Important Announcement Re: Upcoming Changes to the BBA Blog

I was recently notified by GoDaddy that starting June 25, they will no longer be providing the blog service that I’ve used to host and manage this blog for over five years.

Over the next couple weeks, I will be working on setting up a new blog with a new (and hopefully more dependable and enduring) blog service. The domain and overall blog content will remain the same, but the look, layout, fonts, etc. will most likely change. I’m still not sure if I’ll be able to transfer all of the posts, comments, etc. from this blog over to the new blog, but I’m definitely going to try, since everything here will be deleted by GoDaddy in less than two weeks .

I will try to make this transition to the new blog as smooth and seamless as possible, but I wanted to give my loyal blog readers a heads-up since the blog might end up being down for a brief period of time and I didn’t want anyone to be alarmed.

PLEASE NOTE: This transition will *only* affect the BBA blog and NOT the actual website! The website will continue operating as normal.

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