Website Update: Introducing Ross

Introducing Ross 1
Ross is a sexy straight boy from the East Coast who enjoys playing sports, lifting weights, and having sex every chance he gets. He competed in football, track, and boxing in high school, earning himself several college scholarships before a serious injury cut short his dream of one day playing in the NFL.

This latest addition to BBA’s sizzling-hot summer roster is straight with a girlfriend and young son that he’s trying his best to support, but he’s also an exhibitionist who enjoys showing off his body to anyone wanting to look, even if that includes horny gay men. “As long as you don’t try to force it on me!” he’s quick to clarify.

Enjoy a front-row seat for Ross’s “audition” as he introduces himself to BBA’s viewers and slowly strips out of his clothes to show off every inch of his athletic young body….

Introducing Ross 2
The scene begins with an in-depth interview to get better acquainted with our newest straight recruit shortly after meeting him for the very first time.

Ross shares a funny story about losing his virginity when he was still only in the SECOND GRADE! He admits that he’s had an insatiable sex drive ever since, and his eyes comically bulge out of his head when I ask him how many women he’s had sex with since then.

He eventually estimates that he’s slept with at least *TWO HUNDRED* women so far, and shares some hot stories from his many sexual exploits.

“I like doing things that make your blood pump!” Ross explains. “I like the rush!”

Introducing Ross 3
After Ross’s entertaining interview, it’s finally time for us to get to know this outgoing straight boy even BETTER and see for ourselves where his cocky confidence comes from!

Much like a certain OTHER popular straight model introduced earlier this year, Ross proves himself to be a natural tease, seductively taunting and teasing his audience as he strips out of his clothes to reveal a muscular and tempting young body.

Understandably nervous about doing something like this for the VERY FIRST TIME, Ross gets a little goofy at times, but even when he’s being silly and joking around, he’s still irresistibly sexy with an addictive charm you’ll have to experience for yourself….

Introducing Ross 4

To watch the full-length, uncensored version of Ross’s “audition,” click here to join BBA today!

If you’re already a BBA member, click here to “meet” BBA’s newest straight model any time you’d like!

25 comments on “Website Update: Introducing Ross
  1. Hakeem

    I like Ross and definitely want to see more of him. Being cocky isn’t a bad thing. Something about him to me is just sexy as all get out, maybe it’s the voice. The body is on point as well, look forward to seeing more of him. I can only dream about some of the potential matchups with the other BBA models. As always Michael you continue to bring the best to your viewers. Hands down, BBA is the best site on the net. Great job sir!!

    1. Michael

      Thanks! I’m thrilled and humbled to hear that you think BBA is the best gay porn site on the net.

      I totally agree with you about Ross! He packs A LOT of sex appeal into that muscular little body of his, LOL. Hopefully we’ll be seeing MUCH more of this sexy new straight boy in the near future!

  2. DC

    Mike this probably was the worst interview you ever did his voice was really low you can even hear what he was saying and I thought you would pick that up but you never did and he have too many female intensities he like to be touched a lot so I believe he will be giving up that ass but I do believe he never been fuck because that ass is closed like a lock and key

    1. Michael

      I’m sorry to hear that you had problems hearing parts of Ross’ interview. I used the same mic that I always use for the interviews, but you’re right about Ross’ voice being kind of low in some parts of the scene.

      For the best possible viewing experience, I would recommend watching the scene with headphones on and turning the volume up higher so you can hear. I would actually recommend that you watch all of BBA’s scenes this way so you don’t miss a thing. Hope this helps!

  3. Kevin

    Nice looking model. Scene was average. The interview was longer than the solo and wish the cumshot was huge…but I like him and hopefully we’ll see more of him.

  4. Stoned Mountain

    Yes indeed! Ross is a hot little can-do package. Beautiful sexy ass. Sexy mouth! Can’t wait to see Apollo hit that pretty hole! 😉

    Seriously, I have high hopes for him. Being so athletic I suspect he has the stamina to excite Suspense. Or Debonair, though I prefer to see Debonair with a major stud.

  5. D-Money

    Well Mike I gotta admit for an audition this was very good — I definitely wanna see you mike test Ross’s limits sexy body great smile and has his own personality — so far he definitely loves teasing and showing you what you cant have but definitely see him as a great potential to the roster definitely can see him paired up with cory or even cordell once again im liking this summer of hot new talent to the roster keep it fresh and original as always mike!! I’m still waiting for one big all out BBA orgy Mike!!!

