exposed “porn stars” over and over, then there are plenty of other sites that can offer you that like clockwork at the same exact time every week. And usually charge you MORE for it in the process. I could EASILY update BBA at the same exact time week after week if I was settling for that same sloppy standard.

I understand that BBA’s monthly subscribers are paying their hard-earned money with an expectation of new scenes in return. And as a long-time porn consumer myself, I know it’s never fun to have to wait for new updates.

But at the end of the day, I am ALWAYS going to prioritize creating the hottest possible content over sticking to some arbitrary and creatively restrictive schedule. What happened last weekend is a perfect example of this.

Whenever I’ve been unable to fulfill my end of the bargain, which has admittedly been more often than I’d like, I’ve always offered complimentary extensions or made it up to our loyal monthly subscribers with extra content the following month. For example, I’m currently working hard behind the scenes to post FOUR updates this month as promised to make up for the lack of a third update last month. (Still not sure exactly when the next one will be ready, but likely around the middle of next week, possibly with another to follow shortly after that).

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that “consistency” can mean many different things. So sure, our update schedule will probably never be “consistent” in the conventional sense of updating on the same exact days and at the same exact times every month.

But for almost ten years now, BBA has established a proud and proven track record of delivering CONSISTENTLY unique and original content starring some of the hottest guys you’ll ever see in gay porn. We CONSISTENTLY communicate with our fans about production delays and make it up to our monthly subscribers when things don’t go according to plan (seriously, what other black gay website does this?).  And last but not least, we have CONSISTENTLY (and proudly) kept our monthly subscription rate at the same low price we started with when we first launched the site.

Ultimately it’s up to you the consumer to decide which type of consistency you value the most, and whether or not the above-average scene lengths and overall QUALITY of our models and content delivered throughout the year are worth the relatively minor inconvenience of occasionally having to wait.

If you truly value the kind of surprising, stroke-worthy action and exciting new faces that BBA consistently offers….as even our most vocal and vicious critics seem to do…. then please show some respect and appreciation for the time, expense, hard work, and yes, occasional brief breaks in the update schedule that make this type of content possible.

60 comments on “BBA’s “Consistency” Catch-22
  1. Darnell Lanier

    You may provide great content but your still taking people money and have to look at it from their point of view cause if we didn’t pay you wouldn’t be in business, you have gone weeks without updates sometimes and I still stood by you just do better man

    1. Michael

      Thanks for your honest feedback, Darnell. I tried my best to acknowledge all of what you just said in my post. Sorry if it wasn’t expressed as clearly as I’d hoped.

    2. Bkboi

      Michael I have to say this and believe me your right. i just think by you letting us know your step by step move on how you constructing your site bites you in the azz a lil.i mean this forum is great it gives us bba fans a platform to interact with you like no other,the way you give us options to have full monthly membership or just to buy credits,downloads is AWESOME 👏🏾 I don’t know any other Site that gives us such a board of options and believe me I’m a Porn fanatic I’ve been around the block it’s just no other can come close..I really don’t even want to put bba in the same category with other sites anymore cause now I understand the new wave of the site I didn’t like it at first but it grew on me..I recently looked 👀 into my account as a bba VET I’ve had on and off full membership bought credits at times downloaded MADD of my favorites updates..Michael you spoil us. Yo me and some of these bba fans are a lil too much of a brat at times..I can’t believe I’m saying shyt but yea this is the best Gay porn site I’ve spent my money💰on I’m prolly one of the 1st originals from 07 the futon days to now bba has progressed on so many levels man I can’t even be ungrateful about shyt.your work ethics make us BBA fans a lil over Addicted lol if that makes any sense lol 😝 To me I Guess that’s why it’s called BLACKBOYADDICTIONZ keep up the GREAT work Mike and have us bba fans craving for more…cause at the end of the day We Want More More More and More!shyt is like crack keep EM coming back forloco or some shyt I don’t know🤷🏾‍♂️

      1. Michael

        Thanks, Bkboi, it’s always nice hearing from the fans who’ve been around since those early Blue Futon days 😉 . You tend to have a fuller appreciation of just how far things have come – in no small part thanks to the feedback and support from viewers like you.

        Thanks for your encouraging words and long-time support, and hope you enjoy the hot new models and scenes we have in store for you in the coming days and weeks!

    1. Michael

      Thanks, Kerry, for your words of encouragement and continued support. Like always, I will try my best to reward your loyalty with hot new models and unforgettable scenes.

      (Had to change your username since it wasn’t exactly an appropriate choice for a gay porn blog, LOL).

  2. stldiscreet1

    Michael thanx for keeping up the good work man and for keeping us updated with what you are doing and also have planned. I am a long time subscriber.. i don’t do the auto-membership but i’m sure you can attest that i am a frequent subscriber. So my reason for this is to show support and also just to touch base. As you have a black boy addiction.. i have somewhat of a white boy addiction.. well more so white boy “booty” addiction. In saying that WHEN are you gonna allow us, to see at least one of these guys get some of that booty of yours.. i KNOW i’m not the only one waiting to see this… Oh C’mon Mike. GIVE THAT ASS UP MAN! 😃😁🤔

    1. Michael

      Thanks for your kind words and long-time support.

