Website Update: A BBA Christmas Reunion

Christmas has always been about reconnecting with family that we haven’t seen in awhile, and the BBA Family is no exception!

To celebrate the holiday season and welcome in the new year, we decided to splurge on a special treat for BBA’s viewers by finally bringing together BBA’s three most popular “gay for pay” stars of all time, as well as one of our most exciting new straight models from the past year, for the BBA Christmas Party.

Join us for an unforgettable night of food, drinks, laughter, and horny holiday fun as the guys joke around and swap stories about their favorite co-stars and scenes. This leads to a funny and unscripted game of “Hearts Lead” (hosted by Montez) in which the guys playfully dare each other to strip out of their clothes and do increasingly sexual things with each other….

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And we’re just getting started. Stay tuned for MUCH more from your favorite BBA All-Stars in the weeks to come!

58 comments on “Website Update: A BBA Christmas Reunion
  1. Jayson

    Omg I cannot stop nutting.. so hot. Cannot wait to see what’s next and who gets fucked next. Video got me thinking about getting my Phat total top ass fucked for the holidays.. Damn..I hope part two comes early on the 28th please…

  2. Stepp

    Michael Anthony James Galletta! This shit right here! I literally watched this like a movie on Netflix from beginning to end with no skipping. This scene is so absolutely flawless. You know I do not hesitate to criticize you so allow me to pour you up a big ass glass of you did the damn thing! I need you to know that every painstaking minute it took for you to shoot and edit this was so fucn worth it. I cant even find the words to describe the instant classic that this is. There are no bad matches with this fab four. All charming, handsome, masculine and equally sexy in their own way. Holy shit! Thank you to all the guys for an outstanding scene! Excellent work! Poor Isaiah will have to retread his hole at NTB after all those miles they put on him. Let karma begin.

  3. RobbySan29

    We waited this long for this? I wasn’t impressed… kinda a bore. But Dominic is still fine. No toe sucking, the dick sucking was even sloppy, Dominic looked very uncomfortable you’ll think by now he’ll be use to it. Bandit doesn’t say much he’s just there. All around the video could’ve been better, Michael you can do better than this. Maybe next time

    1. Montez

      I have to completely disagree with you about Dominic looking very uncomfortable. This was the most relaxed and open he has been in any shoot.

      1. cocopop

        I too, must disagree with him as well, Dominic was off the chain in his exchange with the other models. As if he’d been there for years. He must have mistaken Manny for Bandit cause Bandit was very vocal, it was Manny that was surprisingly quiet. As to Dominic’s dick sucking, this was only the second scene where he gave head, I thought he did a good job for that reason. Not sure which movie you watched.

        1. mark

          Ditto Montez, and ditto cocopop!!!!

          From this one scene alone I can see exactly how the many, many dollars that I’ve spent on this site are being put to good use.

          Thank you to all involved.

    2. Damien

      Dominic looking uncomfortable? What video were you watching. He was relaxed and enjoying the man sex. All the guys were relaxed and enjoying themselves. One of the hottest scenes I have seen on this site or anywhere. Loved every minute. Love all these guys but more Isaiah.

    3. Stepp

      I must have watched a different video. The one I saw everybody was very comfortable by the time they went downstairs. And between all the kissing, dick slinging, ass eating and Isaiah moaning I was not thinking about no damn toes.

  4. KayJay

    This is why I don’t gripe about late updates. It NEVER fails, Mike. You always come back strong.

    Isaiah is a soldier! Bandit was knocking the bottom out of his ass, and he took all the dick like a champ. I think I skeeted on the wall again. LOL

    My favorite part however, was the kissing between Dominic and Apollo. I could have bust watching them but I held back. They must be great actors, or those two “bruhz” want to fuck!

    This will be one of my regular flicks.

    Great job and Merry Christmas, Mike, Montez and all the models in this scene. Especially Isaiah for taking a vicious pounding and 3 shots to the face. 👍🏽😊

  5. Stepp

    PS I love that Apollo has no tats, it stands out. You don’t put bumper stickers on a Bentley. No shade to the tatted community.

  6. cocopop

    Mike, if there’s a spot for best Christmas scene ever, this is it. Maybe from now on just using one or two bottoms, instead of trying to focus on three or more bottoms. Then again maybe having four of my favorite models in the same scene is what makes it the best. Highlights for me, first of all was the kissing both between Apollo and Bandit and Dominic(make out). Secondly the gang banging of poor Isaiah, thirdly Dominic seeming to be begging to do a scene with Apollo. And lastly, the way those two sneaked out on the other two, and my oh my the kissing in the hallway, as if they’re going to fuck. That is part 2, a show down between Apollo and Dominic?

