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Overexposed Models & “Head Only” Videos

Thanks for sharing your feedback and questions! I decided to turn my responses to some of the feedback on previous threads into a new post.

“Anonymous Me” wrote:

The only thing that concerns me just a little is that you referred to many future repeat appearances by Shyne and a couple of the other guys featured in your present videos. Basically, that’s why I stopped purchasing or renting any Sneek Peek videos after awhile–because how many times can you see Vinnie service Enrique, Buzz, Franco, and the other three or four dudes before it becomes boring? Vinnie REALLY needs to expand his talent base in order to get me interested again. I own many of his earlier videos (literally hundreds of dollars worth), but now when I see the names and faces of the same old talent on the boxes I don’t even rent them to scan because I know it’s just going to be more of what I’ve already seen. If he’d added more variety to his talent base (especially different body types and ages) he would have continued to make a lot of money off my purchases. As it is now, I haven’t spent a dime on his newest vids in a couple of years. That said, I hope you’ll continue to find new and intriguing talent for your straight thug explorations, because let’s face it–nothing does away with sexual tension and exhilaration like too much familiarity and repetition.

I know what you mean about Vinnie’s videos getting a little bit too predictable and unimaginative. I honestly didn’t even think he was filming new content any more. It seems like all of his videos for the past year or two have been recycled “Best Of” content, or “new” stuff that is really just more of the same, taken from old but previously unreleased footage.


In any case, I think this is a trap that a lot of porn producers fall into. Now that I’m doing this myself, it’s easy to see why this is so common. There’s a lot of stress and risk involved in meeting and working with a new model for the first time. And there’s something sort of “safe” about working with guys you feel comfortable with and can trust to give you your money’s worth.


But I’ve been a porn CONSUMER a hell of a lot longer than I’ve been a porn producer, and I agree that erotic suspense, sexual tension, new faces, fresh bodies, etc., are some of the things that make porn so appealing. I can think of many porn stars whose physical attractiveness and sex appeal for me have sadly been spoiled by overexposure, and I certainly don’t want to make the same mistake with my videos!


But at the same time, I’ve tried to film and edit my videos in a way that lets viewers get to know the models in a way they just can’t with most fast-paced, tightly-edited productions from the professional studios. When a model is attractive and popular enough, I think it can be exciting to follow his adventures and maturation as an amateur porn star.


I think the key when using familiar models is to make an effort to put them in new and intriguing scenarios, or expand their sexual boundaries in creative and stimulating ways. That’s where I think Vinnie makes his mistake. For me, it’s less about him using the same guys and more about the fact that he follows virtually the same exact routine with those same guys every time!


So yeah, I’ve already filmed additional scenes with Shyne, and I plan on continuing to use him until he loses interest or gets stolen away by one of the bigger companies (which wouldn’t surprise me at all….he’s been VERY popular so far). But every time I film him, I hope to try something different. For example, we’ve seen him take dildos and we’ve seen him fuck Dragon, but I’d love to see HIM get fucked for a change, either by me and/or a super-hung black guy and/or a younger, cuter white boy.


So don’t worry….I will do my best to introduce new guys in my videos on a regular basis. And when I use guys you’ve already seen, I’ll try to space those scenes out, AND make the material as fresh and engaging as possible.


“OfficialG” wrote:


I like to see more oral scenes, Dragon knew what he was doing and no doubt Shyne enjoyed it. I think that Michael has strong dick game as well and that maybe you could focus on having a video dedicated to oral sex, no masterbation but get a top notch dick sucker who has skill to make a dick cum just with head alone. Besides, I think there is this stigma that some guys cannot cum with just head alone, and I like to meet that challange head on (no pun intended) I like to see even the most disciplined tops cum when they said they wouldn’t because the head was just too much. anyway it is just a suggestion and since it looks like you have more tops than bottoms it would take one attractive charming dick sucker to take on Shyne, Michael and any others thinking they “wont nutt from head.” As you said, Michael was already sexually attracted to men as was Dragon and I would presume those two solo videos not as profitable as Shyne cortez or JAy’s so do not discredit someone who is so enthusiastic and does not ask for much. anyways I want to see your idea on the head only videos maybe have three scenes maybe ten to 15 minutes long with a great cum shot?


I like the idea of making a “head only” video.

I know I’m probably in the minority here, but a lot of the time I get just as turned on watching guys giving/getting head in a porn video as I do when watching hardcore fucking. ESPECIALLY when the guy giving head looks straight or more like a masculine “top,” and/or when things get a little aggressive and intense.

I’m the same way in my own sex life. Sometimes fucking a hot wet mouth can feel just as good or even BETTER than fucking a nice tight ass! But like I said, I’m probably in the minority on that 😉 .

I’ll give the “head only” idea some more thought. For starters, I’ll need to find the right guy to do the dick-sucking.

Vinnie Russo’s Straight Boy Seductions



If you’re familiar with the amateur porn of “Vinnie Russo” (Sneek Peek Productions and Dawghouse Video), it probably won’t come as a huge surprise that his videos have been a major influence on my own productions. I didn’t even realize the extent of that influence until going back and re-watching a few of his videos recently.

Vinnie’s videos are about as authentically amateur as “straight boy” porn can get. They are filmed in a regular apartment (sometimes you can even see Vinnie’s cat in the background), with just a basic camcorder and tripod. There’s no cameraman, no fancy lighting, and no flashy editing.

Vinnie is a stocky, well-hung, blue-collar-type Italian guy who invites young, masculine “thugs” and working-class guys (white, black, and Latino) into his home for “discreet” encounters.

The guys in his videos are allegedly straight, although I suspect that most of them are probably closer to what we’d call “bisexual” or “on the DL.” But unlike some of the porn producers that try to pass off queeny, lisping gay boys as STRAIGHT boys going “gay for pay,” Vinnie’s guys are undeniably masculine in a way that is still very much a turn-on. Many of them are in and out of jail, a lot of them are heavily tattooed, and most have wives or girlfriends.


One of the things I love most about Vinnie’s scenes is the way he leaves the camera running while the guys smoke and enjoy a couple beers before the action begins. We get to hear them talking about the “bitches” they fucked that week, or some fight they got into at the neighborhood bar, or what a relief it is to be out of prison after being locked up for three months.

What I love is just how unscripted and spontaneous the whole thing feels. We feel like we’re right there in Vinnie’s living room, like it’s us chatting with the hot straight studs rather than Vinnie. We start to get a sense of their personalities, which in my opinion makes the action that follows all the more arousing to watch.

Every video follows pretty much the same routine: The young straight stud lies back in a chair, or on a couch, or on a bed, sometimes with a cigarette in one hand and beer in the other, and with straight porn playing in the background, while Vinnie kneels between his legs and gives him a blowjob.



In some videos, Vinnie moves his mouth a little lower and licks the straight guy’s asshole. There are few things hotter, in my opinion, than watching a gay man tongue-worship a hot straight boy’s sweaty, usually-OFF-LIMITS asshole.