Website Update: But That’s My Homeboy! #2

We first met Scotty and Shaun early last year when we put their uniquely close friendship to the test in one of the most hilarious, unpredictable, and thoroughly ENTERTAINING video-shoots of the year.

Even though it technically wasn’t much more than a two-for-the-price-of-one solo “audition,” it was still hot as hell seeing these two straight best friends thrust into such an awkwardly intimate and homoerotic encounter for the very first time in their nearly lifelong friendship.

Since that time, both guys have taken some small but significant “baby steps” into the world of guy-on-guy sex, but never together in the same scene. So when I recently found out that Shaun had gotten out of jail earlier than expected, and that he needed some quick cash to help him get back on his feet, I immediately started planning this much-requested “reunion” that I knew fans of both guys would be excited to see!

After more than a week of stressful back and forth negotiations that came very close to falling apart several times, I finally talked them into returning for a series of “next level” challenges that might not seem like much to the casual viewer, but are truly shocking and damn near MIRACULOUS considering the extreme reluctance of their first scene together!

Find out for yourself just how far these straight best friends were willing to go when they finally returned almost ONE YEAR LATER for another hilarious and entertaining encounter that pushes them out of their comfort zones and puts their friendship to the test once again….

If you’re ONLY interested in hardcore gay action, then this ISN’T the scene or website for you! But if you’re like me and find yourself turned on by the idea of watching every suspenseful, surprising, sometimes stressful, and frequently funny moment of two real-life straight “bros” from the ‘hood taking their friendship to a shockingly new and once unthinkable level – then this is a REALITY PORN exclusive that you don’t want to miss, and one that will no doubt have you stroking your dick and laughing out loud at the same time once again 🙂 !

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26 comments on “Website Update: But That’s My Homeboy! #2
  1. Ericson

    I liked the scene. But I don’t think they’re as innocent as they pretend to be. I think they have been together b4

  2. Allen Wells

    I will admit that I am thrilled to see Shaun & Scotty. I love the new look of both of them. I am also glad to see progress in their willingness to try some things. I rate this scene 8 out of 10. It was entertaining in its own way. However, I’m still waiting on the, “Shock and Awe of 2017”. Any more 1 on 1’s in the near future? Everybody loves Stylez. He’s never been in a 1 on 1. My credits are lasting too long! Let’s get the New Year going man.

  3. decaturbaby

    I’ve never been a fan of wrestling.. but this one I loved.. it was not staged at all.. and it went on a long time. This update was easily a 10 out of 10.. These boys have come a loooooong way since their first video.. No way would I have believed this scene would be possible.. (I always hoped) . You are the man Mike.. I bow down.. There were a lot of great new models last yr, but Shaun and Scotty were easily my favorites.. so much potentials with the possibilities.. and I’m glad they are local… You are their JOB (another plus) they know where to come and work for money… . You have changed their friendship FOREVER.. I would love to be a fly on their wall for a whole week after a shoot… They were clearly turned on by each other.. Shaun was hard right away from the kissing and rubbing .. Scotty too.. and I loved how Shaun was stroking that big ole yellow dick..and Scotty stroked it good too.. I would love to see Scotty slow raw fuck Shaun… and Shaun almost put his dick up in Scotty’s ass.. I can’t wait to see what you do with Scotty next… Thank you Mike that was awesome.

  4. Cream Dream

    This was entertaining and very funny to watch. Scotty and Shaun I hope to see them again together or not… Mike they have tried to come through with doing these uncomfortable scenes that take them out of their comfort zone. They need a Natural Habitat scene to happen I hope they get a bad 5 star chick, and hopefully after that they might come back to do some gay for pay scenes. Thanks Mike!

  5. D_Raven

    I have to say.. I understand the direction and I understand the point but at the end of the day this is suppose to be porn

    The lack luster kissing was annoying. Come on.. You are being paid.. Even if you have to act, do it to get into it. Both of them have done sexual scenes with other dudes (I know, as “tops”) but they acted as if they have never been touched by another dude before. Just felt like this was more of a step backwards for both of them

    It would just have been nice if there was some kind of oral or something. Even the fucking simulation was weak. Bandit and Zadian did it better. At least they moaned and made it look somewhat convincing.

    I will say tho.. I LOVE Shaun’s ass and if you could get him to bottom then I’ll be happy

    1. cocopop

      @D_Raven, I feel you, they had to know up front what Mike was expecting of them, the best part was the wrestling, unlike Apollo/Stephon this was not staged. I too was annoyed with the kissing, it was like watching two 14/15 boys. Shaun out of the two gave the best performance he was actually trying to get into the scene, Scotty was a disappointment, even though I find him more appealing than Shaun. Him acting as if he had never touched/jacked a dick before, when jacking Saint’s dick didn’t seem like he wanted to let go of it after Saint nutted. They may need to be trained separately, bring them back after the two train with each other at home lol, you talking about a smoking hot scene.

