Website Update: Introducing Julien

Julien 1
We’re officially kicking off the new year with this introduction to the first of several promising new straight guys I’ve been pursuing lately.

Julien is an All-American college student and athlete who played basketball and football in high school and recently started competing as an amateur MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter. He also enjoys playing the guitar, lifting weights, and skateboarding when he isn’t chasing after pussy every chance he gets.

I’ve been communicating with Julien back and forth for several months, and it took a lot of persuading before he’d even agree to this solo “audition.” He was skeptical about having a man behind the camera, and said he’d feel more comfortable with a female in the room. But needing a fast and easy way to earn some quick cash and help pay his bills, this cocky, light-skinned “college boy” finally agreed to take off his clothes and share his beefy young body with the world for the VERY FIRST TIME!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy Julien’s amateur porn debut as he reluctantly shows off what only his girlfriends and locker-room teammates have been lucky enough to see until now….

Julien 2
Julien’s “audition” begins with an in-depth interview to get better acquainted with our newest straight model shortly after meeting him for the very first time.

In a deep, sexy voice, Julien tells a funny story about losing his virginity in an alley behind his school before football practice when he was just a freshman in high school, and estimates that he’s fucked AT LEAST *100* women of all races, shapes, and sizes since then! He also confesses to having a kinky, rough, and dominant side in the bedroom.

Julien turns out to be one of the most visibly tense and uncomfortable straight guys I’ve filmed in awhile, and getting naked with a man behind the camera was a MAJOR step for this sexy MMA fighter.

“I’ll get through it,” he nervously shrugs as the moment of truth quickly approaches. “I’ve made it through worse!”

Julien 3
Julien 4

Standing at 6’3″ and weighing 200 pounds, Julien slowly takes off his clothes to reveal a stocky but athletic body that will be a special treat for those of you who prefer your black guys with a little more meat on their bones! His strong arms are thoroughly covered with tattoos and he has a thick, juicy ass that he says gets a lot of compliments from the ladies (and no doubt grabs the attention of a few males as well).

Julien lets us watch as he lies back on the couch and strokes his hard dick while watching straight porn on his phone. His breathing gets heavier and his dick grows even harder as he eventually seems to forget about me and the camera, and loses himself in the pleasure of the moment….

To watch the full-length, uncensored version of Julien’s “audition,” click here to join BBA or buy credits today!

If you’re currently a BBA member and/or already have BBA credits, click here to get better acquainted with our newest straight athlete any time you’d like!


38 comments on “Website Update: Introducing Julien
  1. ShyG93

    Julien is fine nice sexy stocky body, alright in the meat department. He got a nice phat ass, now he says he’s not interested in doing anything with a man… Hmm for the right price he’ll change his mind. Plus Michael you’re very persistent so I don’t have any doubt, that you can convince him to do something with a guy. Hmmm it would be interesting to imagine who he could be paired with. The Solo wasn’t boring so Michael Galletta thank you.

  2. man1234

    So this guy was really cute, sexy even, but I have to tell you the solo stuff just bores me to tears. I hope to see him in some action scenes really soon. I am really ready to see some new action content. And Mike to be honest, not looking forward to scenes with you in them. Just being real (I love you man, LOL). I am always waiting to see what is next!

    1. PapaBear

      Well….LOL I agree with most of what you wrote. HAHA! I hate the solo scenes, but I see how they are needed to get the models comfortable in front of the camera in order for Mike to pursue them doing other things on camera. They are a bore…well most of them.

  3. morgan

    Sorry Mike, but your solos tend to be pretty boring.
    Let me know when you can get them to spread their ass cheeks or finger themselves.
    Till then….

  4. A.J.

    I almost fell in love but caught myself because it’s clear he will become one of those here then gone forever additions. I hope im wrong but I doubt it. He’s gorgeous though.

  5. Brian

    Lol. I like seeing Mike fuck the boys.

    I really liked this scene, but I have a feeling he will be another Jaye Johnson.

  6. chucke1

    Some of my favorite videos (most) have Michael in them! If I was in his shoes, i would do the same thing, why not!?! Go for it Michael! I take that as an insult and unappreciative of his hard work. Don’t stop appearing in your movies, please!

    1. decaturbaby

      Please don’t listen to this dude….(you have been very good staying away from the boys lately) send him a private tape if he wants to see that… I don’t think this Julien dude is going to let any man touch him anyway

          1. Michael

            Sorry, guys, this was just a joke in response to DecaturBaby and others telling me to stay out of the scenes. Did you really think I’d film something like this and NOT PUBLISH IT 😛 ?!?

            To Man1234, DecaturBaby, and others, I get it, you find me disgusting and want to throw up every time you see me in a scene with one of the guys, LOL. With all due respect, I DON’T CARE. People have been telling me this for YEARS and it has never made one bit of difference. Plenty of viewers disagree and actually enjoy the scenes with me in them.

            If anything, constantly telling me how much you hate them only makes me want to do them even more 😛 .

            1. js

              You tell ’em Michael! I think the scenes with you having your way with these gorgeous guys is a tremendous turn-on! It gives every guy something to fantasize about. You will never be able to satisfy everyone, so keep doing what you’re doing and provide diverse content so everyone will find something they like. By the way, I think Julien is one of the hottest models on the site in a long time. Hope to see more of him!

      1. Brian

        I agree w/ decatur baby. All these comments about how he’s this or that… Something about this guy isn’t Michael’s type of entertainment.

    2. JoWilfried

      Remember, a “real” man like JULIEN don’t want to have “sex” with a “real” man? But what JULIEN’S last words “OF COURSE.” is a hint that he gonna try the “next level” here in BBA? Who’ll be the perfect fit model?

  7. Damien

    Julien said no at first but it turned into a maybe. At the end he indicated it was possible if you watched the whole scene. There is some interest in him to explore and money can act like alcohol. It loosens your inhibitions. Many men are bisexual (fluid) despite their protests that they are 100% straight. Once they allow themselves to try it……it’s hard not to like it. Men know how to please another man. Most women do not.

  8. Bugsy754

    Mike , this is someone I think you should definitely keep around. Would like to see his transition into more action and how he steps outside his comfort zone.

  9. Tori Fan

    Nice thick body like I like them. I’m not really an ass man, but his ass did make my dick jump. PRETTY TOES…YES! I know you were aiming for me. The dick….well it was a grower. I’m not really into guys that shave their pubes, but it was ok.

    He’s gonna be interesting. Pair him up with Apollo and let them have a dual dick session. I don’t think Apollo gonna get fucked anymore, but his sexy ways will be interesting to see how Julien responds. Either Apollo or Saint. Gotta be man vs man. No softies. This dude will need a take charge type of situation. He has an alpha man persona to me.

    Now will the dick work….even with the blue pill is my question. If the shit get ugly….send him home and don’t air it. haha

  10. cocopop

    There you go Mike, don’t let these ass…….. ..s dictate what you produce on your site. You will never satisfy them all the time. I have noticed where viewers can respond on videos posted the most critical, nasty posts, some comments have nothing to do with the video. I myself, am not turned on by everything you post yet I know someone may differ with me. Do your thang Mike. Bring back Rico, more Apollo as bottom, Ross up your game.

  11. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    Please Please Please do EVERYTHING to bring Julien back !!! He’d be a GREAT addition to BBA and the BBA family !!

  12. JoWilfried

    A perfect pairing/s for JULIEN will make BBA great…! JULIEN, don’t allow a “fake” straight guy DOMINATE you. Pls. don’t be a “BOTTOM” for a nice “paycheck?!?”
    As what you mentioned in the scene; “What are you talking about?”


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