Vinnie Russo’s Straight Boy Seductions



If you’re familiar with the amateur porn of “Vinnie Russo” (Sneek Peek Productions and Dawghouse Video), it probably won’t come as a huge surprise that his videos have been a major influence on my own productions. I didn’t even realize the extent of that influence until going back and re-watching a few of his videos recently.

Vinnie’s videos are about as authentically amateur as “straight boy” porn can get. They are filmed in a regular apartment (sometimes you can even see Vinnie’s cat in the background), with just a basic camcorder and tripod. There’s no cameraman, no fancy lighting, and no flashy editing.

Vinnie is a stocky, well-hung, blue-collar-type Italian guy who invites young, masculine “thugs” and working-class guys (white, black, and Latino) into his home for “discreet” encounters.

The guys in his videos are allegedly straight, although I suspect that most of them are probably closer to what we’d call “bisexual” or “on the DL.” But unlike some of the porn producers that try to pass off queeny, lisping gay boys as STRAIGHT boys going “gay for pay,” Vinnie’s guys are undeniably masculine in a way that is still very much a turn-on. Many of them are in and out of jail, a lot of them are heavily tattooed, and most have wives or girlfriends.


One of the things I love most about Vinnie’s scenes is the way he leaves the camera running while the guys smoke and enjoy a couple beers before the action begins. We get to hear them talking about the “bitches” they fucked that week, or some fight they got into at the neighborhood bar, or what a relief it is to be out of prison after being locked up for three months.

What I love is just how unscripted and spontaneous the whole thing feels. We feel like we’re right there in Vinnie’s living room, like it’s us chatting with the hot straight studs rather than Vinnie. We start to get a sense of their personalities, which in my opinion makes the action that follows all the more arousing to watch.

Every video follows pretty much the same routine: The young straight stud lies back in a chair, or on a couch, or on a bed, sometimes with a cigarette in one hand and beer in the other, and with straight porn playing in the background, while Vinnie kneels between his legs and gives him a blowjob.



In some videos, Vinnie moves his mouth a little lower and licks the straight guy’s asshole. There are few things hotter, in my opinion, than watching a gay man tongue-worship a hot straight boy’s sweaty, usually-OFF-LIMITS asshole.



I’m sure that’s enough to leave a lot of viewers satisfied.

But as I’ve been trying to explain lately, I prefer “gay for pay” porn that involves some element of persuasion, seduction, reluctance, or coercion. I love seeing a young man’s masculinity and heterosexuality established (as Vinnie does so convincingly), but only because I can’t wait to see it challenged and “compromised” later on (usually as the result of some irresistible financial incentive….”money talks,” as the saying goes).

In the best of Vinnie’s videos, he fulfills this part of the fantasy for me as well. Sometimes he only goes so far as to place the straight guy’s hand around his own hard-on for a reluctant, impromptu handjob. Or maybe he’ll rub his hard dick against the younger guy’s dick, and if he’s feeing particularly daring he’ll poke it playfully against the straight stud’s virgin asshole.



In the hottest scenes, however, he takes things even FURTHER by talking the straight boys into sucking HIS dick! Sometimes you can even hear the two of them whispering through their “negotiations” while the camera’s still running!

It’s always hot to watch an initial “HELL NO!” reaction slowly give way to a reluctant, “Okay, but just for a minute….and you better not bust in my mouth!” when Vinnie makes the guy an offer he can’t refuse.

When the straight guy sighs, shakes his head in disbelief, and finally places the tip of Vinnie’s big dick between his lips, he gives the kind of tense, clumsy blowjob that only a true straight boy (or inexperienced bisexual, perhaps) can give.

Again, what’s so hot about these exchanges is their authenticity. The reluctance, and embarrassment, and in some cases tentative curiosity, seems genuine and spontaneous in a way that just can’t be faked.


In a few RARE scenes, Vinnie even coaxes some of his guys to let him stick a small dildo, a finger or two, or his thick Italian dick, up inside their tight, straight-boy asses. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him actually FUCK anyone in a scene….their asses are too tight and their macho inhibitions too rigid to let Vinnie turn them into TOO much of a “bitch” 😉 !

But it’s still hot as hell to watch him poke his thick cock against their clenched assholes, pushing it halfway inside them and thrusting a few times before it’s too much for them to handle.


Vinnie’s videos were one of the things that motivated me to make my OWN videos, and to distribute them through AMVC.

If you’ve already seen Every Straight Thug Has A Price or Breakin’ In A Young Thug, I think you’ll notice that Vinnie’s approach to the “straight seduction” genre has distinctly inspired and influenced my own style.

You can check out all of Vinnie’s videos (well over a hundred, I believe) in my Online Theater. Here are a few of my personal favorites (just click on the “covers”):



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