Website Update: Isaiah – The Next Chapter (Part Two)

Isaiah and Michael Galletta
It’s hard to believe just how far Isaiah has come in his experimentation with guy-on-guy sex! When he first showed up for his solo “audition” almost exactly one year ago, this sexy straight basketball player only wanted to do scenes with women, and even insisted on wearing a blindfold before he’d agree to try fucking a guy.

Since that understandably stiff and reluctant beginning, Isaiah has been given plenty of practice and over time grown more confident and comfortable with the idea of fucking other guys. He’s also let other guys suck his dick and taste his ass for the very first time. We’ve even watched his awkward first attempts at putting a dick in his mouth and most recently, licking another guy’s ass!

Sadly, Isaiah’s open-mindedness has still had its limits. Even though he has one of the most breathtaking asses in BBA history, and is well aware that many of BBA’s viewers have been wanting to see him get fucked, taking ANYTHING up his tight virgin ass is a line that Isaiah has stubbornly refused to cross for over a year.

“No money in the world could ever make me do that!” Isaiah swore with defiant assurance when I first brought up the idea of him trying anal penetration, even if only with his own fingers. “That’s just something I will NEVER do. I don’t care if you was offering a BILLION dollars!”

Well, I never back down from a challenge, especially when the prize I’m pursuing is a stubborn straight black basketball player’s tight bubble-ass – and I’ve continued bringing up the idea with Isaiah every couple months.

Lucky for us, my perseverance finally paid off when Isaiah recently found himself needing to earn a very large sum of money to help pay for his next semester’s tuition. Realizing the ONE thing he swore he’d NEVER do was the only thing he could do to earn that much cash at one time, he finally gave in and agreed – for a very steep price – to GIVE UP HIS ASS!

Isaiah By River
Part One
captured on camera Isaiah’s spontaneous and unscripted reactions to attempting anal penetration with fingers and a dildo. Now comes the much-anticipated and shocking conclusion in which Isaiah finally GETS FUCKED!

“You’re going to let me be the first and possibly ONLY man to fuck you?” I ask the reluctant straight jock at the start of this scene.

“Definitely the first, and definitely the ONLY!” Isaiah is quick to clarify. “I’m in retirement after this!”

Watch with envy as I push my RAW white dick against Isaiah’s highly-prized and long-protected asshole, looking down in disbelief and amazement as it slowly splits open the straight athlete’s sweet cherry and eventually plunders its forbidden depths….

Busting Open Isaiah's Cherry
At first I try my best to take it easy on Isaiah, stroking slowly in and out of that muscular ass as I savor the incredible sensations of it tightly squeezing my dick.

But this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that didn’t come easy OR cheap, and I’m determined to get my money’s worth of fresh straight-boy ass while I have the chance!

Before you know it, I’m slamming in and out of that tight bubble-butt with eager, insatiable thrusts as Isaiah growls and curses but stoically surrenders his ass to another man’s dick for the VERY FIRST TIME….

Isaiah Gets Fucked
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Isaiah Earns His College Tuition

33 comments on “Website Update: Isaiah – The Next Chapter (Part Two)
  1. SETI

    CONGRATULATIONS…once again you have proven everything has a price and what a prize that was. That ass is the sweetest, nicest and firmest ass on the site to conquer. I would have paid that price and more. This scene took the site to the moon, keep it up. Is there any more virgin ass left to be fucked? Can’t wait, make my damn christmas wish come true. Well done.

    1. Michael

      I’m flattered to hear that you and so many others enjoyed this long-anticipated scene as much as you did. You know me, if and when there’s no more virgin ass left to fuck, I’ll always go out on the hunt to find more 😉 !

  2. Cobra

    I’m not a math major but thats not close to a billion dollars. Even tho you and Tyga are not my favorite tops by a long shot i still enjoyed the scene very much. Isaiah has a great body and the best on this site in my opinion. Tyga has just a tad more muscle than you but i will see how well Isaiah does next week. He’s made some pretty remarkable strides but i swear he is still the worst dick sucker on the site lol. He makes up for it in other ways so its all good to me. I think this must have been one of your best years ever being able to mount Saint, Day Day, Freaky J and now Isaiah. Who is next on your “wish” list Mike?

