Website Update: The Forbidden Fruit #2

Michael About To Feast on Isaiah's Ass

Like most straight guys, Isaiah doesn’t want anyone looking at, let alone TOUCHING  his ass. He even told us during his solo audition that he wouldn’t let his own girlfriend try licking his ass!

“I’m scared of how it would feel,” he confessed at the time. “I don’t even want to test that water!”

Even though Isaiah briefly showed off his ass during that audition, he hasn’t let us give it much attention since then. Of course Isaiah’s stubborn protection of his tempting back-side only made me want to touch and taste it even more!

See for yourself what happens when I put this sexy straight basketball player’s limits to the test and finally get my first touch and taste of THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT….


This scene marks a MAJOR step forward for the same skeptical straight jock who insisted on wearing a blindfold during his first time with a guy!

“I really want to finish college and everything, so I gotta do what I gotta do!” Isaiah nervously explains when asked why he changed his mind about taking things to the NEXT LEVEL and trying some new things he initially swore he would NEVER do.

These include sitting in my lap as I feel up his athletic young body, kissing me on the lips (this time with TONGUE!), and even letting me suck on his long, curved dick….



Michael About To Feast on Isaiah's Ass
Of course my personal favorite of the day’s “conquests” comes when I get to be the first person (man or woman) lucky enough to bury my face in that muscular ass, eagerly sniffing and slurping and TONGUE-FUCKING that most private and protected part of his body.

And that’s only the beginning of my surprising and intimate encounter with Isaiah! Things REALLY heat up when I offer the ex-high school basketball star an extra cash bonus if he’ll suck my dick.

When he reluctantly gives in and puts my dick in his mouth, little does he realize that he’s about to be put through one of my most intense and demanding “training sessions” yet!

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Isaiah Nude

9 comments on “Website Update: The Forbidden Fruit #2
  1. kenny fan

    This was such a hot ass scene Michael….I loved everything about it…..lets just see him getting fucked now ! LOL I give it a 9/10

  2. Pascal

    That was uncomfortable to watch: Isaiah looked pained and miserable throughout. If I were you, I’d concentrate on making sure he steps up his topping game and interacts more with his bottoms. I felt being submissive wasn’t his thing at all.

  3. Skentae

    Mike I like how you are getting these masculine guys to bottom and get rimmed. Finally a website where we can see masculine guys get fucked and get their ass ate

  4. Cobra

    I agree with Pascal. Parts of this was probably as hard for me to watch as Isaiah to perform.

    Mike I have to say honestly you’re not close to my favorite male porn model. I’m new but

    out of curiosity have you ever bottomed for any of these guys? That might be fun to watch.

  5. DLRich

    Ahhh… Isaiah…. It’s so funny… his face says he hates it, but his body hints that on some level he is enjoying it… I mean the winking hole thing while you were rimming him, and also when he made he erection bounce like that… made me laugh a bit. He’s really got to let go more though. I think his fans are getting a little tired of the “i don’t wanna be here” vibe that he gives out.


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