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Future of the BBA Blog

Since the newly redesigned website now allows monthly subscribers and those with credits to leave comments, regardless of how they’re accessing the site, we’ve decided to stop announcing the website updates here on the blog. As things have evolved, it’s started to become redundant and unnecessary, and only a small handful of you still leave feedback here anyways.

Please continue to share your questions and feedback in the comments sections under individual scenes on the website, and we will reply and interact with you there just like we’ve always tried to do here.

You can also follow me (Michael) on Twitter here, and the main BBA account here, where we regularly share announcements, funny “Behind the Scenes” clips, teasers for upcoming scenes, clips from BBA scenes past and present, fun viewer polls, etc., as well as interact with our fans on a daily basis.

We won’t be discontinuing this blog or anything drastic like that. We will continue to post important announcements here. We also plan to begin posting more exclusive, original blog content….things like Behind the Scenes stories, profiles and “where are they now” updates for your favorite BBA models, sneak previews of coming attractions, and of course the famous annual “Best of BBA” polls at the end of each year.

If you’re not already signed up to receive email alerts for all of our blog updates, be sure to sign up on the left side of this page so you don’t miss a thing!

Just so you know, we did just post a new Thursday update, so be sure to head on over to the site to check it out and share your feedback there!



Welcome To The New-And-Improved BBA Blog!

Welcome to the brand-new home of the “Black Boy Addictionz” blog!

Even though I was understandably frustrated when GoDaddy informed me that they were shutting down the blog service I’d used to host and manage this blog for over five years, and the process of moving everything over from the old blog has been more tedious and time-consuming than I’d anticipated, I actually think it’s a blessing in disguise and just the kick in the pants I needed to upgrade to a new and improved blog platform. The BBA blog will now be operated using WordPress and hosted by the same company that hosts the BBA website.

Whether you’re an old friend or a brand-new visitor, I hope you’ll bookmark the new blog and drop by on a regular basis for all of the latest news and updates, behind-the-scenes stories, sneak previews, and MORE!

My goal for this blog continues to be to provide my readers and members with the kind of intimate, interactive porn experience that you just can’t get with the big professional porn studios. By taking you behind the scenes of my video-shoots, introducing you to the models, responding to your questions and suggestions, and sharing my personal perspective on the joys and challenges of making amateur porn, I hope you’ll enjoy being an active part of my porn-producing adventures!

Here are a few features of the new blog that I’m excited about:

  • Posting your questions, feedback, and suggestions is now more convenient than ever! No registration is required, anonymous comments are allowed, and all you have to do is enter an email address to leave a comment (your email will not be shown to the public). No more of those annoying CAPTCHAS that required multiple frustrating attempts just to leave a comment!
  • Blog updates can still be received via email. If you previously subscribed to updates from the old blog, your email address will be automatically added. New subscribers can sign up for this feature on the left side-bar or by entering your email below:


  • A “QuickSearch” function (on the left side of the page) allows readers to search the entire blog archives for specific models, video titles, categories, tags, etc.
  • No more tiny, hard-to-read text; font size is now bigger and hopefully easier on the eyes!
  • Things like video previews, viewer polls, and embedded video clips from other sites will be MUCH easier for me to post, making this a more diverse and entertaining blog!
  • Conveniently share your favorite scenes, models, and blog posts on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr (check out the share icons below every post)!

Please bear with me as I continue to familiarize myself with all of the new blog’s features and tinker with the overall layout and look. I’m still in the midst of transferring and reformatting the old blog’s archives (including your comments) over to the new blog, so you will continue to see old posts pop up over the next couple weeks.

I’ve tried to avoid making any drastic changes to the blog’s overall layout and look, but I’m sure it will still take a little getting used to. Please feel free to share your feedback and suggestions about the new blog by leaving a comment on this post or emailing me directly at michael@blackboyaddictionz.com.

I know I haven’t been as good about it lately, but reading and responding to your questions, feedback, and suggestions is half the fun of blogging for me, and I’ll try to catch up and do better once this transition is finished. The more viewers/readers who participate in this blog by leaving comments, the more fun and interesting it will be for everyone!

(Clicking on a post’s title will take  you to the full post where you can leave comments).


Important Announcement Re: Upcoming Changes to the BBA Blog

I was recently notified by GoDaddy that starting June 25, they will no longer be providing the blog service that I’ve used to host and manage this blog for over five years.

Over the next couple weeks, I will be working on setting up a new blog with a new (and hopefully more dependable and enduring) blog service. The domain and overall blog content will remain the same, but the look, layout, fonts, etc. will most likely change. I’m still not sure if I’ll be able to transfer all of the posts, comments, etc. from this blog over to the new blog, but I’m definitely going to try, since everything here will be deleted by GoDaddy in less than two weeks .

I will try to make this transition to the new blog as smooth and seamless as possible, but I wanted to give my loyal blog readers a heads-up since the blog might end up being down for a brief period of time and I didn’t want anyone to be alarmed.

PLEASE NOTE: This transition will *only* affect the BBA blog and NOT the actual website! The website will continue operating as normal.