      I’m amused and flattered (?) by your interest in seeing me bent over and taking some black dick, LOL. Are you the same person leaving similar requests on our Tumblr?

      In any case, sorry to disappoint you but my answer remains the same. I don’t anticipate doing that any time soon, if ever. Maybe as a special go-away “retirement” scene 😉 ? But hopefully that won’t be any time soon.

      There’s a possibility, however, that we might feature a hot white guy or two actually bottoming on BBA in the near future, so stay tuned!

  3. caliroc

    I am offended by the inclusion of the remarks by Bandit. I assume he is well compensated for his services.

    I am a monthly subscriber to this site. When I joined I was promised a specific production schedule. As a consequence, I believed you had the capacity to deliver on that contract.

    The failure to perform on the contract is recent. Regardless of the challenges, you face delivering. That fact will be factored into my decision to renew, regardless of your belief that your product warrants continuous breaches of the business agreement.
    Right is right

    1. Michael

      I never said anything about the quality of BBA’s content warranting repeated breaches of contract. Any time we’ve fallen short on our monthly commitments, we have either generously compensated members with a free month and/or tried to make up for it with additional updates the following month.

      Life happens, setbacks occur, and plans change. But the last thing we’d ever want to do is screw over our loyal members and fans. That would just be bad business if nothing else.

      But let me set one thing straight: Even with the rocky start we’ve had to this year, the WORST that has happened so far was a month without any updates for which our loyal monthly subscribers were REIMBURSED with a complimentary month. So let’s please stop acting like I just shut down the site for six months while robbing everyone blind.

    2. Bigguum

      I agree..Bandit lost some points with me for that one…what was the rationale for including it Michael?

    3. Michael

      The clip with Bandit was taken from footage already released as part of his first scene with Manny Killa. It was a funny and honest observation shared during one of the many breaks during that long and very difficult shoot. Any model (or viewer) who has ever read the comments section under one of their scenes knows EXACTLY what and who he’s talking about.

      Bandit was simply laughing about how easy it is for people to be petty and critical when they have no idea what all goes into making a scene. And how they might feel differently if I released all of the raw footage without any editing (in the case of that particular shoot, well over SIX HOURS).

      Since that is one of the main points I was trying to make in this post, I thought it was a perfectly relevant and entertaining supplement to the post.

  4. John Allen

    Michael: I’m going to take it the consistency blog was for me since I was one of the folks who raised the issues in reply to your Michael Choice blog entry for a week or so ago.

    I am sure there are many legitimate reasons for delays… not a full time cookie cutter outfit, longer original scenes, real dl guys, schedules, and even family tragedies. I get it. That’s why I moved to the credit system so I am not paying for scenes I do not get. So, I’m ok even though I get penalized for doing the credit system after being a member for at least four years. Anyway, I would suggest the credit system to anyone who complains about consistency.

    My whole point was don’t advertise what you can’t deliver upon. The real problem is that if you advertised that BBA may or may not give a subscriber three scenes a month depending on different unforeseen issues folks would not subscribe.

    You do excellent work that is not the issue. I’ve been with you since the early days and BBA is the only porn site I subscribe (credit system) to. But, it would be better to say we’ll get you at least two scenes a month and a third on occasion, than to say we’ll get you three and then not do it.

    Keep up the good work with less-frequent “Catch 22 Delays”.

    1. Michael

      Thanks, John, for your candid and constructive feedback. This post wasn’t intended for anyone in particular and the issue of consistency certainly isn’t anything new.

      As someone who’s been following the website (and blog) for years, you’re well aware that BBA’s official update policy has been in a constant state of flux and revision pretty much since the start. It’s always tough trying to strike a balance between the “consistency” customers crave and demand (let’s face it, most of you would demand DAILY updates if you thought I could do them, LOL) and the real world limitations on things like time, money, model availability, etc. that limit what I’m actually able to do.

      But I hear you about it being better to under-promise and OVER-deliver than the other way around. The problem is that sometimes I don’t actually know what I can’t deliver until it’s too late, usually due to circumstances beyond my control.

      For now, I’m still committed to the three updates a month, just not necessarily paced out weekly or on any specific day of the week. Hell, we may even return to weekly updates one of these days, especially if I can get Shax Carter co-filming full-time. You never know.

      To be continued lol….

  5. Eric Jenkins

    My only problem with everything you wrote is as a “consumer”, if you say you going to do something then I tend to believe it, I only get upset when the word isn’t kept. So what I am getting out of this is there won’t be any CONSISTENCY of keeping your word so take it or leave it…Gotcha.

    1. Michael

      That’s not even remotely close to what I actually said. Please read my post again as well as my other replies in the comments. Thanks.

