Website Update: Natural Habitat – Saint & Stephon

Saint and Stephon

This is the latest in our new series of scenes that showcase your favorite straight models doing what they do best – only this time we’ve added a BISEXUAL twist!

Star Beauty is a freaky female who actually gets turned on by watching guy-on-guy sex, and even though the focus of this scene is on these sexy straight studs aggressively tag-teaming some pussy, there’s a little bit of interaction between the guys this time as well.

It’s funny to see a side of Saint that we’ve never seen before. He’s like a kid in a candy store, grinning from ear to ear with his dick pointing straight toward the ceiling as he FINALLY gets “rewarded” for all of his hard work with a much-requested (and long overdue) scene with a female.

In my opinion, seeing Saint in his “natural habitat” only makes it all the more hot and exciting to think of everything he’s done in his other BBA scenes!

The same can be said for Stephon, who confidently shows off his skills in the bedroom as he gives the lucky Star Beauty the fuck of her life. You’ll have to judge for yourself whose stroke game you think is the best!

I realize this type of scene won’t be every viewer’s cup of tea, but it’s meant to be an interesting (and infrequent) change of pace for those of you wanting to see your favorite BBA models in some straight and bisexual action.

I have always enjoyed watching hung and horny straight black guys fuck the hell out of a girl, the high muscular slopes of their sweaty black asses rising and falling as they buck into her like wild young stallions. You can’t help but admire their skills and strength in the bedroom, and sometimes even envy the lucky female beneath them.

As opposed to BBA’s “gay for pay” scenes which usually involve a lot of resistance and reluctance – not to mention the challenge of getting and staying hard with another guy – it’s nice to watch these horny and eager straight guys, rock-hard and doing what comes naturally to them!

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Saint, Stephon, and Star Beauty

12 comments on “Website Update: Natural Habitat – Saint & Stephon
  1. D-Money

    mike ive always been a fan of change and being bi ive enjoyed it and always enjoy seein saint and stephon now as ive always told u my best 3some ive seen with all dudes was kenny beno and tori (shoutout to tori he needs a reappearance for a summer series) but for a twist this was really hot and seein saint come out of his shell made the scene hot as hell to watch and the 4play was hott too!! another 4 star production!!

  2. DJ

    Here we go. This is the kind of update I like. I would have loved to see the guys a little more loose sexual and played with each other more. But this was good. Stephon is one of your top guys and I respect that. But he is so boring lol. He even fucks stiff. I think having someone like a Suspense or a Beno with Saint or AB would be awesome. But that’s just my wish list not a criticism. Good update again man!!!

  3. Lloyd Johnson

    I have been a loyal member for years and I really enjoy your videos, but however I thought I was paying to see man to man. But lately I see woman in the movies which I personally do not like. So every time I see a video with a woman in it I lose a week of a video so please tell me what I need to do because I will hate to cancel my membership. Thank you!!!

  4. thugfreak2k5

    This is a great way to get more str8 guyz on board if they see that they can eventually fuck a real woman on cam – as long as they are willing to jump thru a few (gay for pay) hoops first….

  5. thugfreak2k5

    …. by the way … when are these girls going to eat some ass in the str8/bi videos??? … just asking

  6. kenny fan

    I must say I love this scene I see that Star Beauty pierced her nipples and looks like she has a liking for Stephon lol….I LOVE when Stephon and Saint are both in the same room together…..It’s just to get Isaiah to come along and it will be fireworks on BBA lol….I give this scene a 9/10

  7. Marquez

    The scene was hot!!!!! Saint made the scene what it was. Stephon is sexy as hell but boring as fuck. I loved the bisexual nature to it. Would love to see both guys back just tell Stephon to loosen up! For some reason he couldn’t perform really. Saint as a bi sexual is more believable to me! Lets get Isaiah topping AB soon lol

  8. Lexxbx

    I agree that Saint is more a bi-sexual than Stephon. It appears that Saint was more arouse and gave us two nuts and was still hard after the seen; Stephon, who said Star was the reason for flying in, did not really show up on his performance.

  9. rican4blk35

    I love Saint, You can make a video of him watching paint dry, and i will see it lol. seriously in this video its the hardest he’s ever been look at the photo and you can tell hes working out, his arms look better in each video he does, to me this site has literally become lol thank you and i would love to send fan mail give us an address mike

  10. Stoned Mountain

    Some advice…to accommodate us bisexuals, next time let Saint find an attractive girl… Your model has an OK face but an unsexy body and a bad attitude. See if Saint agrees…

    On the positive. Great to see big Saint back and pretty boy Stephon with that grown man voice. 😉 I bet Stephon gets all the pussy he can handle.

    Saint is delightfully unique, one of those lucky freaks who can nut and keep on ticking, just like most gals. MR ALL NIGHT! LOL

  11. Cobra

    I really thought the “gay for pay” thing was really a hoax like the “thug bait” series but I’m sold on the fact that Stephon and Saint are two straight guys willing to have gay sex for pay. This scene confirmed in my mind these guys are “or used to be” totally straight. Saint is a joy to watch and any combination BBA matches him with is entertaining. Saint in his post show interviews always expresses his concern about entertaining the BBA fans. I just wanted to say to him that he has delivered in every scene he’s done including his mishap in the three-sum. The Day Day series was a classic and I’m a Saint fan anxiously waiting to see what he gets into next lol.

  12. Harlembrotha

    I’m guessing very few of your viewers would be interested at all, but I wondered, is there such a thing as “straight for pay?” Gay models who would fuck a woman for pay? (Ok, there might be too much limp dick to be interesting. Nevermind. LOL)


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