    1. Montez

      My very favorite part is Apollo and Dominic’s intense make out session. Their chemistry was automatic and obvious. Stay tuned.

      1. 1luvme2u

        This weekend will make black gay porn history if Apollo and Dominic make love…Cause it seems like it’ll be more than just a fuck… This weekend can’t come faster.

      2. Al

        You guys made me a very happy customer. Make the D/A scene happen. No threesome, just A and D… I am just obsessed with these two. This is the first of your vids I’ve watched over and over again. Dominic begging, the over 2 minutes kiss and the final scene OMG. I love their connection and hope to see more of them. Not just fuck but also love making. Happy Holidays!!!

  7. Dope88

    so can we find out if Apollo…Dominic…Isaiah..esp Bandit identifies as Bisexual????? brother bandit has come a long wayyyyyyyyyyy his penis was brick from watching two dudes kiss…he enjoys his ass being ate this is a changed man


  8. Swamp96

    Im just in love with how much they all get along! They act like best friends, each of them are fine as hell. This has to be the best XMAS video BBA has ever done. Literally nutted in 2 minutes. I hate that Manny didnt participate , that wouldve been even hotter. Also wish you guys could have gotten Ross back.

    1. Montez

      I take much pride in the relationships that we all have off camera. We are truly one big family and some of that definitely showed in this scene. It is what makes BBA stand out from the rest in my opinion.

  9. da1ndet

    All I can say is thank-you BBA!!! This was worth the wait! Dem Bros know how to please their fans!!! This is Hott! Hott! Hott! Warning to all fans taking heart meds! This video will make your blood boil…. You have been duly warned! 😉❤️🔥Lol Merry Christmas BBA what a year!!!

  10. princexxchar

    not for nothing……….BUT THIS WAS FUCKING AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGG! MY GOD. BBA always i mean always comes back strong. All of my faves r right here and fucking another one of my favs that i been waiting for. this scene was perfect. love the professionalism of the four models too. very sexy. that look dominic gave after kissing isaiah was so sexy. bandit tops really good. Apollo always comes back like he never left, sexy ass. just well done. no complaints from princeXX. yall def did this.

  11. Arron Brown

    You guys really need to have a talk with Isaiah about having his eyes closed majority of time. My only dislike about the homie.

  12. Skully99

    Well Damn! It’s too early to call this my favorite scene, but this shit right here. The card game concept was genius, and I wouldn’t mind more of that in the future because you can really determine the chemistry between the models, and it makes them more at ease.

    1. Montez

      Glad to hear you enjoyed the card game. It is one of my personal favorites and I thought it would fit great in the scene 🙂

  13. DisciplineU

    Best scene ever. It is rare on BBA for one of the guys to get FUCKED DOWN, pounded deep and rough and hard. It was so hot seeing Isaiah get it and moan and get into it.

  14. cobra

    When I first started watching BBA and Isaiah appeared as a solo model, my first impression was this hot model will never go beyond the basics. As months went on I was convinced he would say enough and we would soon see the last of Isaiah. In the age of Trump I guess, anything is possible. To fully enjoy this scene the newer subscribers need to go back and look at Isaiah’s first few BBA scenes. Hat’s off to Mike on a long, hard and probably costly conversion we have all cum to love. Isaiah YOU ROCK!

  15. Chris

    Starts w/ the negatives.
    I was disappointed that Isaiah didn’t fuck anybody nor he didn’t cum. I think it would’ve been hot if when Apollo was fucking him on the couch Dominic would’ve sucked Isaiah’s 🍆.
    Then there was a little editing mishap, when Dominic was dared to suck Bandits 🍆 the others clothes were back on after just watching them strip.

    Now the positives. It’s almost obvious that Bandit is my favorite model. He was extremely vocal & this was probably his best cum shot. I just wished it got sucked afterwards. Loved him showing his personality. I kinda wish he’d go more in depth w/ his & Manny’s obvious Bromance.
    I missed the passion that Apollo has so it was great to see & Isaiah was greatly missed.
    I see big things for Dominic next year. But I don’t see anyone knocking Bandit out the top spot.

    Overall great scene 8.5/10

  16. Rob

    Bandit and Apollo were so distracted by the 1 & 2 position that genius Isaiah stole the scene and possibly someone’s rankings!! Don’t sleep on Isaiah fellas!! Also it’s Saint’s turn next since he got a big shout out by all. Let them have their way with him.

  17. Andrew

    1hr plus of footage….hard dicks for prolly 15 mins combined minus Bandit. No bueno man. No dick should be soft in the scene, everyone’s sexy and this is no one’s first time. Hire a fluffer.

