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We know everybody’s dream scene for Valentine’s Day was Dominic with Apollo. But since that’s still a work in progress, we’ve decided to introduce a new “bromance” you haven’t heard about yet.

I’ve had my eye on Dominic and Manny Killa as a potentially explosive new pairing ever since they first met early last Fall. They really seemed to hit it off right away, and the instant chemistry and playful flirtation between them was undeniable and amusing to watch.

You can cut through the nervous energy in the room with a knife when I finally bring these two together for their very first scene. Manny is clearly (and understandably) smitten with the muscular black Adonis sitting next to him on the bed. His face gets flushed, his heart starts pounding out of his chest, and he can barely speak without becoming tongue-tied.

Dominic seems a little more calm and collected, but the way he keeps giddily grinning from ear to ear suggests the feeling is mutual. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen two models this impatient and excited about working together!

“You wanted it. I wanted it. And now it’s happening!” Dominic tells Manny with a seductive smile. “You not star struck yet, but you gonna be!”

​The emotions are real and the passion is intense and unscripted in this steamy, action-packed encounter between two of BBA’s hottest young stars, including tons of tongue-kissing, nipple-licking, dick-sucking, and ass-eating, plus Dominic aggressively RAW-fucking Manny’s smooth bubble-butt in one of his most sensual performances so far!

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40 comments on “Website Update: Star Struck
  1. Curious15

    Wow Michael. As much as many of us were hoping for the Dominic and Apollo pairing…you definitely came thru. The chemistry between these guys…wow! One of my favorite scenes already. The connection was genuine which made the kissing, sucking, fucking…such a great watch. I already want more scenes with these two! With my fave, Dominic, bottoming for Manny next time :). Thank you so much for this pairing and awesome scene!!!

  2. Emiliano69

    hot hot hot. the scenery was nice (except for the crib at the end lol) the chemistry was sexxxy. the action was hottt. dominic, come on and do the flip flop scene with apollo. get all the money you can tho. oh, and you really stepped your ass eating game up. face and body are fine as ever. manny, like always, great performance. youre definitely one of (if not) the best skilled in bba history. verse, freak, sensual, passionate, energetic, committed. you all that plus handsome and swaggy

  3. chucke1

    Next please! Not a Manny fan! Extremely disappointed that we did not get Dominic with Apollo. I was hoping not to be disappointed and assumed 2019 would continue to rock. Hope it isn’t several more months!

    1. Michael

      Let’s be real, you are routinely upset and disappointed with approximately 60% of our models and scenes, so I think you knew better lol. Just because you happen to personally dislike a particular model doesn’t mean we haven’t “continued to rock” in 2019. This is a fantastic scene that I am extremely proud and excited to share with BBA’s viewers.

      1. chucke1

        Thanks for the response, I simply REALLY don’t care for Manny! I am sure he is a GREAT guy and no hate here. He just isn’t my type. Not sure what you meant that you think I knew better. Still enjoy the site but NOT this update! I would also say disappointed with 40% of the models and scenes but that is good odds with how particular I am with my porn. You do a great job overall but the scene we are wanting is past due and you still haven’t indicated the month even. Were we wrong in expecting it sooner than later? I don’t think so! Have a great weekend!

  4. Godfather07

    This was HOT Dominic is a very hot man for a straight guy doing gay I loved it I am not a fan of Manny because he is too thin for me but he was still very good, would like to see more of Dominic he is trying hard and I like it he is so hot

  5. Al

    Only read the comments, did not watch the scene, just like I did with Bandit and Apollo’s. I’ll stick with watching the Christmas scene lol. You guys let us down, sorry. When one hopes and don’t get, it’s just a frustrating feeling and I’m not sure you understand. What happened with the Apollo Dominic final scene? Was there any continuation to it? Why does it take so long to process? It would be nice to update your supporters.

    1. Michael

      I already addressed this in the official scene summary. I understand everyone looks forward to seeing different things, but it seems like you will never be happy seeing Dominic or Apollo with anyone else. And that’s simply an unrealistic and unfair expectation that is only going to doom you to disappointment week after week.

      Apollo and Bandit was an epic showdown that will likely go down as one of the hottest scenes of the year. And this new scene between Dominic and Manny is a phenomenal pairing as well. If you’re so obsessed with the possibility of ONE scene to the extent that you can’t enjoy anything else, I’m not really sure what to tell you other than there are going to be many, MANY scenes in 2019 that don’t include your dream couple.

      1. Al

        Michael. Thanks for your prompt response. As you may know I have been a member for quite sometime 5 to 6 years, I believe, which means a lot.
        If I was not a happy bunny, my money would have gone elsewhere.
        I only started becoming active ie commenting after the 2018 BBA Christmas reunion, which is to me one of your best scenes, not necessarily the sex scene but the build up, the banter, the jokes.
        These guys are human and not only sex machines, so that scene was very different and heartwarming to me.
        Im not a proper hardcore fan and absolutely hate bukkake however you may call it.