  6. Steven Davis

    So basically what you’re saying is, “this is my business and if you don’t like the inconsistency, oh well.” Look Michael, I’ve been a fan of your site and a LOYAL customer for a long time. I’ve purchased most of your videos. But this blog post comes off as a dismissive and arrogant slap in the face to your customers and fan base.

    Look, I’m a small business owner myself. I understand the hard work it takes to sustain a business. To work in the adult entertainment field AND find young urban/black male talent that are willing to expose and perform on a website with other men must be a monumental task. I empathize with you. But you just can’t simply dismiss your customers complaints as though they’re being irrational or unreasonable.

    First, YOU set your own deadlines and you still can’t adhere to them. They’ not arbitrary. It happens every year. There’s always a death or a sickness or Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall break that prevents you from updating. Always an excuse. At one point last year I was thinking that you were just not interested in the business anymore or you had some sort of substance abuse issue that was consuming your life. But many customers, including myself still supported you. Even when you decided to decrease the number of updates on the site, you couldn’t even keep up with that. But I was still supporting you.

    I always wondered how you could sustain a business like that. Why doesn’t there seem to be a back up plan? Why aren’t you filming extra videos for emergencies? You come off in this post as though it’s a privilege to view your videos. Just because your website features young, black, male talent, does that give you the right to just tell your customers to just deal with inconsistencies because they don’t have a lot of other options? And then when customers and fans bring their grievances to your attention, you respond with a snarky, petulant and nasty tone. Why do think it’s okay to speak to your fan base like that.

    I don’t think it’s an unreasonable request for your customers to ask for more consistency. I enjoy your videos. I think your produce great work. That’s why I PURCHASE your videos and not pirate them because I want you to continue to produce great videos.

    But your update schedule is atrocious and completely unpredictable. You know early in the week you’re not going to make the weekend deadlines THAT YOU SETUP and you still wait till the last minute to inform your customers, if at all. I thought when you hired Montez that things would lighten up for you and provide you more flexibility. It seems as though things have gotten worse.

    I don’t have a lot of free time. As I said before, I have a small business myself. So when you say you’re going to update the site at a certain time and day and then you don’t OR you don’t give a deadline at all, it’s frustrating because now I have to carve out private time for myself in the limited time I have. I’m sure many of your fans and customers feel the same way.

    So all I would ask is that you please take some time to keep your word when it comes to updates. Make that a priority.

    1. Michael

      Please don’t distort or exaggerate what I said. I’m still committed to providing BBA’s monthly subscribers with three monthly updates as promised. All I’m saying is not to expect them at the same exact time every week, because BBA is probably NEVER going to be that type of site, for all of the reasons I explained in this post.

      I’m sorry if that sounds “dismissive” or “arrogant” to you, but it was obvious from some of the recent feedback that a clarification about the update schedule was needed. If you find this unacceptable as a consumer, we offer a popular credits alternative precisely for those viewers who for whatever reason feel like they’re not getting their money’s worth from the monthly subscription.

      As far as me acting like my content is a “privilege” to watch, of course it is, LOL! That’s like criticizing a chef for bragging about the food at his restaurant. I’m damn proud of BBA’s models and scenes and all of the time and hard work we put into making them unique and great. Even WITH the occasional breaks and delays, I’d proudly put FIVE MONTHS of BBA’s models and scenes up against FIVE YEARS of content from most other black gay sites any day of the week.

      At the risk of sounding like I’m running for office, LOL, I do believe my record speaks for itself. I’ve been delivering consistently hot models and great content for almost a decade. THAT’S the foundation upon which my business is built, not frantically trying to update every Thursday night at exactly 9 p.m. or something unrealistic like that.

      I know that I can get sarcastic and defensive at times, and I’m going to try to be better about that. But contrary to your own little “snarky” speculation about me disappearing off to rehab somewhere, BBA consumes the VAST MAJORITY of my life and my time, and when I’ve basically been working around the clock editing with hardly any sleep, after over a week of stressful and exhausting filming, it sometimes rubs me the wrong way to come back to impatient tantrums and complaints like I’m just sitting around and sadistically making everyone wait for the hell of it.

      Same thing applies to the complaints about me not “keeping my word.” Not once in the entire history of the site have I ever failed to deliver a new scene when promised simply because I didn’t give a fuck about my site or its fans. NEVER!!!

      I know it’s an easy thing for clueless customers to crucify me over, but there are easily a million different things that can and have caused a website update’s delay: models missing flights, laptop or software malfunctions, models not being able to perform, off-camera emergencies and model drama, personal illness, etc. Even last weekend’s decision to stay out of town longer than planned is a perfect example of me not “keeping my word” for a very valid and justifiable reason that I knew many customers would not understand. But I did it anyway with the BIGGER PICTURE in mind.

