Website Update: A King’s Welcome

BBA recently traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina to meet the local rapper, singer, model, and controversial social media sensation known as King Ant.

We had reached out to King Ant through his Instagram after being told about him by a fan, and finally talked the exotically handsome 23-year-old with a toned, tattooed body and seductively deep, sexy voice into adding “adult entertainer” to his already diverse resume.

An outspoken bisexual “top” with a bit of a wild and unpredictable side, King Ant was understandably nervous but also excited to try a “new experience” where he could actually GET PAID to meet interesting new people and have hot sex on camera.

In this introductory episode from our recent eventful trip to the Tar Heel State, King Ant gives Bandit a driving tour of his home town, but ends up enjoying a “welcome” of his own when he and Bandit have some risky, spontaneous fun in the backseat while driving around Charlotte on a beautiful, sunny afternoon….

Later, King Ant puts on a hot private show that gives us our very first enticing look at what he’s been hiding under those clothes in all of his social media posts….

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Stay tuned for King Ant‘s FULL ACTION gay porn debut coming later THIS WEEKEND to!

21 comments on “Website Update: A King’s Welcome

    DAMM i wish all young thug would be open minded to porn this is this young thug’s first time and he came out like he has been doing gay porn for years and bandit i really hope that the door is being open for u to break in the new thugs i watched u from your first scene u have really come a long way believe me mike will find something for saint too cause he has been with him from the start king ant i want to see your moves while u r fucking a young thug u r so fucking handsome i know u should know how to use that fat dick bandit told u the fans don’t miss nothing texasbugg really watch every move u make when u r fucking cause i love to watch 2 young thugs fucking damm this will be a long weekend thanks mike u r so cool real talk love bba u.s.a. the best gay porn in the whole world. haters go to sleep good night.


    THIS was hott damm i’m so fucking high off this scene king ant u was like a pro in your first scene and bandit t.u. for making him feel so relaxed now who will be the lucky to get blessed by king ant fucking them i will not push right now for him to give up that 18kt gold ass hole damm king ant u got a pretty ass hole i busted on it damm babyboi u hotter than fish grease i hope u put that big fat dick in trapp’s pretty ass hole take a look at trapp’s ass hole that pure 18kt gold good job kingtut

  3. KandyCane23

    King Ant is amazing! Can’t wait for this weekend, Bandit SEXY ASS is a Great pair for the KING!!!!!!!!! Alright BBA!!!!!!!!!

      1. Remedy

        Yeah it was definitely a good pairing! When he said he specifically wanted Bandit I was thinking yeah I could see why and good choice 👌🏽

  4. bmam

    Just another weapon in your toolbox of exclusive stars! I am excited to see King Ant paired with: Manny, Justice, Bishop, or if he ever comes back RICO!

  5. Remedy

    Hot hot hot! 🔥 Okay, this is only the intro scene and I’m already loving it! Gotta agree with Mike. Even with delays, when ever he does upload, his content is just straight fire. It definitely be worth it. King Ant is the perfect addition to the site. I can easily see him taking at least one of the top 3 spots quickly. I like how u branched it out with the intro n then the sex scene coming. Cant wait till the next scene 🔥

  6. Montez

    Happy to see most are enjoying King Ant’s gay porn debut, so far. Stay tuned, guys. More to come!

  7. ThugLover

    Bandit and King Ant are definitely on their way to being #1 & #2!!! I can’t wait to see a flip flop scene between these two 🔥er than the ☀️ Bandit is my favorite model, along with Blake, Killa Manny, but King Ant is definitely gonna be right up there with the rest. Great find Michael, keep up the great work. Btw I love Saint and TRAPP as well❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. CrazyFace11

    Love the idea of pairing new models with Bandit – the #1 model welcoming the rookies! I also love how Bandit talks about how you guys listen to your fans as best you can! For example, I LOVED how this felt way more unscripted than the casino scene!! The couch interview is true BBA =). And speaking of listening to fans – I miss Isaiah!! And I’ve been waiting for a straight “natural habitat” scene for Bandit for forever!!!!

  9. decaturbaby

    This might be the best newcomer since Trapp. Dude is definitely good looking with a sexy body and nice thick dick and a perfect ass. He checks all the boxes and has a great attitude to boot. He and Bandit looked great together. I was really turned on by how talkative and take-charge Bandit was in this intro video. I can’t wait until the full video drops. I see Mike brought all of his big dick soldiers to Charlotte. Looking forward to this weekend. Great job Mike.

  10. princexxchar

    🔥jus amazing, got damnnnn. with all these comments i can see we all feel the same exact way! Mike you is the man. fuck all that backlash with no timely updates, cause when we do get it finally, this happens! 🔥 with more to come! Saturday can not come quicker!

  11. iamme2

    MICHAELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOOOOOVE YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have followed him on Instagram for the longest and have many fantasies about his lil sexy ass. Now I finally get to see. lol. That dick and ass did not disappoint. He is so fucking sexy omg.

  12. Yoseph

    King Ant is beyond Phine ten plus dick and ass. Michael I cant wait to see you pair my Nigga Manny Killa fuck the shit out of King Ant’s virgin asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. JAy

    When is this other clip being release? I hope today and late Sunday when the wkn is basically over. Please bring trapp back ASAP with king ant, trapp and mar and Apollo

  14. Stoned Mountain

    Great catch, Michael. It has been awhile since I saw a dude make a guy like Bandit nut just from head!!!

  15. Chris

    I’ve been wanting to see Bandit get the nut sucked out of him. 😉

    Its also good to see Bandits personality.

    I could be wrong but I don’t see anybody knocking Bandit out the top spot. The only contenders I see is the 3 Migos Trapp Scotty or Shaun that’s only if they start letting themselves go sexually && be more fluid.

    Lil Scrap is a good contender as well. Whatever happened to him.


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