Website Update: Blatino Boy Toy

Blake Bishop and Diego
Black boys might be my “addiction” of choice, but Latino boys have always been a VERY close second!

So when a long-time fan of the site recently introduced me to Diego, a cute Blatino boy who just graduated high school, I figured it might be fun to mix things up by adding a little bit of Latin flavor to the BBA roster.

An exotic mix of Cuban, Puerto Rican, Black, White, and Native American, this cute but not so innocent 18-year-old likes to dance and play basketball and soccer in his free time. He considers himself bisexual with a growing preference for guys.

I figured what better way to put this new kid’s porn potential to the test than by pairing him with one of BBA’s most well-endowed and popular “tops.” Yes, Blake Bishop is FINALLY back for the first time in over six months, and he’s more than ready to reclaim his throne by busting open some tight Blatino boy ass!

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat for Diego’s amateur action debut as the older and more experienced Blake Bishop meets the barely-legal new boy and shows him the ropes…

There’s lots of tongue-kissing, deep-throating, and more non-stop hardcore fucking than I’ve filmed in awhile as Blake Bishop plunges the entire length of his RAW black dick deep inside that tight Blatino bubble-butt and delivers his deepest and most demanding “dick-down” so far!

That cute young ass turns out to be so warm, wet, and tight that Blake even “pulls a Zadian” at one surprising point in the shoot, before continuing on to aggressively pound that fresh Latino teen ass without mercy all over the room and in a variety of acrobatic positions – including on the stairs and even sprawled across a table!


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21 comments on “Website Update: Blatino Boy Toy
    1. Damien

      Not into Blake or Diego. They are good looking but not my type at all. Waiting for Ross to come back….again and again. Never get tired of Ross, Apollo, and Freaky J. Isaiah too. I like some of the new guys Julien and Bandit but they need to step it up and show some passion and lust. It’s in there.

  1. Meh

    Hot scene. Blake was top notch. When he was getting “overexcited” it was very hot. Diego is really cute but an erection wouldn’t have gone amiss. Should’ve given Blake a 10 too. That was a bit off. Overall great chemistry.

  2. D-Money

    Always good to see sexy ass Blake back in the saddle and paired with a quite confident sexy youngin in Diego Mike at first he looked so innocent and yet when he talked breeded confidence cockiness and pairing with Blake Mr Confident himself even better pairing the fact that the ass was sooo tight it made Blake nutt before he got good up in there tells me Diego passed the test his next conquest I swear Beno got to put his work in on that……Great update great start to the weekend!!!!

  3. Kev

    This was a hot scene. Prob in my Top 10 of all time in BBA history. Blake kept fucking despite multiple nutts and he had no problem keep fucking after he nutted. I think Blake Bishop owed another fuck scene to the young Diego one more time and fuck all the way for a long period until he cum… I love Blake Bishop. I want a Blake Bishop and Apollo scene.

    I also, strangely, want to see a solo scene from Blake and see how much nutt he can get all on his own. The man is so fine.

    1. cocopop

      Yea Mike let Blake get some of Apollo’s ass, and then Isaiah’s, either one of these two would be hot.

  4. Ryan

    I am definitely looking forward to seeing Diego paired with someone else. This scene was awesome! Thanks Michael.

  5. kevyn

    Why are all your most recent clips strict top-bottom? UGH! And you seem to go out of your way to “hide” bottoms’ penises…I don’t get this at all. With one exception, Bandit, bless his heart, the tops have smaller dicks. On top of that (pun intended) most bottoms’ (larger) cocks are like I likes em, UNCUT, praise Zeus. And everyone’s not into all that jazz …oops…. “all that ass.” If a dick’s attached to a person please show it —- give us dickphiles a bone and for much more than a few seconds with wide- or long-shots. Get physically close with the camera, stay there, go bake a biscuit, then come back…lol. BlackboyaddickSHUN…oh no.

  6. cocopop

    On first glance, got excited, thought it was Blake and Ross. Dam it! Good to see Blake back looking sexy as usual, and as usual did his thang breaking in Diego. Mike, when is Ross coming back?

  7. Jo Wilf

    Let me break the ice on this scene … BLAKE BISHOP is made to be a top w/ a hard chiseled “tool”…! BB knows how to use it.
    DIEGO is hot … but need more room for improvement.
    Happy Memorial Day!

  8. mb

    There are certain porn stars both pro and amateur that can carry a scene all by themselves regardless of whom they may be paired with. Blake Bishop imo is in this category, and that’s how this latest scene was for me, ALL BLAKE BISHOP and a co-star who reminded me too much of Kini from the tv show Project Runway, which was a complete turn-off.

    It’s time to pair Blake with a co-star that is just as sexy and masculine as himself. I know he’s already filmed with Ross and Freaky J, but the scene with Ross included no anal penetration, and Freaky J’s constant limp dick limits his appeal. I think a pairing with Apollo, Isaiah, Ross (if anal is included), Knockout, Julien or Bandit would be epic!


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