      OF COURSE in a perfect world I’d already be sitting on a sizable stash of web-ready scenes, but that’s just not the reality right now and unless everyone is fine with me shutting down the site for six months to a year while I try to accrue that kind of back-up collection, that’s just never going to happen.

      The main reason I’m even taking this time to clarify what monthly subscribers should and should NOT expect from the monthly schedule going forward is because I’m trying to avoid making any more promises I can’t realistically keep.

      Hiring Montez full-time and bringing Shax Carter on board for some of the filming ARE major steps I’ve taken to help with this “consistency” problem. But as I made clear in my original announcements, these kinds of major adjustments require time and training and aren’t going to result in some kind of miraculous transformation overnight.

      I get a lot of flak from you and others for the open and honest communication I try to maintain with BBA’s viewers through this blog. It’s easy to mock my “excuses” but the only way you even know about my various colds, deaths in the family, vacations, production setbacks, robberies at gunpoint, etc. is because I’ve chosen to SHARE these personal details with you through this blog. Granting viewers an intimate glimpse into the joys AND struggles of my adventures as an amateur porn producer was the main reason for starting this blog in the first place.

      MANY other black gay websites have gone MUCH longer than BBA ever has without posting anything new, never once offering any kind of announcement or apology, let alone any kind of free extension or effort to make it up to their customers later.

      1. Steven Davis

        Your response just validated the point I was making in the comment. You always seem to respond with an attitude when a PAYING CUSTOMER has an issue with the website. I’m not saying the quality is bad, it’s actually very good…when it’s available. But that’s the problem. In business, customers don’t want to see or hear about how sausage is made, they just want to eat it. No one wants to hear about your litany of excuses as to why you can’t update. We just want to purchase the product. Instead of you trying to throw subtle jabs at customers and fans and feel insulted when questioned about the abhorrent update schedule, you should have just replied by saying we have a plan of action to improve it in the future. THAT’S IT. You seem to have little appreciation for your fans.

        And I’m not sure why you keep mentioning that other black gay websites are updating or don’t have the quality of videos that you do. What does that have to do with anything? A business is a business no matter what the models look like or what demographic you’re catering to. Does the fact that your website has black male models and a large black clientele give you license to short change customers as you please or be dismissive of their complaints? I’m not exactly sure why you always seem to mention that, but I’ve seen you do it often over the years I’ve been reading this blog.

        I run a small soul food bistro in Pennsylvania. My customers base is mixed to majority black. It’s a lot of work. Do you think customers want to hear excuses when the food isn’t prepared correctly or when the wait staff provide poor service. HELL NO! Do you think I can respond to customers complaints by saying that other black soul food restaurants don’t provide the quality I do and their service is worse? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I have to fix the problem and provide a plan of action to implement it or I’ll lose customers and go out of business. Unlike you, I don’t get butt-hurt when a customer has a problem, I deal with it and move on. And I damn sure don’t keep repeating the same mistakes and expect my customers to just accept it. Because that’s exactly what you just said when you said your update schedule will never be consistent.

        I’m sure you work hard. The quality of your videos prove it. But the video update schedule needs to be dramatically overhauled and improved, in addition to your attitude and the way you respond to your fans and paying customers.

        1. Michael

          I think a lot of your issues with me and my communication style stem from the fact that you still don’t seem to understand the basic point of this blog.

          This is a gay porn site’s BLOG, not a customer service forum. If you want polished and professional customer service, complete with ass-kissing and all, then contact me or Montez by email and you’ll get exactly that, LOL.

          The BBA blog is a place where I can communicate candidly and intimately with BBA’s viewers. This includes sharing behind-the-scenes stories, offering additional info and insight about the models and scenes, and expressing my own personal takes on individual scenes. Sharing a different point of view and/or disagreeing with an ignorant or negative comment is all part of an honest dialogue and shouldn’t be misinterpreted as a lack of customer service.

          In other words, this is EXACTLY the place people come to hear about how the “sausage gets made”! If you don’t personally have any interest in hearing what’s going on behind the scenes….including my personal stories and struggles you love to dismiss and deride….then don’t come to a PORN BLOG whose stated purpose is to share these types of behind-the-scenes stories, both good and bad!

          *AT NO POINT* did I say anything about not delivering on my promise of three updates a month. What I DID say is that if you enjoy the length and quality of our scenes overall, as you obviously do, then please respect the time, work, and money that goes into making them possible and understand that an “inconsistent” schedule sometimes comes with the territory. By that I just mean the updates aren’t always going to be posted on the same exact day and at the same exact time every week. At least not for the time being. That’s merely an observation of fact, not an “excuse” for “short-changing” members like you falsely accused.

          Let’s say for whatever reason, you come to the conclusion that it’s just not possible for your restaurant to stay open on Mondays, despite the fact that you have many customers demanding that you stay open every day of the week. It’s not “arrogance” or “poor customer service” to make an honest public announcement about what days and hours of business your restaurant can and can’t keep. That’s pretty much the equivalent of what I announced in this post.

