Website Update: Don’t Tell My Girl

Anyone who’s watched any interracial straight porn over the past couple years should immediately recognize our most recent special guest.

JC Power aka Axil Miller has performed in dozens of scenes with some of the biggest names and studios in straight porn.

Traditionally, “straight” porn stars like Jay C have had to choose between one side of the industry or the other. But thankfully we seem to be entering an exciting new era when a small but growing handful of open-minded male performers from the world of straight porn are showing a newfound respect and appreciation for their LGBT fans, and on rare occasions even “crossing over” to do gay and bisexual porn.

Although Jay C technically made his gay porn debut for another studio last year, those were mere “baby steps” compared to what he’s agreed to do in his exciting debut here at Black Boy Addictionz – tentatively dipping his toes in the water before diving into the deep end head first 😉 !

Don’t miss the shocking, must-see porn event of the summer as Jay C unleashes his inner freak and exposes a surprisingly vulnerable and sexy new side of himself to his fans.

It’s 2018. Forget everything you thought you knew about what “straight” porn stars will and won’t do when the money’s right….

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40 comments on “Website Update: Don’t Tell My Girl
  1. WeatherMan

    This NEW update is explosive and one of the BEST scenes in BBA history. Thank you for continuing to expand the boundaries of porn. I cannot wait to see what else you have planned for this summer. I hope one of my boys (Scotty or Shaun) will get out soon.


    I really hope that mikey/trapp is watching this scene to show them that u can still have a girlfriend and get fucked it’s about knowing who u r i love jc/manny killa showing they know who they r as men who do gay porn and it’s just a job and got the mind set to say fuck the haters jc really showed that he don’t care what others think about him and that’s being real mikey/trapp fuck what others say have an open mind to just do your scene i love thugs like jc/manny killa jc was really enjoying manny killa fat red head dick damm i want to see that big fat dick of manny killa inside trapp r mikey mike u really gave us bba fans the heat for summer time mike is trapp locked up please say something on it i’m about to lose my mind not knowing.

    1. Michael

      Just wanted to say how much Montez, Shax, and myself all enjoy reading your hilariously entertaining comments week after week. Occasionally the models read your comments as well (including Trapp)! Your enthusiasm for BBA and its models is both humbling and inspiring. Glad we’ve been able to bring so much pleasure and excitement into your life through our scenes.

      But my main reason for responding is to reassure you that Trapp is NOT locked up at this time and we hope to work with him again very soon. Hopefully you will be able to sleep better at night knowing this 😉 . Thanks again for all of your encouragement and support.

  3. JAy

    Loved the scene. But Mike I will say this again you need to do one group scene with all the new boys and call it new kids on the block: Trapp; Justice, King Ant, Jay C, Kingston, Mikey, and Mar. Or split them up into two scenes.. a threesum and a 4 sum..

    Other options: Justice, Jay C and Apollo

  4. bmam

    This blog post is such a mis-direction and I love it. Totally didn’t see that ending coming. You’ve done it again! Manny is building a MVP resume!

  5. lob taylor

    Beautiful scene and pairing. JC Power aka Axil Miller gave me the same feelings I got the first time I saw Isaiah, Blake Bishop or Bandit. Something about his manly good looks and gorgeous bod. Please pair him with any of these dudes. I wasn’t a fan of MANNY KILLA till I saw him with Bandit and Blake Bishop and he’s become one of my favs now.

  6. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    Excellent update


    Just wished Manny got to fuck him more and rough since JayC was loving it so much

  7. AleckzanderB

    YOOOOOO! 1st of all I L❤❤❤❤❤❤VE Me Some JC Brooks aka JC Powers aka Dee Jay aka Axil Miller aka Jay C! That Man Is GORGEOUS! When I first seen the trailer I thought Manny gotta be the one to sample the goods. Now I wasn’t expecting him to sample ALL THE GOODS ….. PLEEEASE tell me we didn’t see the last of him?!

  8. Tori Fan

    I give it a 9. He is HOT! Only thing missing was some tongue action and close toe shots.

    That scene was HOT! How come I can’t find nobody whose like that. Just goes where ever the nut is.