  18. CrazyFace11

    LOVE the idea of bringing Isaiah back!!!! Hope this isn’t just a one time thing – I want to see more of him!!! With this being the anniversary of BBA, how about bringing the LEGEND Kenny back?!?!? I can only dream lol. OR how about seeing YOU (michael) back in action?! I want to see you fuck Bandit or Isaiah again!!!!!!

  19. blac71

    This was the best Christmas Scene that I have seen on here. The camaraderie was spectacular. Seeing them enjoying each others company was the highlight of the video.

  20. iKNOY

    It feels so empty without Blake Bishop. I love to see Blake stroking somebody out, especially Apollo. It’s not Christmas or BBA without him.

  21. A.J.

    If u wanted to find something wrong you couldn’t. I watched on the big screen. I have to say this here scene Mike is Oscar worthy. 👏👏👏👏👏

  22. Jayden

    This scene was LIT AF! The chemistry was awesome with the guys with the exception of Manny. Was he high? Was he not feeling it? He didn’t seem excited to be there.

    The beginning conversation was funny, especially Bandit throwing shade at Apollo, “So what happened with the #1 spot?” LMAO! After all, Apollo doesn’t have to feel bad about losing it. He held on to it for 3 years. Bandit earned it. However, I still say that Dominic, if he keeps working, is a possible contender.

    The card game was fun to watch. Bandit’s boxers were dope! “I ain’t no Motel though. I don’t know why it say that!” I even loved the kind of competitive nature between Apollo and Dominic when they were flexing to outdo the other. It was nice to see the kisses between Dominic/Isaiah and Apollo/Bandit. As for Apollo/Dominic, they needed a room to themselves LOL! That was HOT HOT HOT!!! I’ve watched that part over and over again. The chemistry between those two was much better than I thought it would be!

    Isaiah is the man! It was great seeing him again. I was wondering if he left BBA for good. Hadn’t seen him since the AWESOME Halloween scene from last year. My dude…kudos to you for going through all of the pain to bring us that hot gangbang/bukkake. I know that wasn’t easy to do, but it was awesome. We loved it!

    Loved the ending! Just curious. Are we going to find out what Apollo and Dominic did in the bathroom after they left the camera? 😂 I’m joking. Kudos to them for making that connection extra HOT for camera. It was great!

    And to think that this was only the beginning?!?! That’s crazy! I can’t wait to see the fire you guys are about to bring! I’m here for it! Good shit fellas! Will definitely be back for more!

  23. Mike

    The more I see I realize I have to check BBA religiously for Bandit updates. Team Bandit all the way. I will say I think he deserves a natural habitat scene, or even a 3-way (part-natural habitat, plus Bandit bottoming at the same time). He’s just so intriguing to watch doing almost anything. And those boxers were so on point, I’m like wow.

  24. Al

    Watched that scene again and again. Addicted. 2 stupid questions: it is surely cold outside, I was surprised when none of them got in with coat on lol… Also were A and D told to wear that very same Christmas shorts? They looked so sexy.

  25. mrcwilliams1940

    This was a GREAT scene and chemistry between the models. Isaiah the star of the scene was superb (taking these dicks with pleasure)!!!, especially that long dick Bandit. The dick sucking from Dominic was great. The kissing between Apollo and Bandit and Dominic and Apollo was exciting. The chemistry between the models (showed on camera)!! A 10+

  26. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    This Christmas scene has to be your best work of 2018 and to date. I give this scene a complete 10/10 everything about this scene was just perfect but I kept wondering how would it have been if Trapp was somehow involved in the mix. From seeing Dominic and Apollo kiss to Bandit just basically wanting to be in Isaiah’s ass so bad just had me going crazy LOL. Bandit fucked Isaiah the best in this scene then Dominic then Apollo (Oh hell they all fucked him good! LOL). When I saw Apollo and Dominic walking into the bathroom kissing that led me to believe that their scene is upcoming LOL. I give this scene a 10 once again.

    1. Al

      Isaiah was amazing indeed, and fun character. I absolutely loved him… And his voice woiii!
      Not sure why but I do not seem to see a chemistry between Apollo and Bandit. Did not really enjoy Bandit in that scene, he came across as arrogant which was a turn off for me.
      However the attraction Apollo and Dom have towards one another looks real.
      We’ve been teased with some Apollo/Bandit snippets, I just hope they are not the next scene or I’ll be devastated Lol. Bandit, please let A and D have their scene first, then you can join once they’re done with… Lol

  27. Italo

    Isaiah is a king man! I been obsessed with the guy since the very beginning and seeing him like that give that ass up and enjoy it man the moaning bruh he was loving that dick ain’t no denying dude loves dick in his ass period no shame.

    I never comment on these videos but I just had to take the time to gives props to Isaiah man you did that can’t wait for your next video fr


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