    1. Michael

      Just to clarify, that money on Isaiah’s back at the end of this scene wasn’t anything close to the full amount Isaiah was paid for this scene. That was just something we decided to do at the last minute with some extra cash on hand for the visual/symbolic effect. Still nowhere close to a billion dollars, though, LOL!

      Next on my “wish list,” huh? That’s a tough one. I can think of a few tight asses that I’d love to get my dick up inside, but I don’t usually like to say anything until the act is accomplished. One of my goals for the new year is to find and introduce some hot new “Isaiahs” to pursue and hopefully “break in” over the next several months.

  3. Leroy

    Hi Michael

    Nice job, when are we going to see Stephon fucking Isaiah is that our Christmas special Michael.

    Many thanks

  4. D-Money

    mike im speechless!!!!! that was perfect amount of foreplay hot action and lots of kissing and assplay!!! that raw sex was hott and I think you was the perfect match to start Isaiah with taking dick — I really have nothin to say but great great job!!!!!!!!!

  5. Dexter

    I watched it twice… Okay Four Times to make sure I didn’t miss anything… I heard you say “do you like that (Blank) dick and you changed it!! THANK YOU FOR THAT!! But I enjoyed it for the most part HIS ASS IS AMAZING The best part was the little jiggle walking to the bathroom… Beno seemed to enjoy it as well he kept saying “Dam”… “Dam” Look At That Ass!! I Can’t Wait To See Someone Else To Fuck Him Senseless… GREAT JOB!!

  6. kenny fan

    I enjoyed my nutt just came out too quick lol I give it a 9/10. I wasn’t surprised seeing him suck your dick with your nut and kissed you with his nut on your lips…I was more like I figured he was gone do it sooner or later ! lol

    I’m ready to see him getting fucked by Lil Tyga now !

  7. Paul

    Could someone answer: Are Parts 1 & 2 merely preparation and no actual fucking. Will the fucking be in future segments? How many parts will there ultimately be? Thanks

      1. Paul

        Thanks. Some sort of problem with first download. But to Michael: This work is exceptionally good. Some of your interviews in the future could benefit from techniques used here and I mean the great slow pacing, really intimate camera work (great quality picture), to the point that we the viewers are virtually in the room. You rock!

  8. coolnig

    I must say, This is the best scene in BBA history. Hands Down. Isaiah was willing to play and Mike you played with him lol. Looking forward to more Isaiah.

    1. KayJay

      It’s definitely in the top 5. My favorite, however, is when Beno got tag teamed by Joshua and Javion. They smashed his ass to pieces! I watch that one on the regular! lol

      Mike, as always, great job! I’m one of BBA’s biggest fans and I’m looking forward to seeing where BBA is headed in 2015.

  9. eagerbeaver

    Did anybody else notice in the trailer that there is a part where isaiah is getting fucked by some black dude? You could only see his stomach but I assume its saint.. so there might be a 3rd.. but then I read that part two was the conclusion so idk .. but he will bottom again tho

  10. robert

    What a year BBA is having. This is how you cap off a stellar year and reward your members all in one. Mike was having sooo much fun up in Isaiah. I would have nutted like a school boy so congrats Mike. Wonder if this was the best ass you had all year? I wouldn’t have minded Beno jumping in. Or stroking while filming. Knowing he was behind the camera turned on was hot. Now I hope you can work on turning out Migo. I am ready for some nasty flipping and dick sucking from him. Let Isaiah and Beno turn him out proper.

    1. Michael

      Thanks for the enthusiastic and encouraging feedback! I’m glad you enjoyed my encounter with Isaiah as much as you did. I’m also pleased that I was able to make your Migo wish come true before the end of last year.

      To answer your question, YES, this was officially the BEST ASS I had all year….and quite possibly the decade 😉 !

  11. Stoned Mountain

    You lucky dude, getting to cuddle and dick that pretty dude!!!!

    Isaiah is a fine specimen. I was sad at first to hear him say, let’s get this done, got to get some money for school. Like he was resigned. But then he said he wanted to do it “for the fans,” so I guess he sees some more purpose in it than I thought.

    Wish I could cuddle with him. 😉

  12. Man1234

    I loved the scene except all of the kissing stuff which looked so forced because I know that Isaiah really doesn’t like it. Other than that I really loved the scene I was surprised to see him do this. Who will you get to fuck him next. Will it be Beno or Suspense or Meko (the new guy)? When will you get him to give it up? I can’t wait to see what is next! Loved it!!!!