    2. Bigguum

      I concur 110% with everything you said..he keeps talking about a free month to compensate for lack of productivity, but there was almost a month between the last two new updates…so what did we loyal customers get for free?

      1. Montez

        I am not sure which occasion you are referring to so I will address both. Free may have been the wrong word to use for the delay in Feb/March. In the two months, members were only charged for one month of service. And in that time, there were a total of three scenes released. The purpose of the “free month” was to not rebill members when they weren’t provided the three promised scenes. It was done as more of a way to not screw you guys out of your months pay. If you are referring to the most recent delay, Michael addressed that in the original post. May will feature four updates instead of three to make up for missing an update last month.

  7. Jim

    Mike smfh! To say this was a disappointment would be an understatement. You’re not consistent to charge more than the rate and haven’t been for a long time. I wouldn’t pay over the rate just for that reason alone. I get life happens & things we can’t control takes place but this post is like “I’m frustrated with y’all for being frustrated with me”. LOL. It’s stupid.

  8. Kelsey

    I am fine with the fact that you don’t post consistently I get it! I wish customers like me who don’t pay for the monthly subscription but pay for the credits when new content comes out get something in return.

    But I respect what you do for sure! Just a helpful tip, maybe you can offer another component of payment where people pay for like how many minutes they watch videos instead of credits! There is one website called that does this and I can buy 50 minutes of streaming and watch all of the content I want until my streaming minutes lapse! I think this may help calm some of those irritated monthly subscribers


    MIKE i can’t talk for everyone i can talk for myself mike keep doing what u r doing i love bba and please just keep finding the best sexy young thugs if u miss i understand u will come back better and stronger the next week everything i ask u to do with trapp u did now with every scene trapp is in he puts that 1 legg up which makes him super sexy mike don’t let the haters stop u bandit say what’s on your mind u have a big dick runnin up in u not the haters (THUG BOYS) do not let no one say nothing about what they put out need i say more? mike great job keep doing what u r doing let them leave u still got members who stand with you 100000000% real talk.

  10. TJ

    Lol! This is a MESS! As with any Business the Golden Rule is that the customer is ALWAYS RIGHT. That is because without the customer then guess what? There is NO BUSINESS!!

    It is sad that loyal customers and fans are met with excuses & explanations rather than results. It WAS communicated and accepted the new update schedule and now we have to listen to “life happens” ??? LMAO.

    If you’re overwhelmed and cant keep up with your customer/demand then either hire more staff or watch your customers LEAVE. Those are your ONLY two options.

    BBA is a successful business, if you’re too cheap to expand your staff to meet the demands of the consumer then sir your business will Fail, period.

  11. chucke1

    Do you actually consider us ungrateful motherfuckers, seriously? You laugh at an actor saying that and then post the video, WOW JUST SAW THIS! Thanks for being honest and sharing your thoughts!

  12. Montez

    After reading through the comments, I think that most have missed the point, for one reason or another. As paying customers, each and every one of you are entitled to voice your opinions, whether good or bad. We provide that platform for you here at this blog. In my opinion, constructive criticism is a great thing in business. Almost a necessity. We very much appreciate and do not take for granted our loyal customers. Without you there would be no BBA. We’d be fools not to appreciate you all.

    The thing we have an issue with is the fact that some people have made it clear that they think these inconsistencies in updates are done purposely. That we are just sitting around and saying “nah don’t feel like updating today.” As Michael stated, last week was a great example. We delayed the update because there was a very impromptu and unexpected opportunity to film MORE content for you guys, with a very sexy new model. I don’t see how that can be taken as a bad thing. There are other times when sickness, death in the family (which being called an excuse by some people is absolutely ludicrous and indecent) and other circumstances out of our control cause the delay. But we always try and find a way to make it up. I defy anyone to find another site like BBA that would accept that responsibility, address it and give up a month’s worth of profit in order to be fair to our loyal fan base. All that is to say, no we do not purposely delay updates just for our sick amusement.

    As for the argument of filming a bunch of scenes and just having a stockpile of content ready to go at the click of a few buttons…. That would be ideal. That would be incredible. What it isn’t though is realistic. Because of the kind of content we produce and the HIGH cost of it, we’d go bankrupt trying to do that lol. Michael has said many times that filming the kind of content BBA does is not cheap. I don’t think some of you quite understand just how true that really is. As someone who was exactly like all of you at one point (a loyal, paying customer), I understand most of your frustrations at times. But I had NO idea back then what it cost to produce BBA content and my guess would have been way off. lol So that isn’t a realistic solution at all. Believe me.

