Website Update: Straight From Jamaica – Kingston

We’re closing out the month of May with this bonus FIFTH update introducing yet another exciting addition to our growing summer roster.

Kingston is an outgoing and athletic 19 yo straight boy who moved to the US from Jamaica when he was a kid. A rare mix of Jamaican and Australian genes has blessed him with the kind of exotic good looks that attract attention from both sexes wherever he goes. And boy, does he know it!

This cocky Jamaican teen might have a big ego, but at least he also has a BIG DICK to match! If you like slim, light-skinned black boys with big, uncut dicks and tight bubble-butts, then Kingston’s toned, athletic body should be a feast for the eyes. He also has the most seductively intense eyes that will pierce right through you.

We met Kingston through another new model (King Ant) during our recent visit to Charlotte, North Carolina. When King Ant heard that we were looking for new models, he immediately thought of the “down on his luck” straight boy he’d met a couple weeks earlier. With Kingston having just recently moved to the city and fallen on hard times, and with no friends or family in the area for support, King Ant had taken him under his wing as a kind of new “baby brother.” And of course when Kingston heard about the kind of money King Ant was making from his new “modeling” gig, he wanted to know how he could do the same thing!

Long story short, King Ant showed us a few pics and even briefly introduced us to Kingston on FaceTime, and we liked what we saw enough to extend our stay by an extra day so we could “strike while the iron’s hot” and get Kingston in front of our camera before he changed his mind or found a different way to make the money he needed.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy an intimate front-row seat for Kingston’s exclusive solo debut as he introduces himself to BBA’s viewers and eventually strips out of his clothes to show off every inch of his tempting teen body to the world for the VERY FIRST TIME….

Kingston’s “audition” begins with an in-depth interview to get better acquainted with our newest straight recruit shortly after meeting him in person for the very first time. In a thick but sexy Jamaican accent, Kingston shares a variety of entertaining stories that include the loss of his virginity to a high school senior when he was still only in middle school, and getting a spontaneous blowjob during his high school SEX ED class.

Kingston confesses that he’s had so much sex since then that he’s completely lost count, and with a cocky smile brags that it usually takes him “no longer than three hours” after meeting a new girl before he has “[her] panties on [his] finger.”

Kingston was such an exhibitionist in high school (streaking across the field at their Homecoming game, stripping down to his underwear in the middle of class, etc.) that most of his friends and even a few TEACHERS predicted that he’d become a stripper or porn star some day. Lucky for us, this sexy Jamaican straight boy is finally all grown up and ready to make their predictions come true….

To watch the full-length, uncensored version of Kingston’s “audition,” click here to join BBA or buy credits today!

If you’re currently a BBA member and/or already have BBA credits, click here to meet King Ant‘s sexy new straight friend Kingston any time you’d like!

13 comments on “Website Update: Straight From Jamaica – Kingston
  1. WeatherMan

    I literally just finished watching this new update with Kingston and I think you have found another winner in him. I could REALLY see you pairing him up with Stylez and shooting something good, they remind me of each other. Both light skinned, hairy, slim/toned bodies, you could do a part three step brother video with them. Or better yet, to help ease Kingston into the world of “gay for pay” you could have Stylez train him with some oral sex, rimming and then some frot in a scene (like Saint with Trapp to help ease him into the “g4p” world) Those two would probably fit very well together, they could bounce off of each other’s playful free spirit and energy. I think the viewers will love Kingston, he is the right amount of cocky with that amazing slim body, a big uncut dick, beautiful eyes, and a virgin hairy asshole. I hope you like that idea Mike!

  2. markus2424

    Damn. When Kingston busted, i’m glad he didn’t try to keep a straight face, instead his facial reaction showed us that that nutt felt good like a muthufuka, lol. That’s wassup. Cute face, toned physique, nice looking hands and feet. Kingston, Mikey, and King Ant, all 3 of them hotbois gonna have me renewing my membership next week, tho I was gonna chill for a month then come back. But not now, lol.

  3. Damon Alawishus Deuxdeuxdish

    ~ Very cool. Playful kid. I’m glad you took the time to interview him and videographed him yourself. I like it best when you handle the shoot yourself rather than delegating the work to another photographer.
    Now get some head and hit it. Then pass it to one of the straight models.
    Good job Michael.

  4. CL05ETFR3AK

    Well, well, well………..interesting as interesting goes. I can say for one thing when asked about his orientation he did say a little curious, so there maybe some potential. I mean Armando never said that, and he wasn’t as relaxed as this kid to show what lay beneath all that hard exterior 😎 btw a beautiful/tight hole. Maybe @WeatherMan is on to something….. ( Stylez) or one of his fellow compatriot ( Mar) hmmmmn??? 😉 I think I’m ready to give up ever seeing Armando changing his mind and surprising us, because I know in his last scene with that girl, he was really into that ass eating by the way he stuck his tongue out while she was doing it eh 😎.

  5. stylez15

    I see why you stayed in NC for this one. He is the epitome of everything that I like. For anyone saying that he is a turnoff for how he talks, have you ever met a true Jamaican especially a 19 year old? This is how they talk. LOL. So serious. He is beyond sexy. He is probably going to be my fave. Pair him with his friend King Ant. I bet he is super comfortable with him and would allow more to happen. Great find y’all. His ass, dick, face, v-line and confidence all won me over.

  6. CL05ETFR3AK

    You know watching this scene again, this boy is a true freak deep down it would be great to see him broken down piece by piece. I mean knowing his back ground & culture its gonna be intense, groundbreaking work one I would love to see go all the way!😉 again great find guys. 👍

  7. JAy


    Put Kingston, trapp, king ant, and mar and justice in a no holdbars group scene with trapp and King getting topped more than the it: new kids on the block

  8. decaturbaby

    After Mikey’s update, I was not feeling Kingston at first glance, but while watching his interview, I fell hard. He is so cool and honest and sexy too. When he spoke of his dislike of gays prior to coming to the states, and how that all changed after he actually met some gay ppl, I just fell in love with him, even before I saw his big meat. I hope to see more of him. He’s an amazing 19-year-old. I see why you decided to stay and film him. Great find Mike.


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