    Now wait a minute… 2 nuts back to back? he must be related to Dragon

  9. Jayden

    I think it’s safe to tell Jay C that we won’t tell his girl, but we are telling everyone else! LOL! This scene was awesome! Jay C is truly a pro and a dynamic performer (not to mention beautiful to look at!) Enjoyed Manny too. Manny’s oral skills are some of the best porn moments ever! Watching him give the oral experience never gets old. Was he a little nervous while making this one? He seemed so…especially in the beginning of the scene.

    The best part of the scene was the ending where Jay C bottoms. Well done! He took dick like a champ. The fact that you all even made that happen is awesome! I haven’t stop watching the scene yet. To you, Montez, Manny, and Jay C…5 stars! It was EPIC, and I thank you!


    PS: The whole time I was watching Jay C, I kept thinking of another one of my favorite BBA models…Isaiah. Will we see him this year? He’s missed. lol

  10. Manpower1010

    Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow

  11. Cory Hoovero

    Love it one of my favorite scenes on the bba website the way jc was taking dick make me wonder and he came twice? I love seeing new talent go there on their first bba scene I hope you reach out to some of the young men who star on those hot black gay web-series like about him, bi, lit and others make them hot bba stars like you did Rico Pruitt you have a way for bringing out the freak-nasty money well spent michael


    MIKE i see now u really know the porn game u know u got haters at the other porn company hold your head up high soon one will come to u wanting to do a (ATT/TIME )deal cause u r the (NEW CROWN KING OF PORN)your fairness with your models u take them to eat sleep in motels u have a good heart and it shows keep up the good work mike . mike i know u have seen (DWAYNE McKELL) i really hope u get him blake got the hots for him.

    1. Remedy

      I’d literally pass out if Dwayne Mckell did gay porn. But that shit will never happen 😂😂 nice to dream though

  13. mark

    First, Day Day, then Knockout, then Staxx and now JC…..

    Four pro porn stars who were previously known as exclusive tops prior to their work at bba. That’s VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!!

    Thank you for that.

  14. Tyscore

    BRUHHHHH!!!! This scene is by far the HOTTEST SCENE EVER!!! JC Powers, JayC is so sexy. Them eyes, smile, dick and them cakes look delicious! He needs to become an exclusive model too. He slick reminds me of SAINT but sexier and less forced. He enjoyed every minute of that scene. He’s also one of my favorite straight porn stars. Being bi myself this shit turned me on!!! 5stars! This is why you’re the ONLY site I will pay for! Keep up the good work

  15. Cam3121

    This is what you call a CLASSIC! I haven’t been this excited about a new guy here since Rico Pruitt. It was hot from start to finish. Jay C is a gem that needs to keep shining here & Manny is phenomenal. The other studio didn’t let Jay C shine but BBA did. The only thing that was missing was the kissing but everything else was what i love & adore in a scene. Mike, you outdid yourself here & i applaud you! BBA is the standard to which all black gay porn should be & this film is proof of this.

    One last thing, this is THE SCENE of 2018 and one of BBA’s best scenes ever!

  16. zhiva1

    Well, shit nawww!! I just be damned! Whateva y’all paid him – it was well worth it! That’s the shit I’m talkin about!!! He loved him some of Manny’s dick didn’t he??? LOL Keep him on retainer and bring him back. Let’s see him take some more dicks on the roster. This was A+

  17. Remedy

    Fucking loved this scene. 🔥🔥🔥no way, That was not his first time with a guy. And He’s not straight as much as he loved it 🤣 which is cool. Long as he’s masculine I love it. 👌🏽 Definitely need more of him. Damn it’s so many good ones now. It’s hard to rank them. It all started when TRAPP came lol. It jus been on the rise. Mikey Trapp King Ant and Now JC. 🔥🤩

  18. Kai

    Can you make a scene where JC is riding a big dick reverse cowboy so we can see his hard dick flopping ?

    Pretty please, Michael.

  19. CL05ETFR3AK

    Kissing is the most sensual part of any sex scene……could’ve done alot here but 🙄eh maybe next time. Beautiful men, nice contrast, chocolate & vanilla what more could you ask for 🤗 lovely indeed. 👍👍 ……. that JC is one gorgeous hunk😍😍😋

    1. Michael

      Surprisingly enough, kissing was one of the ONLY things Jay C adamantly refused to do going into this shoot. That’s actually pretty common with the “straight”/bi/DL types starting out. They’ll put a guy’s dick in their mouths and/or put their own dicks in another guy’s ASSHOLE, but god forbid they should touch lips or tongues, LOL!