    I also think people are slightly confused as to why I was hired full-time. My specialty is in business management, which is what I do at BBA. I was not hired to film and produce scenes, although there may come a time in the future where I will also be doing that. What I do doesn’t have much consequence on the release of updates. But that also doesn’t mean Michael is just sitting back doing nothing and making everyone wait just for the hell of it. After getting back from over a week of stressful filming and model management, Michael worked with barely any sleep to get Bandit’s Revenge #2 ready to release…… And then came a technical glitch as the audio was screwed up during the LONG encoding process, so he had to go back and start that process all over again. Not an excuse, just fact. Incredibly frustrating for someone who worked all day on something. All the while, being bombarded with negativity and complaints as if he were just doing nothing. So that is where Michael’s frustration comes from.

    So in closing, I really just wanted to and hope that I have conveyed that Michael and I appreciate and cherish the loyalty and passion of you all, even if sometimes you get the impression that we do not. We DO. We do NOT sit around doing nothing just to torture you guys. When there is a delay, there is a damn good reason. This most recent one being a choice to film and have MORE content for you guys. And while things might be annoying and frustrating in the moment, we will always strive to make up for it on the back end (no pun intended) one way or another.

  13. caliroc

    Really Montez,

    All this “The dog ate my homework” response from you and Michael regarding CONSISTENCY of updates is really unnecessary.

    I read member comments say, subscribers want BBA management to be more mindful and responsive to promises regarding benefits of membership and weekly updates.

    I get it you are proud of your program content, but really that is not at issue here.

    That’s it, that’s all.

    1. Montez


      This is a discussion. If you all posted comments on here and we ignored them and didn’t respond, you’d be biting our heads off for that. So are you saying you do NOT want us to respond to the criticism?

      My response had nothing to do with “dog ate my homework.” I read every comment and I addressed the issue at hand by explaining what caused/causes the inconsistency in updates. That is what we are discussing. What exactly do you find wrong in my comments? I am confused.

  14. deeke

    Hey, Mike & Montez
    I appreciate the open and honest conversation that this forum allows. I have decided to just go the credit route for now and I’m glad you offer that option, but as I long time subscriber (way back to the Tori, Kenny and Beno days) I am confused to why the video clip of Bandit was included in this post. It seemed as if the post was intended to explain and apologize for the delays and then suddenly we consumers are labeled as ungrateful MF’s. I mean if that is how he feels about people who are paying to watch his scenes that’s his business. But to include that in this post seems counter-productive. And a little insulting. Thanks for your time

    1. Michael

      The clip with Bandit was taken from footage already released as part of his first scene with Manny Killa. It was a funny and honest observation shared during one of the many breaks during that long and very difficult shoot. Any model (or viewer) who has ever read the comments section under one of their scenes knows EXACTLY what and who he’s talking about.

      Bandit was simply laughing about how easy it is for people to be petty and critical when they have no idea what all goes into making a scene. And how they might feel differently if I released all of the raw footage without any editing (in the case of that particular shoot, well over SIX HOURS).

      Since that is one of the main points I was trying to make in this post, I thought it was a perfectly relevant and entertaining supplement to the post.

      1. man12345

        I would say it was a bit in poor taste when you know folks are upset about the inconsistent time frame. I truly understand that a lot goes into doing what you do. As I stated in another response, I have been a manager for over 25 years and I understand what it means to plan events and have unforeseen circumstances. People see the finished product and don’t understand what it took to get things done. When I am in the corner falling asleep because I was up all night with final details, people just have no idea. However, that is not their problem or issue, it is mine. When the problems or mistakes have been mine as a leader I just had to own them. I understand your frustration because I truly believe you are trying your best, but perhaps you need to review your process and see if there is something that you can do to make it easier to achieve your desired outcome. I really do want to see you maintain your authenticity which is what drew me to this site and keeps me here. I am pulling for you Mike!

  15. caliroc

    Listen to Bandit’s comments about the member complaints, posted in the initial post regarding “consistency of updates or lack thereof”. A careful listen to the exchange on the question should help relieve your confusion regarding “my “a dog ate my homework” metaphor.

  16. chucke1

    Enjoy BBA but no site is perfect and no customer gets everything exactly how they want it. We all need to be respectful and try to see each other’s points of view. if Michael and Montez and everyone else does their best, does it really cause the world to stop if a update takes longer than expected? If I get what I purchased no matter how late and it is worth the money, I’m happy!

  17. Jacob

    Some things are easier said than done but for the sake of business. I think what’s best is that you take a month (maybe unlock 10 of the oldest scenes) and shoot with the other director and tyga 3 or 4 scenes each so that you can be 2 months out in product. This way customers don’t have to continue to get these sob story updates every other month when “something unforeseen” or “outta my control” happens. Plan ahead….. you’ve always given every excuse in the book except why there’s no back up shoots. Like you’ve shot 2 scenes in a weekend or broken 1 shoot into 2 part episodes. Make it work and you won’t have to make excuses.

  18. Michael

    There seems to be a lot of confusion (and in some cases, deliberate distortion) about what I actually said in this post, so let me try to set the record straight on a few things:

    First off, this is a gay porn site’s BLOG, not a customer service forum. If you want polished and professional customer service, complete with “customer’s always right” ass-kissing and all, then contact me or Montez by email and you’ll get exactly that, LOL.

