Manny Killa Signed As New Exclusive BBA Model!

We’re proud and excited to announce that popular DJ and social media sensation Manny Killa is the latest to join the BBA team as an EXCLUSIVE/VIP model!

With his striking good looks, charismatic personality, and slim, sexy body, there’s no doubt Manny Killa is a young star on the rise who we’re proud to welcome to the BBA roster as our newest exclusive model. He will no doubt bring us many more unforgettable scenes in the weeks, months, and hopefully years to come!

 (Photography by Shax Carter)

21 comments on “Manny Killa Signed As New Exclusive BBA Model!
  1. Remedy

    I could have sworn they hinted around him trying something new in the new years vid. I thought he was Gunna get plugged. *Currently waiting For when he does * 🤸🏽‍♂️🕺🏽

  2. TJ

    Congratz! I hope he goes Verse lol ..his scene with Bandit was good but wouldve been GREAT if it was a flip fuck scene. Either way Congratz on the new exclusive model.

  3. Jamal

    Mike I’ve been thinking …let’s bring Knockout back to do a scene with Apollo and then with Bandit….thank me later

    1. Mike

      Wow, you said exactly what I wanted to say. I hope Bandit is exclusive because Bandit is the reason I check this site weekly. Other models are alright but I’m waiting for more Bandit.

      1. Jamal

        So true. Bandit and Isaiah are everything !!! That’s why I keep saying Mike should hire me as creative director for BBA.

    1. David Kutchara

      I second that!!! He does nothing for me!
      Looking foward seeing more of Trapp, Isaiah, Apollo, & hopefully Scotty & Shaun!!!

      1. Damien

        Don’t mind Manny, not my favorite but far better than Blake. No more Blake, but everyone else you mentioned are hot. Scotty and Trapp rematch.

  4. Brandon

    Need more of MANNY!!!! He is so sexy!!! His scenes are amazing. Plus I love guys that take care of there appearance… Great job with him!!! Manny is definitely a keeper!!!


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