Website Update: Foster Home Reunion

Beno Fucking King

One of the things I’ve learned in the past five years of making amateur porn is that many times the best scenes are the ones that aren’t planned! A perfect example of this is the surprising real-life story behind my most recent scene:

When brand-new model King first showed up for what was originally supposed to be a group scene, he had no idea what to expect or who his scene partners would be. It wasn’t until I introduced him to veteran BBA model Beno that I found out they already knew each other and shared an interesting past.

Beno and King
It turned out that Beno and King had actually lived in the same foster home a long time ago! Beno guiltily confesses that even back then the slim, dark-skinned boy had captured his attention, although at that time King was still very young and Beno wisely chose not to pursue anything sexual with his cute younger “brother.” Of course that didn’t stop him from jacking off to the sounds of the horny young teen beating his dick late at night when he thought everyone was asleep!

King also admits to finding Beno sexy back then, but as the youngest and newest kid in the house, he was too intimidated by the much older male to “come to him on some other shit.”

Life has taken these former foster “brothers” in very different directions over the years, and they had lost contact until being suddenly reunited under these surprising and unusual circumstances. Of course Beno can barely contain his lustful excitement when he learns that King just recently turned 18 and wants to try amateur porn!

When my plans for the group shoot end up falling apart at the very last minute, it doesn’t take much convincing to talk these recently reunited “brothers” into letting me film their long-anticipated FIRST TIME doing anything sexual together….

“I’ve been wanting to do this for hellas, bruh!” Beno shamelessly admits as he finally gets his horny older hands on the nervous black teen.

It’s an intimate and action-packed “foster home reunion” you don’t want to miss that includes tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, and ass-eating – plus Beno finally fulfilling a forbidden fantasy by RAW-FUCKING his cute “baby brother”!

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Beno Fucking King
Beno Fucking King

4 comments on “Website Update: Foster Home Reunion
  1. D-Money

    damn what true passionate from newbie king…….always enjoy seein beno sexy ass and i love the bareback passion and fucking in this!! wont shock me if beno u locked his sexy chocolate ass down and definitely king is a keeper loved the oral play and raw fucking……cant wait to see more of king in that 3way in the future and always good seein sexy ass beno!!

  2. Stoned Mountain

    King and Beno are so HOT. But I can’t figure out why. Their wonderful oral game. King’s gleaming black beauty? Beno’s raunchy, leering approach — see this dick… I’m about fuck you… Whatever, I nutted long before I wanted, before they got to my favorite position — King on his back, well before THEY climaxed… Oh wow…

    Clearly one sexy angle is the idea of Beno finally acting on what had previously been forbidden.

    King seems to be a real find. Who might match up with him — big dick like Suspense? Another youngster like Rabbit? A young “old hand” like Cory? I want to see somebody make love to him, and give him some big dick.

    I love King’s blackness, those big eyes, and a certain softness that makes you want to spend a night with him.

    Ooooh I’m gonna get me another nut.

  3. snap74

    What would be hugely awesome is Beno and Skinny Kid. Seriously, I’d pay to fly Beno to Jamaica to make that happen. Two prettiest guys on BBA by far, and the best personalities.


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