  13. lob Taylor

    Hey Micheal I voted for the site for the awards, I like the site and think you deserve more recognition, but I cant wait till you post the next video of Isaiah with a young black dude. I didn’t watch this in fact I don’t watch the ones with you in it. Its just not my thing.

  14. Lawrence

    Wow!!!! Isaiah is hot! The part he said your the first and only! just any would say not sure of what the future holds! and we all know the outcome of that! but I tell you Isaiah is a keeper he could go a long way if he plays his cards right! Well done mike!

  15. Eric

    The way you use that black boy was so damn disrespectful, but so damn hot!!!! When he was walking to the shower with that nut on that fat ass made me nut over and over again!!!! you need to do a foot video with him Beno and Tyga…I have a huge foot fetish and their feet are so damn sexy especially Beno feet I jerk off looking at them a lone!!!!! Please think about doing one of those or have Beno jerk somebody dick with his feet!!!!

  16. sammywow

    In the past I was a member of both bba and dlchillspot–then left and joined some other sites and left them disappointed, and just rejoined bba a few days ago and hope to be a long term customer–I would love to rejoin dlchillspot, but we know why that won’t happen, so I am with the others who say to re-run the old joint-venture stuff or try your best to get some of his old models to appear at bba–I know “easier said, then done.”

    I am happy to be back and this kind of clip –Isaiah – The Next Chapter (Part Two)–is why I returned. I love it and you just can’t find this kind of thing anywhere else. Also, when I read past blogs and saw that you, Michael also enjoyed Vinnie Russo, Japan Pictures, and Field Express (some of my all-time favorites) I knew I had found a website with bba that promises to deliver–do I like some scenes more than others, of course, that is the nature of things.

    When someone wrote here that they liked the scene except for the kissing because it appeared “forced” or that Isaiah “didn’t like it”, I say that is part of the whole point of the scene–turning out the straight lad–and the questions you asked him, Michael, as he was cleaning your dick, were perfect in that fantasy scene!

    I also read your blog, Controversial Porn Part 2–incredibly well said and the very point as to why I returned to bba and so many enjoy your work–keep it up and I look forward to every new scene!

    1. Michael

      Thanks for the encouraging feedback! I’m glad you recently returned to the site, and that you enjoyed my encounter with Isaiah as much as you did. It definitely sounds like we have similar fantasies and tastes! Hopefully you’ve been enjoying the unreleased scenes from the DL Chill Spot as well.

      Thanks again for your interest and support, and I’ll look forward to reading more feedback and requests from you here on the blog in the future!

  17. sammywow

    Thanks for your reply–the opportunity to exchange views with you is one of the great features of your website. I am encouraging some of my friends, whom I think would very much enjoy what bba has to offer, to come join as well. I think one of them was a member in the past also and is considering returning.

    I have very much enjoyed the DL Chillspot posts–very sad about what happened to him and I read your other reply about why you are concerned about using former models of his–but might Chippy or one of his brothers be ok–wouldn’t they be safe of suspicion?? Just a thought.

    I loved the Field Express and Japan Pictures vids–one of the things common in many of them was the very handsome, masculine guys getting fucked, of course, which is very sexy rather than all the Nellie, fem guys bottoming–but one thing that often happened that made those scenes most sexy is that the very masculine bottoms got hard and they made them shoot their loads while being fucked–to see them and hear them grunting while cumming and being fucked at the same time–you knew, regardless of how “straight” they might be, for that one instant of shooting their loads, there had to be at least some temporary enjoyment out of being fucked. And then, as was common in so many of those FE or JP scenes, the masculine bottom, after cumming, would still get pounded until the top shot his load, and would jump up at the last moment to shoot it into the mouth of the bottom, who’d take it all and then have to clean off the dick.

    That’s why I liked the Isaiah scene so much as it was so close to those old JP vids. Love to see more of that sort of thing!

    1. Michael

      Considering that those Japanese studios were a HUGE inspiration and influence on my own erotic imagination and eventual porn work, it’s very flattering to hear that my scene with Isaiah brought their videos to mind for you.

      They were one of the first (and only) “gay for pay” studios I found that featured the masculine straight guys in the submissive role, going to the extremes of sucking dick and getting fucked almost every time. That was so exciting to me, and I’ve tried to bring that same approach to BBA’s “gay for pay” scenes.


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