      1. decaturbaby

        @cocopop I think it was more difficult for Scotty to jack his “BF” dick than it was jacking off Saint.. or at least he had to pretend that it was.. but in the end, he did it.. and he held on to Shaun’s dick too… I also think that they will probably have sex with another person before they have sex with each other.. either way, I want to see it… Can’t wait.

  6. Letschillnow

    Thanks, Mike for bringing back Shaun & Scotty. That wrestling scene was hot. Makes me want Shaun more than ever. P.S…..Shaun looked like he wanted to fuck….more Shaun

  7. A.J.

    Admittedly I am not a fan of these types of scenes but I bought it anyway. TBH it was entertaining just watching the two of them interact. They do compliment each others personalities. As far as the action goes it was lackluster to me. However, I didn’t mind here as I didn’t go in expecting too much. I went into it just being intrigued to see how it played out and I enjoyed it for reasons other then getting off lol. I dunno about these two tho. I dunno if they are gonna take it to the next level. We will see tho.

  8. decaturbaby

    loved the kissing (that got better towards the end), the grinding (oh Lordy), the simulated fucking and the mutual jacking of each others dick until they nutted (Scotty with Shaun’s nutt all on his hand)… I love that these two best friends are going thru this ordeal (job) together and seemingly enjoying it (if you judge by their dicks that are hard the whole time).. If you’re new to this site, the story between the friends can only really be appreciated if you watch the whole series from the beginning… Then you can really be in awe of the job that Michael does. I hope to see them again real soon..

  9. Eagerbeaver

    These 2 together are PURE COMEDY I love it.. I had a tough time trying to nut Cuz it was a joke around every corner but I still liked it… I’ll say there might be 2 or 3 more scenes of “but that’s my home boy” until they fuck.. but I already know shaun is going to be the bottom.. and he gained some weight too..I like that… good job Mike..

  10. pedwards876

    This was hot with anticipation of what would come next. Both horny on the couch. Shaun getting turned on with Scotty on top kissing him. I wanted more of Shaun on top humping Scotty. He looked like he was getting close at one point. It’s like Suspense & D-Rel with these two but the fast track version! Great job again Mike!!!

  11. Kenny6508

    Damn this was hot, don’t usually comment. But Shaun was def enjoyin that shit. When Scotty was on top of him kissing him his dick was getting hard as shit. It seemed like he was tryna tell him stop kissing him probably bcuz his dick was brick and he probably didn’t expect that shit. Probably was bout to bust. The way he kept grabbing on Scotty and caressing on him, that shit was hot. Shaun was laying there looking like a bitch bout to get dug out by her nigga, and he couldn’t hide his attraction.

  12. CL05ETFR3AK

    OMG Michael you actually got them this far! Can’t wait for the next scene. Shaun’s ass tho waaooow. He’s ready to get down, he was turned on more often than Scotty. Can’t wait for the next update……. and seriously now Michael, you gotta bring back Armando! These boys have gone further than him, and his second video was a natural habitat.

  13. Badboy05

    I could have watched these two wrestle All Night! Wish they would have kept up the energy after the sweats came off, but all-in-all that part of the scene got my juices flowing and I would have loved to play Papa and walked in and put both of them across my lap and spanked their bare asses for fighting in the house again! This is the kind of scene I would have loved seeing D-Solo in! If you still have your Jamaican partner, see if he can get Skinny Kid and D-Rock to wrestle before they fuck again in their next scene! Hot Hot Hot!!!

  14. Chris

    I found it funny how Shaun’s eyes lit up when he thought it was going to be you jacking him off. Honestly i woulda rather Mike jacked them both off.

    Also I liked the fact that they couldn’t lie about Saint’s head game.

    Mike you should give them an actual bottom next time to rock their world 🌎

  15. Stoned Mountain

    Shaun and Scotty are like a Greenwich Village night club comedy act, and so funny.

    Love Shaun, with the gorgeous rear end. Real cutie.

  16. Eric Easy E

    That Shaun & Scotty Were A Riot I Laughed The Entire Scene But One Thing I Loved About The Both Of Them Their Friendship Is Genuine And You Can Best Believe They Both Have One Another’s Back …But I Loved The Video
    # Oh But It’s True!


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