Website Update: Always Up For A Challenge #2

Bandit and Spice
The biggest problem I faced while planning Bandit‘s second shoot with a guy was finding somebody capable of taking the sexy straight boy’s huge dick – or at least somebody who was brave enough to try!

So when a recent gay model applicant with a cute baby face and tempting bubble-butt confidently assured me that he was up for the challenge of taking on the “Big Dick Bandit” in his VERY FIRST SCENE, I decided to take a chance on the ambitious newbie and see if he could take one of the BIGGEST DICKS I’ve filmed in awhile….

Spice and Bandit
Spice is a cute “country boy” from the rural South who likes to go hunting and fishing. Bandit is a sexy straight boy from the streets of one of the Midwest’s roughest cities.

Less than 15 minutes after introducing these complete “opposites” to each other for the very first time, I turn them loose to get better acquainted, then try my best just to keep up with the action as Spice makes an impressive gay porn debut with some of the best DEEP-THROATING I’ve ever captured on camera, then more than rises to the challenge by bravely taking all 9 1/2 inches of Bandit’s RAW dick in his cute bubble-butt!

Bandit’s tense and quiet demeanor still reminds me a lot of Isaiah in his earlier scenes, but he’s slowly but surely gaining confidence and coming out of his shell as he continues to discover the unique and addictive pleasures of guy-on-guy sex….

Bandit Fucks Spice 2

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Bandit Fucks Spice

25 comments on “Website Update: Always Up For A Challenge #2
  1. Stoned Mountain

    Spice was NICE! Best bottom action since Cordell. Love how he talks and encourages the top. More!!!

    Not feeling Bandit, the cold fish. Needs to loosen up, it’s about entertainment. Would it have broken his back to give a hug, a peck on the cheek?

  2. Tori Fan

    It was good. Spice was hot and I like his southern flavor. He was taking that dick though. Tell me more about Bandit. His dick was way too hard to just be straight. Is he just a freak? haha Did he take a blue pill to get it that hard or watch some porn? He was into it and that was hot.

    I would like to see Spice and Apollo get it on or maybe Spice and Saint. I think Spice and Knockout would be a ball drainer too. I think Spice is gonna be your next versatile star. I hope he isn’t only a bottom with a dick that big.

    1. Tony

      WOW!!! You hit the nail on the head!!!!! that would be a very sexy scene to see Spice and Apollo go at it. Apollo turning Spice into a vers getting him to use that nice dick.

  3. D-Money

    I enjoyed the challenge I looovvve Spice addition to the roster! Country boy laid back up for the challenge — Would love to see him test out Migo or even Saint or Beno — As for Bandit, he is slowly coming out of his shell and I like his second challenge — Think an interesting pairing would be Bandit with Royal, Kendall, or even Dragon to take on that dick and see where it really stands!!!

  4. Jo Wilf

    Michael, let APOLLO take the next challenge… will that happen? That’ll be the right time APOLLO can “scream” like a woman…
    BANDIT’S three scenes got over a century mark… a first time for a BBA model. BANDIT beat No’s. 1,2,3 and 4. Because BANDIT is performing naturally… may I give BANDIT a new name aside to “BIG DICK BANDIT”… “The Silent Operator”? That’s the most appropriate title to the upcoming “100% total top” and will only be “top” of BBA like my No. 1 Pick JULIEN. Thanks for bringing BANDIT back again!

      1. Jo Wilf

        I don’t think so… kissing/foreplay/ass licking will be next for “The Silent Operator”… sucking? hmmm
        “The Sky Is The Limit.”

  5. Darryl

    It was ok. Bandit first scene was better but this wasn’t that bad. He shows himself more when it’s time to fuck. He definitely needs some work but I see potential in him to be a great top. I LIKE Spice. He’s dope asf & u can tell he really enjoys it, which is always a great thing. Bandit be more open minded! Shit u in it now might as well enjoy it while getting a check.

  6. decaturbaby

    Bandit has sky rocketed up my favorite list.. I don’t know what the complaints are about.. He is new to all of this, and he is giving me my money worth each and every time i see him. I don’t like when a newbie gives you everything off the rip.. I like to see them grow slowly… From what I gleaned so far, he put the dick down real good in this one.. it was brick hard thru out the whole video… I can’t wait to lay back and enjoy it at my leisure. Thanks again Mike .. great scene.. great job..


    this one sided scene did nothing for me… i know the fem bottoms like these type but as for me its a ff scene

  8. lonleyman

    my top favorite models are Zeus, Apollo, Ross, Blake Bishop, Beno, and Lil Tyga in that order. But now I have to add Bandit to the list but I want more from him than just fucking. Please hook bandit with Apollo I think Apollo can make him come out of his shell.

  9. Stoned Mountain

    Spice was spectacular. Got Bandit rock hard with great head, deep throat, made love to his body, really got him hot, then took ALL that dick, gave him wet pussy, encouraged Bandit with talking, pulled that dick to him, AND synchronized his orgasm with boss Bandit!!! Spice made it happen. Dontcha think? Great choice.

  10. Meh

    I liked this one!! Bandit is hottt. I love his face. Spice is cute too n has a sexy body but his lisp is a bit gay so he’s best when he’s not talking. He took it like a champ n I reckon Bandit was really liking it. Maybe he feels more comfortable with fem boys cos he had no problems keeping his monster dick hard. Don’t force him to be more loud cos it might seem fake. I like how he’s quiet n lets his dick do the talking.

  11. Bugsy754

    I appreciate the new models you added – Spice is becoming a fav bottom for me and I am looking forward to see how far Bandit will explore. Would be good to see him paired with Apollo or Blake.

  12. Bugsy754

    Bandit is becoming a quick fav. I like how he slowly coming into his own quickly. Would like to see him paired up with Apollo or Blake…… Spice is the next fav BBA bottom.

  13. Jo Wilf

    Only BANDIT has over 100 likes in just 3 scenes… that’s amazing! BANDIT don’t need to kiss, suck dick, lick ass to gain more likers. BANDIT can stay what he is now… “The silent operator” deserved to be the new Best Top Performer in 2016. How about that?

    1. decaturbaby

      I totally agree with you.. Bandit is fine just the way he is… I love that sexy silent goodlooking hard dik thing he gives up.. DON’T tamper with him.

  14. Chris

    It was pretty obvious Bandit was feeling Spice more than Rory. Spice should’ve kissed Bandit. It’s time for Ross , Bandit & Julien to kiss. Bandit is now in my top 5.


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