    The BBA blog is a place where I can communicate candidly and intimately with BBA’s viewers. This includes sharing behind-the-scenes stories, offering additional info and insight about the models and scenes, and expressing my own personal takes on individual scenes. Sharing a different point of view and/or disagreeing with an ignorant or negative comment is all part of an honest dialogue and shouldn’t be misinterpreted as a lack of customer service.

    There isn’t a porn producer out there who works harder or cares more about his customers than I do, and I think I’ve more than proven that to BBA’s true fans over the years. Just think about how often you hear the models thanking their fans and practically BEGGING for viewer feedback at the ends of their scenes. That’s exactly the type of humble, grateful, and customer-centered culture I’ve tried to create and foster here at BBA.

    We have ALWAYS welcomed honest feedback and constructive criticism from BBA’s viewers, knowing that’s the only way BBA will continue to grow and improve. However, there’s also such a thing as unfair and/or unrealistic customer demands, and this post was an attempt to address some of those.

    *AT NO POINT* did I say anything about not delivering on my promise of three updates a month. What I DID say is that if you enjoy the length and quality of our scenes overall, as most of you obviously do, then please respect the hard work, money, and time that goes into making them possible and understand that an “inconsistent” schedule will sometimes comes with the territory. By that I just mean the updates aren’t always going to be posted on the same exact day and at the same exact time every week. At least not for the time being.

    It’s tough trying to strike a balance between the “consistency” customers understandably crave and demand (let’s face it, most of you would demand DAILY updates if you thought I could do them, LOL) and the real world limitations on things like time, money, model availability, etc. that limit what I’m actually able to do. The biggest problem over the years has been that sometimes I don’t always actually know what I can’t deliver until it’s too late, almost always due to circumstances beyond my control. The whole point of this post was to start an honest dialogue and move AWAY from making promises I can’t actually keep.

    But rest assured that I’m still committed to the promised three updates a month, just saying they won’t always be paced out weekly or on any specific day of the week. Maybe one of these days we’ll return to weekly updates, especially if Shax Carter begins co-filming full-time.

    In the meantime, I will continue working hard to produce the kind of unique and unforgettable content that makes a monthly BBA subscription worthwhile. Last week’s 61-minute scorcher between Manny Killa and Bandit is a perfect example of that. Those of you who for whatever reason don’t feel like this is the case can check out our credits alternative that allows you to enjoy BBA’s content on a scene by scene basis. Your credits will never expire, and you can spend them only on the models and scenes that really interest you.

  19. Jamal

    Mike I think the scenes are great, but it’s so unfair and crazy how u do things. We know u are working to get things caught up but at some point u have to realize what’s going on here. If u can’t do updates every week then substitute something in. I would easily settle for a q n a session with bandit or isaiah or someone on twitter or something but live, or something to help us cope with these scenes not being ready. I have told u before I would intern at bba to help make some of these things work for u.

  20. Damon Alawishus Deuxdeuxdish

    My head hurts from reading all the bitching in these responses.
    I for one, love knowing how the sausage is made. The time you spend letting us know the get down is priceless.
    I want to know more. I have dozens of questions that go unasked because quite frankly, it’s none of my business.
    Thank you for sharing as much as you do. I love that about you. 💋

  21. Justin

    well said!!! and i repeat “WELL SAID”!!! as a long time BBA subscriber, i do appreciate all of the hard work and effort that goes into doing what you do. BBA content is by far much better than what is being offered in the mainstream (imho), and even though i realize “YOU CAN’T PLEASE EVERYBODY”, i commend you for putting forth the fine efforts that you do. the BBA team gets a big “THUMBS UP” (and that’s not all that’s up…lol) from this subscriber.

    thank you Mike & Montez & the whole BBA crew….keep doing what your doing!!!

  22. Deon

    So the models get paid for there services like a job right ??? So why would it b schedule problems if my job said I have to b here on a certain day n time that’s what I have to do or guess wat I can find another job n the company can find another person to fulfill the job needed done.. these are a bunch of excuses n I get it stand by your product but both Michael n Montez r missing da point and frankly that’s a problem in the business world good luck with n if I can recall during the last hiccup you was partying your ass off n Montez stayed at wwe so r u guys really working round the clock but hey not my business just give me wat I paid for n improve how I can continue to receive it on the days YOU set in your revised update schedule last year. I’m so in awe of Michael n Montez responses it reminds me of the current administration running the government good luck with everything you guys