        You need to understand the frustration.
        I do consider Apollo and Dominic as my top two’s.
        I just enjoy their somehow similar personalities.

        You’re giving us an intense make out session that left everyone in that room speechless (and probably a few supporters like myself) then final ‘to be continued’ scene… Then no obvious continuation….

        However we got a Apollo/ Bandit then a Dominic/Manny scenes which make absolute no sense. You might have enjoyed filming and watching the scenes, I, myself only commented.
        I might enjoy watching porn but I also have a brain.

        I tell you what and it might sound silly, if I get Dominic bottoming for any other than Apollo I’m out of here lol.

        Stop teasing your supporters or you’ll lose many, myself included. Release THAT scene please!

        1. Michael

          Thanks for the clarification. I actually assumed you were a relatively new member based on some of the recent things you’ve been saying.

          Let me be very clear about something. I did NOT close out the Christmas Party scene by saying “To Be Continued,” nor have I ever previewed, promoted, or even teased about there being any such follow-up scene. Countless BBA scenes have concluded with models kissing passionately and then walking off to the bathroom together. When has that ever meant that the same two models will be appearing together again in the very next scene?

          As a passionate porn consumer myself, I can certainly appreciate having an active imagination that eagerly anticipates and hopes certain scenes and pairings will happen. Nothing wrong with that! In fact, I find it humbling and flattering that you and so many other viewers care that much.

          But I have ALWAYS promoted and released our scenes based on the best interest and timing for BBA overall, including circumstances and factors that you as a viewer know absolutely nothing about. Not once in the entire history of BBA have I ever just sat and held onto a scene in order to frustrate and torture our viewers lol.

          You said you’ve been around for at least five or six years, so I guess that means I’ve been doing something right lol. So please just take a deep breath and continue waiting patiently and trust that your patience will eventually be rewarded.

            1. cocopop

              @Al, Man, chill out, you weren’t the only one expecting a part 2 of the Xmas scene with Apollo and Dominic, but you’re the only one tripping. If you’ve been a member for 4, 5 years, Apollo has never topped a virgin’s ass, which means he wont be breaking in Dominic’s tight ass. So I guess you’re “Out Of Here”, cause chances are Saint will be the one to break him in, not Apollo.

          1. Stepp

            I’m here for the build up. We all know the scene is coming, it is but when? I’m actually getting a kick out of the wait. My issue is that outside of Apollo I submitted a list of suitors I wanted to see with Dominic and Manny was not one of them.

  6. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    I agree with some of the viewers Idc for Manny as much he’s kinda hit or miss with me in his scenes I like some of his scenes and the rest I don’t. I enjoyed this scene because it seems like Both of them were enjoying themselves and Dominic is really evolving it’s like watching the other boys journey, Dominic is really a good catch and I can’t wait to see him with a dick splitting open his asshole lol. It was hot to see their 69 and the ass eating. Good Job guys!

    Is it me or has Dominic’s ass been getting bigger?? I give this scene a 9.8/10

  7. deeke1

    Damn! I’m glad Manny finished high in the favorite model poll earlier this year. He is my favorite (until Beno returns) and these negative comments about him probably bother me more than they do him. Manny, you have a fan in me. Keep doing you! You were the best part of this hot scene!

  8. oneloveme2u

    No question. This was a really good scene. Great sex, chemistry, etc. Dominic is definitely acting well and I conjecture he is becoming more comfortable with his bisexuality. Manny got the pleasure of experiencing a drop dead gorgeous model. Even though I really wanted Apollo with Dominic this was a good substitute.

  9. champ

    I usually don’t comment on the scenes, but I feel this scene between Dominic and Manny was fantastic. The chemistry between the two was outstanding. I got the impression that they both might end up “dating” lol. I know a lot of members may not like Manny; however, his personality and gentleness is quite remarkable. He may be tall and thin, but everything else about him over powers those two. To be honest, I really like him; I mean everything. His height, weight, good looks and of course that thick dick makes him even more attractive to me. And to be honest, in my opinion; he is dating material.

    I can see why everyone thought Apollo and Dominic going into the bathroom together might generate a scene between the two of them soon, but I don’t think Dominic is ready to bottom at this point. (verse scene)

    I must say that Blackboyaddictionz is one of my favorite sites. You guys generate at least 3 scenes a month if not more when other sites generate 1 scene a month. The models here are great, attractive and try to deliver a good scene to entertain us. Nothing here but Praise!

  10. Jayden

    I really, really liked this one. There are a lot of scenes where you can tell the models are acting; however, this scene seemed to have a higher degree of authenticity. It appeared that both Dominic and Manny genuinely enjoyed each other. Now that’s not to say that they are “in love”, but they seemed to enjoy each other’s presence, and I enjoyed them together!

