Website Update: Manny Meets His Match

Our new model Scuba reminds me a lot of Manny Killa when he first started out almost two years ago.

A bisexual “top” with a slim, sexy body who promised “greatness to come” when he made his impressive action debut just a few weeks ago, Scuba exudes that same joyous energy and eagerness to please that catapulted Manny to stardom and made him an instant fan favorite.

Scuba’s confidence and charm almost seems to catch Manny off guard when he first meets our newest young star on the rise. If you didn’t know any better, you might think the roles were reversed with Scuba as the experienced “veteran” welcoming Manny to the BBA Team.

“I’m something special!” Scuba proudly tells his co-star with a seductive smile. “The question is, do YOU think you’re special for ME?”

Manny can’t stop laughing at Scuba’s disarming candor and confidence, but behind all the laughter is an obvious excitement to sample the cute new kid for himself.

The two get better acquainted over a fun game of NBA 2K. Of course witnessing their playful trash-talking as they nervously joke and flirt and check each other out only makes it ten times hotter when these two complete strangers get MUCH better acquainted just a few minutes later….

Manny will no doubt be the envy of many as he eagerly DEEP-THROATS the barely-legal boy’s beautiful dick, slides his own massive monster between Scuba’s sensuous lips, and even flips him over to feast on that tight and tasty teen hole before giving up his own ass and sampling Scuba’s fresh young dick for himself.

Enjoy a front-row seat for this steamy action-packed session that includes lots of passionate kissing, sloppy-wet dick-sucking, hungry ass-eating, and sensual fucking as these two horny black boys discover and explore each others’ bodies for the very first time.

All of this builds up to one of the NASTIEST climaxes we’ve ever captured on camera (in a good way), yet another BBA “first” that you truly have to see for yourself!

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28 comments on “Website Update: Manny Meets His Match
  1. JVerde

    Wow this was so so delicious. Cute, flirty and sensuous. They made me feel that they absolutely enjoyed each other. I did not fast forward one single time. For a bit I almost thought Manny was going to flip Scuba. I even made it through Manny gagging. That’s hard for me to watch. As always Shax captured it all perfectly. Manny and Scuba don’t go falling in love ❤️ 😂

  2. Tone46

    I love this video! Scuba is spectacular. Manny is Manny as always, always gives 100% not to mention he has beautiful feet (Geesh 👣) 😍😍

  3. mrcwilliams1940

    Manny Killa showed the newbie how it’s done and the newbie had some tricks in his bags too. Great chemistry and scene between the OS & NS models. Manny Killa always put on a good show and newbie (Scuba) is making a good mark on BBA. Good pairing and scene!

  4. DC

    Mike you have to learn to listen to your paying customers I’m tired of seeing the same model 2 weeks please put something on new please you have a lot of these new models come on to do a solo scene so they can get the money and that’s it we can go to a heterosexual site to see that stop letting new models play you if they can’t do a gay scene don’t sign the son of a b**** up at all

    1. Michael

      I welcome constructive criticism but have little patience for petty complaints with no connection to reality. Literally JUST LAST MONTH we introduced THREE hot new models, two of them in hardcore gay action.

      I swear some of you just like to grumble and complain no matter what smh.

  5. blktop2002

    Clever tease MG. As I said in my other BLOG comment (JVerde) it looked as if Manny was going to flip Scuba and I think you may have given us a glimmer of hope that he did. I liked the flirtatious trash talk and how Manny was almost too bashful to go through with the come backs. So cute. What I really didn’t care for that much was all the cum play. The gagging and choking I just don’t find that sexy at all. But because of who was in the video I managed to work my way around it. I look forward to seeing what these two come up with whomever they might be paired with.

  6. Seymour

    This was a FANTASTIC suck, rim, kiss, and fuck video. Scuba is, indeed, the WHOLE PACKAGE. Look forward to more scenes with him.

  7. Buckim

    Manny Killa is certainly the most beautiful BBA model. His face is a wonder and no one feels his love of boys and sex better than him.

  8. Chris

    I can see why y’all are tired of Manny but this was a great scene.

    I think without the cameras Manny wouldve made Scuba cum in mere minutes.

    I wanna see Manny & Shazeer.

    What’s the scoop on Tarzan, Mikey Piper & Lil Scrap? When they coming back?

  9. Ryan

    The same old two step, I am TIED boss!! I love Manny but he can only do so much. Yall do this all too often, use ONE model for a trillion scenes until fans are ready to throw tomatoes at the poor guy. Just like Saint, use him like an old mule. You gotta mix it up Mike. I’m sure you’ll offer some lame excuse or slick rebuttal but I SAID WHAT I SAID. Excuses are for the weak.

    A Mad Fan.
    (still a fan nonetheless…)

    1. Michael

      No excuses, just FACTS.

      Fact #1: Including this one, Manny has appeared in a total of FOUR scenes in 2019. By any reasonable porn standard, that’s hardly overkill.

      Fact #2: The vast majority of the viewers bitching about Manny have hated him from the start. So any scene in which he appears feels like one scene too many for them.

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: All the Manny haters can just save their breath because he isn’t going anywhere any time soon lol. He is one of the sweetest and sexiest guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, and currently the 8th most popular BBA model of all time (and climbing) for good reason!

      1. JakeEvans

        Michael, may I ask, is Mikey’s return just a dream? I was hoping he was going to make a great addition to the family. Now I’m sad lol

        1. Michael

          I addressed this awhile back, but here it is again for anyone who missed it:

          What happened to Mikey Piper is still a great unsolved mystery to this day. At the time of filming and even in the days that followed, Mikey seemed genuinely excited about working with us, and pleased with the filming experience overall. Then about a week after his solo was filmed, he disappeared completely. Just up and vanished into thin air. No replies to texts, emails, phone calls, nothing.

          It has now been many MONTHS and we still haven’t heard back from him or had any luck tracking him down. Our best guess is that maybe he got locked up? He had so much potential and would have been a phenomenal addition to the BBA roster.

      2. chucke1

        Fact #1: Manny is in two of the last three scenes Fact #2: I am not a bitch and am insulted you would imply that to myself or anyone else, actually sounds like something Trump would say! Fact #3: You obviously do not appreciate your customers or you would not insult us!

  10. 1986ZanderB

    First of all, it’s been a while since I’ve been on the blog let alone commented on a post but here it goes…
    1) I’ll be the first to admit that I’m skeptical of the new models idk if it’s because it’s their first time in front of the camera they just don’t give it to me but Scuba is where it’s at! I loved him & Manny together their chemistry was HOT!
    2)I love Manny I think he always brings something out of the models and I could never get tired of him.
    3)The cum swapping was AWESOME! I loved it, I’m kinda surprised to see it on BBA but I’m here for it!
    Overall, the scene was off the Richter Scale from the kissing to ass eating to the fucking and cum swapping I wouldn’t change anything.

    1. Montez

      Scuba is an absolute natural. There is no argument to be had there, as far as I am concerned. Matching him with Manny was something that was not planned, as we’ve stated before, but something that was obvious we had to do. Their chemistry was instant and I knew they’d be messing around even if they didn’t have a scene together lol.


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