  23. man12345

    Hello Mike and Montez,
    First let me say thanks for what you do. Over the years I have enjoyed about 98% of the content that you have published. Of course there are some things from time to time just aren’t my cup of tea (that’s to be expected). And the inconsistency has been an issue and has bothered me to the point I consider ending my membership. At this point I am not really sure what I am going to do as far as that goes. I will say that this year so far has been very inconsistent. I do understand that life happens sometimes, things like sickness and death in the family happen and these things have happened to me within the last year so I do understand. I can also understand Mike, that you become a little defensive in the face of all of the harsh criticism that you have been getting. Some of the guys have been very tough on you. I can really see both sides of the issue. When you pay your money for something you expect a product and that is just it. On the other hand some of the comments that have been made were uncalled for and simply immature such as suggesting that you were in rehab or something like that (very poor taste and childish to say such a thing). However, equally in poor taste and unprofessional was calling customers, naïve or clueless. I certainly don’t know what it takes to be a porn producer or to run this type of business, but I do know something about business, as I have been a supervisor and manager for over 25 years now. I know that at times there are outcomes that are less than desirable and it just happens even with the best planning and as a business person or manager you have to be the one to bite the bullet and take the hit when things don’t go the right way. Of course that means you will have to deal with the anger of your customers. The truth is you brought up the “customer service” issue when you talked about the inconsistent time frame. When I first discovered your website several years ago, your posts were not consistent, so I would check your site from time to time and when you had a few updates I would sign up for a membership for thirty days or so and then leave it alone for a while because sometimes weeks would go by without an update. Then when you started to be more consistent and you stated that things would be more consistent I signed up a for a monthly membership and I am billed every month. Since you now have people working with you it is my hope that eventually (and sooner than later), you will be able to be more consistent, you will have people that can keep things going even when you have issues or a personal crisis (those things come for all of us) and that you are able to have a few in the can so that when things come up you or someone on your staff can continue to post updates. We love what you do, but at the end of the day what you do is a business and business is business! Good luck to you Mike!

  24. wblackstud

    Mike and Montez
    I read all your comments about BBA and comments from your customer. I just want to make sure I get 4 new updates within a timely manner If it takes more then 30 days and goes into another month that’s on you. I just want what you advertise and what I have paid for.

    1. Michael

      Fair enough, but just to be clear since it seems you may have missed our announcement last Fall, we haven’t promised weekly updates since the end of last summer.

      Around the start of September 2017, we announced that we were scaling back to three updates a month. And any time we’ve been unable to deliver on that promise, we have credited our monthly subscribers with a free month or added a bonus update the following month (as we’re in the process of doing this month).

  25. SkurtOnMe

    Y’all are really here typing paragraghs and its hilarious. Accept it for what it is, I know I have. If BBA has a good scene here and there, awesome!! If you decide to go on a 3 month hiatus, fine. It’s porn, there are plenty orgasms to be had with or without BBA.

  26. Anthony B

    I’m one of the fans that opted out of the monthly subscription for the stashing option and due to the consistency of the new updates. To be honest, I’m fine with it. Reality is, that 1/week frequency just isn’t where things are going to be. The type of guys you look for are “unique” as are the dealing that come from that (especially if they’ve got girls or are nervous or new to the business, etc.).

    I’m pretty sure no amount of keyboard courage, bad-mouthing, hand-waving at the screen or hours spent contemplating to press the ‘cancel’ button is gonna change that. It’s negative energy that is frankly just a waste, I’d rather bust a good nut.

    Besides…I continue to bust plenty good nutts to older scenes of Isaiah getting pounded and Justice gah….. I want more of him, as in I really want to meet this dude. And pretty sure I’ll get another one later this week. Works fine for me. And I’d recommend it to anyone else that is just “devastated” by the update schedule (I’m totally being petty).

    My only real worry is the day Dday comes: should the site ever close. I get scared I’ll lose the scenes forever because I just put them in my stash instead of downloading them.

  27. Eric Jenkins

    Unlike you I don’t own a business and work VERY hard for my money so I treat myself to certain things and this site was one of them till recently, so instead of catching it on Pornhub or Myvidster I like to do it the right way. Honestly speaking I cancel my subscription cause like others were saying or trying to say is I feel like I am wasting money being a monthly subscriber, which I been for a year and a half. I don’t want to do the credit thing cause that seems like more money. So I will sit out for a while and watch to see if progress is being made with new updates and not doing a filler with throwbacks that is commonly done every month. I really do wish the best and a speedy recovery cause the look of the comments “the consumers” aren’t happy, and like was stated before without us there will be no you.

  28. Darriq FRAZIER

    Just create a customer service forum. I also Take offense at the way you articulate your response. It feels dismissive. I understand this is a blog, but just say.: “we are sorry, we are running behind schedule. We will do all we can to make sure the content is uploaded as promised. Sincerely, management. “. I believe That goes over better than what you’ve been saying.

    You all do good work, but I’m losing patience.

  29. Alex

    Michael. Your site is absolutely one of the best sites especially featuring black men. You portray the more personal side of these men which allows the viewer to relate to them as people not just sex objects. Which I appreciate. I have been frustrated at times on the weekend expecting a hot new scene but your scenes are worth the wait. I know you have a life outside of BBA so delays happen. Keep up the great work and we will keep supporting.


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