    Dominic- Man! Is he getting better or what?! Dominic’s performance was awesome! He didn’t seem as nervous this time around, and he committed to giving his all in the scene, and it was great to watch! As I was watching him in the scene, I was thinking to myself, “Is this the same person that wore a blindfold last year?” “Is this the same person that had a hard time saying he enjoyed gay sex?” LOL! Now, he’s doing everything except bottoming. I noticed his oral skills have improved a lot! The kissing between him and Manny was sensual and 🔥🔥!! Very nice! I hope we continue to see more from Dominic—we can get used to him!

    Manny—BBA’s #1 bottom is back in the house! First of all, I take my 🎩 off to Manny because I heard him say on IG live that he DOES NOT bottom off camera. Dominic was merciless, and Manny handled everything that Dominic brought! Great performance! I loved Manny’s nervousness in the beginning of the scene—you can tell he was really digging Dominic, along with ALL of BBA! LOL! There’s no question—Manny was star struck by Dominic’s beauty indeed! Can you blame him? 🤷🏾‍♂️

    More to mention—The ending was hot! 🔥 🔥 I loved watching the two of them talk on the bed. They were really comfortable with each other, and the chemistry they share shined in that moment. While I was watching Manny jack off to Dominic’s kisses, I almost got the sense that Dominic wanted to make sure that Manny came. Is that true? Or am I stretching? It just made it hotter! Also the 69 was nice too! I love that shit period—no matter the scene! 💯

    Also, I don’t know where the location was for these scenes, but the setup is hella nice! Don’t let this be the last time you all go there!

    To you, Dominic, and Manny, well done! Thanks for a good time! 💯

    Enjoyin’ this BBA “high”!

  11. Mike

    Wow, with all the hate for Manny I’m tempted to buy into this scene to support him (the only thing stopping me is that I’m not a Dominic, or Apollo , body-type worshipper, so having Dominic in it really doesn’t entice me). I’m a super Bandit & Manny fan, as I was a D-Rel fan in the past. Manny: I’m sorry that others are choosing to shade you in comments, pls. continue doing you.

    1. Al

      I don’t believe there’s a hate for Manny, he just happened to be paired with Dominic at the wrong time.
      It also came as a shock as no one, myself included, expected.
      People are just frustrated and rightly so.

  12. Seymour

    After some difficulty in downloading I got help from the site and finally got it. This was a truly great scene. The two seemed to have a very natural attraction to each other and the sex seemed to just flow naturally. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also like shaved pubes so not everyone likes the natural look. I truly enjoyed this scene.

      1. Al

        Not sure if you watched properly. They seem to reach out to their mobile phones to get an erection. Probably lusting on naked women. Dominic does it at some point, I believe when Apollo was banging Isaiah.
        I have watched the Christmas scene trillion times and know it by heart lol.

    1. Al

      Well everyone has got different taste and I don’t believe it is fair to laugh or judge. If BB, bukkake, banging, creampie, excite you, they do nothing to me. I just enjoy simplicity, authenticity and things that are genuine…. which sum up that Apollo and Dominic make out session. With regards to them not being erect, it might have been due to tiredness, or them being told not to get aroused just for the sake of the truth or dare game that was taking place at the time.

    2. Michael

      These are STRAIGHT guys. It’s absurdly unrealistic to expect them to walk around with rock-hard dicks jutting into the air every second of their scenes lol. And especially not in a GROUP SCENE with multiple guys!

      Don’t even get me started about the fact that those complaining about limp dicks are frequently the same ones accusing the guys of being gay actors pretending to be straight smh.

  13. cocopop

    Michael, how much longer will you torture us viewers, lol? Watching Dominic’s fat ass, tight boody hole untouched is torture, that hole is beautiful. Sure hope its not too much longer till he lose his virginity. Saint taught him well, love seeing Dominic caress his partners face, and body, grinding, all Saints tools. Love that he’s now relaxed enough to give tongue while kissing. Great job Mike, keep up the good work.

  14. Kezlah

    Manny is quickly creeping up on my favorite list…. He is literally the best of both worlds! Handsome August Alsina type, smooth, laid back with big dick and cute little butt that can suck, slang and take dick with the best of them. Their chemistry is off the charts. You can tell it mattered to them both that the other got off. Great job!

  15. georgette

    I will never get tired of watching Manny bottom 😍 I just wish he had nutted while Dominic was fucking him. Otherwise super hot scene!

  16. David K.

    Decent scene but everyone is looking forward to see Dominic be paired with Apollo for a hot scene. I know it is only a matter of time before it actually happens and I just hope that you make it worthwhile when it does.

    Also I think you should encourage Dominic to arch more when he’s getting ate out so we can get a better view of that ass and beautiful hole.

  17. gigante

    WOW…now i’m at a loss for words!!! this one is hott from start to finish…a definite 12/10!!! jus a shame i can only give it 1 thumbs up….this 1 had me shooting dust after the 3rd nutt…lol…..definitely #1 for 2019 so far (imho)!!! great job Mike & the BBA crew!!!


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