  6. mb

    Very interesting roster of new talent these past several weeks….. that has led me to forming a wish list of who I would like to see paired, and who (imo) can take a hike……

    All Star, Can carry a scene by themselves regardless of co-star, to pair anyone in this group together would melt your screen: APOLLO, ISAIAH, STAXX, BLAKE BISHOP

    Strong B Team, Has potential to advance to all star status: FREAKY J, RANDY, CAESAR, COLLIN

    Still growing on me, Would like to see more of if paired with the correct co-star: MIGO, KENDALL, MAJESTY, CORDELL, ROSS

    Wouldn’t mind an occasional cameo, but headlining days are over, If featured, I would still watch and probably enjoy: BENO, LIL TYGA, DRAGON, COREY, SAINT

    Thank you for the memories, I’ve enjoyed your scenes, but I really think it’s time: D-REL, SUSPENSE

    Where are you? Please make a Comeback: RICO, AB, DRE

    And Finally, don’t let the doorknob hit you: MELLO, DEBONAIR, LEGACY

    1. Michael

      Thanks for sharing this entertaining breakdown of some of the BBA models! It’s both interesting and helpful to hear which models are your favorites vs. the ones you’re less enthusiastic about or even strongly dislike. I appreciate the effort you put into making this list and sharing it here on the blog.

    1. KayJay

      It’s funny you should say that. My first thought at the beginning of the interview was, “Okay, Mike has a cute new gay model for us.” lol

      However, I do believe after hearing the entire interview that he is a straight guy.

      But it is nice to know that at least someone had the same thought that I did.

  7. Ty

    I like Ross I think he’s a cutie with a nice body. Hopefully he’s willing to come back for a second scene, and hopefully he’s paired up with one of those models that help bring out that bi-curious side out of him. I believe that he’ll go for it I would like to see him with Apollo, but I don’t want to over use Apollo, but I think Cory or Lil Tiga can do the job.

  8. Slim

    I was surprised by his height … the interview starts with him seated, so it’s not clear how tall he is. He gives off a tall guy persona, though — lots of confidence, lots of self-assuredness. It would be interesting to pair him with one of the super tall guys — Isaiah, Staxx, or Freaky J — to see the contrasts. Ross is attractive, toned, decently hung and has personality and sex appeal, but since this site is based in the Show Me state, I’m going to hold off on assessing his porn potential until he shows me whether all the talking he did in this solo interview is just talk or the truth.

    1. Michael

      I was surprised by Ross’ height as well. In his application pics, he came across as much taller. He reminds me a little bit of Beno in that way, another short guy with the cocky confidence of a guy who is 7 feet tall, LOL!

      But even better looking and with a much bigger dick 😉 .

  9. KinaBe1

    Ross is fine cute face nice body good looking package lol I really don’t care to see solo but I watched this video anyway.

    The interview was kinda long but I got to know him a lil bit. I do want to see Ross again this time he gotta be fucking somebody on BBA lol I’m serious though. Cause sometimes watching solo’s is like watching paint dry & it can be boring but not so much with Ross though.

    I want to throw some names out there that I would like to see him paired with – Apollo, Cory, Saint, Isaiah & Lil Tyga but I know Mike gone do what he want to do hopefully whatever he does this next update gone be hot. Thanks Mike

    1. Michael

      I’m glad you enjoyed getting better acquainted with Ross.

      I’m honestly not crazy about solo scenes either, but helping viewers get to know the models and sharing their real-life stories has always been important to me, and these solo “auditions” are usually a big part of that.

      I’ve always joked that you can tell how much I like a new model based on how long his interview goes, and Ross’ interview was definitely one of the more entertaining ones I’ve filmed in awhile.

      Thanks for the hot scene partner suggestions!

  10. Cobra

    Solos are not the most exciting updates but Ross is a good new addition. He doesn’t come across as overly masculine but of course some men are just more manly if you will and that doesn’t automatically make them straight, bi or gay. I just have the feeling this is another model that will also have a quick transition into gay for pay porn.

    1. Michael

      It’s interesting that you and a couple other viewers have been getting a less-than-masculine or even “gay” vibe from Ross. That’s not how he comes across in person at all.

  11. Drake

    Wow!! Very sexy!! I really like Ross. For me he is the whole package. I definitely want to see more of him!!!!!!


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