      Hopefully we can convince him to compromise on this in the future, as it seems to be one of the ONLY minor disappointments expressed in the feedback so far about an otherwise epic and enjoyable scene.

      1. Tyscore

        I totally understand JC on the “no kissing” rule . Im the same way. Kissing requires emotion and is reserved for that special someone. Especially when you are and deal with both sexes. Kissing is reserved for your woman.

    2. Jo Wilfried

      In his “straight” videos, JAY C is not a good kisser.. I guess he is not comfortable to kiss a guy.. But excellent in “licking” p___y..🤓
      Among the “bisexual” BBA models.. JAY C is my favorite..!👍


    please michael what happened to beno my favorite ive been a member since his first scene oh and please pick a day and give us a new scene i’m an old black man this is all i have to look forward to thanks love ya keep up the good work

  21. Stoned Mountain

    I hate to sound like a broken record, BUT WHERE DO YOU FIND THESE GUYS?! Jay C is magnificent.

    A black beauty. Wish I could have seen just one lil kiss.

  22. Sin

    I loved this a lot 10s… But mike what ever happened to u fuckin the news guys.. Like i became a part of this site cause i love 2 see that.. But u haven’t in a while… Can u start back… And maybe the new guy Isaiah and Trapp in an all out 3 way .. I mean all holes used.. 😃😎💪

  23. Damien

    Hot!!!!! How about Justice and JC? or Apollo, Justice, and JC together……and Trapp can be thrown in the mix with any of these guys. The scenes are running through my head. I wished JC kissed, maybe in time.

  24. decaturbaby

    That was one of the best BBA updates ever. JC can easily shoot straight to the top of the BBA rankings. He is so sexy and masculine and natural. I love a manly man who likes sucking dick, and he was in love with Manny’s big thick dick. He didn’t just suck it, he tasted and savored it. I’m not a Manny fan, but I did enjoy what he did in this scene. I love JC’s smooth chocolate skin and his beautiful captivating eyes (omg). I loved how we could all see how much he fucking loved having that big dick up in his ass, which was evident by his back-to-back nutts. He apparently enjoys a nice big dick, so next up, he needs Bandit or Blake or Migo. This scene was easily a 22 out of 10. Please bring him back sooner than later. Great work Mike.

  25. Stoned Mountain

    Just watched again this morning, my third time actually, and notice that Jay C uses his lips for NOTHING but to suck on the HEAD of Manny’s dick, a piece of flesh he adores. And ironically the feel of that fat dick in his ass is more stimulating than fucking. Nutted twice taking the dick, not at all from nearly an hour of fucking. If we could convince him to be more oral, a rematch between him and Manny would be electric. Just one guy’s opinion. Love the dude, his wonderful blackness, the hard body, the majestic piece set off by those gorgeous swinging balls. Jay C also loves Manny’s wonderful deep throat.

  26. DJ2016

    AMAZING!!! My New Best Friend finally has competition after spending 40 plus weeks at the top of the BBA charts!

    The only thing I missed was a little romance, but I understand that some gay/bisexual men do not like the romance as much as the sex. It was still HOT!!!

    And, the most beautiful dick award goes to Manny! My ass stays so tight I wouldn’t be able to handle it, but it is absolutely magnificent – along with Bandit, Blake, and the King (whose exotic look is an immediate aphrodisiac)!

    Michael, if you did a Natural Habitat scene with Jay C and Manny… STEAMING, EFING, HOT ALL DAY!!!

  27. cocopop

    Mike love your new addition Jay C, he gave the viewers all they lusted for (except the kissing). That complexion is to die for, jet black he’s a total package. More than anything we viewers didn’t have to wait months to witness him bottoming. Seems to know his way around in that role, hell he took it better than Apollo or Bandit did with Manny. Love how he fell in love with Manny’s big dick. Great job Mike and crew, by the way move over Bandit no longer the biggest dick.

    1. JoWilfried

      I think APOLLO took it better.. JAY C is still in-training.. But very natural in handling MANNY KILLA’s big tool..🤓
      Make it happen Michael.

  28. Daniel

    This is the best scene I’ve seen in 2018, hands down! Bravo!!

    I’m in love with Jay C. Would love to see him flip again, Bandit/ Manny 3-way?

    Thank you!!


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