Website Update: Hennything Is Possible

When Justice heard that we were in his hometown filming a sexy new model, he wasted no time dropping by the hotel to check out our newest recruit for himself.

He and Lil Jake nervously joke and flirt and check each other out over a late-night game of dice and a bottle of Hennessy.

“Hennything is possible!” Lil Jake teases with a seductive smile, no doubt already having a pretty good idea where the night is rapidly heading….

With some help from the Hennessy, this impromptu night of drinking and dice quickly escalates into a steamy encounter that includes lots of passionate tongue-kissing, sloppy-wet dick-sucking, and hungry ass-eating as these two horny bisexual guys discover and explore each others’ bodies for the very first time.

There’s even some hot (but briefer than usual) fucking when Justice spontaneously samples Lil Jake’s big uncut dick for himself!

Without a doubt, however, the must-see highlight of this scene for me comes when Lil Jake drops to his knees and puts those thick, sexy lips of his to good use….

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8 comments on “Website Update: Hennything Is Possible
  1. Platinum48036

    From now on, Lil Jake should have some Henny before every scene. Very passionate. Best scene of the year so far!

  2. Emiliano69

    the energy was amazing…if there had been some real deal passionate fucking this would have been one of the best pairings of the year

  3. Jay

    Loved this scene. Time for justice to tag smash lil jake like he smash shameeks.

    Other future scene requests: Shameeks gets tagged team by lil jake and Justice

    Mar, justice and lil Jake reunion

    Trapp, shameeks and lil jake
    Trapp and Justice
    Trapp and Blake

  4. Jayden

    “You got me hard as fuck!” Justice couldn’t be any more accurate. This scene made me brick. Not to mention, I was also happy to see Lil Jake come back to play. There’s Henny, dice, and sex, what more do you need? Let’s discuss. 😈

    The Oral Show

    Justice and Lil Jake slobbered each other down. It kind of reminded me of Scuba and Jah (not as much spit though). Loved the angles during this part. There were times where the camera was so close it seemed that we, the viewers, were participating in the fun! Thanks Shax! I would LOVE to be a third party!

    Lil Jake made me sooo jealous of Justice!! When Lil Jake started giving head, it was fun to watch Justice “rise” for the occasion. I was like “Hell yeah, suck that shit! Do that shit right!” LOL! I enjoyed watching these two devour each other while expressing themselves orally. Shit was hot!

    The Fuck Show

    I enjoyed this part. The chemistry between the two was 🔥, and it made the scene LIT! There were parts where the sex was so good that both Justice and Jake’s eyes were rolling back! That was priceless! Honestly, there were times during the scene I was wondering if it was actually great sex or did the Hennessy just get to both of them. Or a combination of both things? Maybe it was just me, but this part of the scene seemed to be cut short compared to other scenes. The scene left me wanting more. No complaints though; it was bomb AF!

    The cum shots from both models were 🔥! Good shit!

    Special thanks to Mike, Shax, Justice, and Lil Jake for a damn good time! After watching this scene, I learned that, with BBA, Hennything can happen!

    1. Michael

      I share your jealousy for Justice being the first to feel those thick, juicy lips of Lil Jake’s wrapped around his dick. And my favorite part was when Justice cleared the table and picked Lil Jake up. Loved seeing the smaller Lil Jake get MAN-handled like that. The fact that it seemed to catch him off guard and embarrass him a little bit only made it ten times hotter. Hopefully a preview of things to come lol???

  5. Chris

    Jake so damn fine, I’d love to see him & Manny interact.

    & what Jake gotta know is I’m the Hennessy Papi 🙃


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